After the baby was born, my mother had to immediately start the

Postpartum repair mode. “

What restraining straps, pelvic repair, pelvic floor muscle repair, repair ……. ovaries had to be versatile to himself sets.


But these repair tools are fly it?

The following Baoma, Canbei burns in the post-natal repair center, really beverages, sad, but also hurt the wallet!

Branch greatly as the Friends of Baoma, you must expose those

Pseudoscience restoration projects, firmly hold everyone’s health and wallet!

Branch is not greatly exaggerated, this



Post-natal repair of the pit,

99% of Baoma have stepped on!

They are post-natal repair of the prerequisites, even the editorial department colleagues have been brainwashed almost emptied the wallet!

Bound with

In general, the effects of postpartum corset belt tied organ homing, can cause pelvic floor muscles appear more serious problem.

Only caesarean section or twins mother, before recommending the use of restraints with postpartum

But also under the guidance of professional doctors, not recommended for use on their own.

Pelvis repair

To be honest, if postpartum pelvis without any discomfort, you


Do pelvic repair!

Postpartum mothers

Pubis separation

It will be in 3-8 months postpartum


Auto Repair

Unless you do not recover, it needs to go to a regular hospital for pelvic repair.

Other mothers do not need to spend this money wasted!

Full Moon sweating

Sweating can detox?


Khan, 99% of which is water, sweat how detoxification.

Sweating is not joint pain?

After the production of mother relaxin secretion, together with the weight gain, joint stability will decrease.

After the lactation hormones return to normal, the joint will automatically return to normal.

Mom just sweating for the production of the drawbacks of not only benefit

, This is post-natal repair of a pit, be sure to alert everyone.

Discharging milk residues

Inside the milk ducts of the remaining milk, will be gradually absorbed by the body after weaning, you do not need to discharge residual milk.

The remaining milk will not lead to mastitis,

There is no scientific evidence to prove that they are associated

In the post-natal repair it, we must

I believe in science

Do not listen to some of the repair mechanism exaggerated propaganda, waste of time and money!

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So what is science project? Worth doing?

Then we talk about it carefully.

Although each Baoma postpartum met conditions are different, but

Below these two points

, Is we need most, you must arrange it!

First, the rectus abdominis repair

Most mothers think “unloaded” is this:

However, in practice, “unloaded” is this:

This may be your fat, but more likely

Separation of the rectus abdominis at work

How to deal with this guy? Very simple!

Just need to practice at home

Abdominal breathing and some simple actions


Help rectus abdominis homing



Baoma who want to practice according to their Oh!

If the birth mother is not torn, post-partum can be practiced at home;

Began tearing the lateral one week of post-natal mothers recommendations;

Caesarean mothers do not worry, we say keep up the wound.

2, pelvic floor muscle repair





, As well as postpartum

Cold and cold

It is likely to be your

Pelvic floor muscle problems


Small-era actor, Xie Lin to send microblogging to share her postpartum experience leakage of urine, the urine had to laugh really can become a verb.

SHE own share of ella

Postpartum pelvic floor muscle relaxation

Only surgery.

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See these families greatly to remind you, probably along postpartum lochia

4-6 weeks


About to discharge clean.

Every woman has a different, but


42 days postpartum

Have to go to the hospital to review, allow doctors to detect the state of the pelvic floor muscles!


Pelvic floor muscles supporting 70% of our body weight

, But how to repair postpartum heavy head.

Currently only the pelvic floor muscle repair

2 kinds

Effective means:

★ repair electrical stimulation:

Auxiliary equipment required

Recommended for:

I do not know how my mother with postpartum pelvic floor muscle force in!

Hospitals generally use electrical stimulation to repair, with the probe into the lower body, the circuit is mildly irritating to let you shrink force.

After returning home can be used with Kegel exercises, long stick will have better results!

★ Kegel exercises

: Can practice anytime, anywhere

Experience, know how pelvic floor muscle force of postpartum mothers!

You can open various software along with video exercises.

The sport advantage,

Whether you postpartum years, even during pregnancy or women not given birth to baby, you can practice.

However, practice exercises go, we can not fall into the error of the pelvic floor muscle repair:

✍ I am a caesarean section, is not it does not need to exercise pelvic floor muscles?



Nine months of pregnancy, pelvic floor muscle like a watermelon loaded bag.

Installed ten months, holding up the bag will naturally be changed appearance, whether with children through the birth canal is not related.


Caesarean mothers as pelvic floor muscle will be damaged.

✍ anyway, but also a second child, the birth of repair with it!


Pelvic floor muscles may be unable to protect the poor supporting the child during pregnancy,

Increased risk of preterm birth

, So women must pay attention to the pelvic floor muscle maintenance.

I have the habit of fitness, you can start practicing postpartum!

Can not!


Even fitness habits, but also recommended

Six months after birth

Restore high-intensity exercise,

Caesarean section after her mother a year

Then consider Oh!

Nine months of pregnancy, gave birth to a new life, this is a process that all mothers experience.

Love and pay after becoming mothers do not need to learn most of the curriculum, it is instinct!

But as a mother at the same time, do not forget the woman’s own identity.

We have to care of their bodies and become their most solid backing!

Dads in front of the screen, and you also must cherish born baby of a woman.

Mother’s love is not just great, and sacrifice!

Source: Science Family Parenting original

Source: Science Family Parenting original

Source: Science Family Parenting original

Source: Science Family Parenting original


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