For most men, although men’s bags are not as colorful and colorful as women’s handbags, such as shadows, but the bags are collected from men’s career and potential ambitions: a stack of thick documents, materials, and agreements, indicating that it indicates that it indicates that it indicates that it is a stack of thick documents, materials, and agreements. Follow their future opportunities and wealth. Men’s bags usually have super strong capabilities, and they pay great attention to functionality. All items are presented in this space in order to be able to play well in the workplace.

When men choose a briefcase, they generally use more abrasion -resistant leather, especially white -collar men’s briefcases. They are always standardized and well -organized. Using excellent leather, its tenacity, durability and luxurious quality are also the main factor selected by men.

Men’s bag was only a hand -made artificial leather in the 1980s. It was not sealed and simple but practical. In the 1990s, it gradually became a handbag with black straps. The mainstream; to this day, men’s handbags, shoulder bags, and briefcases are gradually enriching from the category.


There are many types of men’s bags. According to the purpose, there are briefcases, leisure bags, sports bags, key bags, wallets and computer bags, and so on. According to the carrying method, there are shoulder bags, backpacks, messenger bags and handbags. When buying, choose a men’s bag that suits you according to your purpose and living habits.

Observe the good or bad of a men’s bag. It mainly depends on its structural design, material, workmanship, volume and cost -effectiveness.


Regarding materials, including fabrics and components. The fabric usually has the characteristics of wear resistance, tear -proof, and waterproof. More popular is Oxford nylon cloth, polyester fiber canvas, cowhide and leather. Components include waist buckle, all zipper, shoulder straps and chest straps, cover and bag fastening, plug -in belt buckle, etc. These ring buckle materials are usually metal and nylon. a bit

There is also a workmanship, which refers to the quality of the suture process between the shoulder straps and the bodies, the fabric, the cover, and the body. It must ensure the necessary suture firmness. The pin should not be too large and too loose. The volume is actually the size of the bag. According to the content of the work that individuals often engage in, the size of the package is determined from actual needs. The principle is that it is better to be small. If you are larger, you can pretend to be dissatisfied.


Finally, according to the personal economic strength, choose a package that can meet the needs and afford it economically.

How to choose a men’s bag that suits you