Adults are too easy to turn yellow. Several sugar oranges will become yellow. Drink a few more coffee, your teeth will turn yellow.

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In order to make teeth white, many people have gone through many detours -whitening toothpaste, tooth powder, tooth stickers, and even salt to teeth.

Kung Fu is a lot, but the effect is very metaphysical.

In fact, there are still ways to turn teeth white, but before that, we have to figure out how your teeth turn yellow.

Yaocha may be sick,

It may also be dyed

牙不够白的有救了!这 5 款去黄牙膏,最贵的不超一杯奶茶钱


I believe that friends who often look at cloves know that our teeth are a little pale yellow, and the degree of yellow is varying from person to person.

If one day you suddenly find that your teeth are more yellow than before, the first thing to confirm is -whether the teeth are sick.

Such as tetracycline teeth, fluoroplastic, pulp necrosis and so on. If you meet this situation, you have to go to the doctor quickly.

In order to facilitate the distinction of normal yellowing and yellowing, we have found some comparison photos. Everyone can be cautious ↔️ slide to check.

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However, the reason for most people’s teeth is from some living habits.

For example, like drinking tea, coffee, and even smoking, the coloring ingredients in these things will dye your teeth.

If your tooth dyeing is more serious and your own color has high requirements for the color of the teeth, you can choose to go to the dental clinic to bleach under the operation of the dentist.

However, this method is not necessarily suitable for everyone. After bleaching the teeth, it is prone to sensitivity and other symptoms. Whether it can be drifted must be evaluated and professional protection.

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If your teeth are dyed, it is not to be black, yellow, black and yellow, and the teeth are not required to glow, but you just hope it can restore the original color.

We consulted the dentist and a care expert, and after the staining toothpaste on the entire network, it was found that 5 models were really good.

5 types of dehum toothpaste,

Safe and effective

The main effect of toothpaste is cleaning and anti -moth, and fluoride toothpaste is recognized as safe and effective anti -dental caries.

Therefore, all the staining toothpaste we chose this time is fluoride, and the amount of fluoride is between 0.05 % and 0.15 % specified in the state.

01 Black Super White Series Toothpaste


Hydrophilic silica, sodium sodium phosphate / sodium bicarbonate / scoring phosphate dihydrogen sodium / pentaphosphate sodium (slightly different product adsorption agent), sodium fluoride (0.1%)



proposed price

15.9 yuan

牙不够白的有救了!这 5 款去黄牙膏,最贵的不超一杯奶茶钱

The black man belongs to the basal exercise of toothpaste.

牙不够白的有救了!这 5 款去黄牙膏,最贵的不超一杯奶茶钱

Not only is it added a good scrub raw material such as hydraulic silica, it can effectively remove exogenous coloring.

There are also sodium sodium phosphate for chemical adsorbent, which can reduce pigment attachment to the teeth by adsorbing the surface of the tooth enamel.

Two types of raw materials are two -pronged, and the price is very cheap. What kind of bicycle is needed?

02 Jiajieshi 3D Hyun White Series

MICA particles (hydrogen sodium sodium mixture), sodium fluoride (0.11%)

180 grams

牙不够白的有救了!这 5 款去黄牙膏,最贵的不超一杯奶茶钱

13.9 yuan

Jiajieshi is really cost -effective.

The de -staining ingredients include hydrogenic silica and scorch phosphate dihydrogen sodium, which is also a double -effect removal.

If you are boring to brush your teeth and add some fun from time to time, you can try the taste of this series.

If you don’t like the taste of mint cooling, or sensitive to mint flavors, you can also try the lock series of Jiajie.

The two series of ingredients are similar, but the flavor of the lock -up series is softer and softer, which belongs to the fairy -grade fragrance.

03 Comfortable Da Whitening Formula Anti -sensitive toothpaste

Hydraulic silica, sodium sodium phosphate, potassium nitrate, aluminum chloride, sodium fluoride (0.145%)

100 g

21.6 yuan

If your teeth are dental sensitivity, and you especially want to make your teeth whiter, comfortable this is also reliable.

(Specific suggestions, please consult the dentist)

In addition to the removal components such as hydraulic silica, aluminum, sodium melody, and sodium phosphate, it also adds potassium nitrate nitrate that can reduce the nerve sensitivity in the dental.

The cleaner chooses a mild sulfonic acid and beetine, which is more milder than the common SLES (sodium sodium laurel polyetheral sulfate), and is very friendly to sensitive teeth.

It is recommended not to rinse your mouth immediately after brushing your teeth. Put the foam in his mouth for a while. Shu Min will have a better effect.

04 Gaoling Jieyao White Stainless Toothpaste

Aquatic silica, acormpus phosphate tetra potassium, sodium fluoride (0.14%)

牙不够白的有救了!这 5 款去黄牙膏,最贵的不超一杯奶茶钱

45 yuan

Friends with obsessive -compulsive disorder, the gospel is here!

The bottle body design of this toothpaste is really humane. It is more convenient to use presses. At one time, toothpaste will be released quantitatively, and you will not worry about squeezing or squeezing less.

牙不够白的有救了!这 5 款去黄牙膏,最贵的不超一杯奶茶钱

Moreover, this vacuum tube really does not waste a drop of toothpaste, and no longer need to scrape toothpaste skin every day!

Although the staining ingredient is still an old combination, the aquatic silica is used to coke the potassium tetra potassium, but the fluoride content of this toothpaste is really high, reaching 0.14%, which can not only remove stains, but also effectively prevent dental caries.

05 UFR soft ore removal toothpaste

牙不够白的有救了!这 5 款去黄牙膏,最贵的不超一杯奶茶钱

Bullstone, hydrophilic silica, sodium coke phosphate, sodium fluoride (0.1%)

34 yuan

UFR’s staining ingredients really make people shine!

In order to ensure safe and effective stains, it not only has hydraulic silica, but also adds 15% of the boiler.

Burlery is a natural soft ore that can enhance the friction of the teeth and remove daily pigment, stains, and soft dirt.

And this product has passed the domestic RA test, showing that the friction value is between 2.2 and 2.3, which is quite safe.

RA is the roughness of the surface of the particles in the toothpaste. The larger the RA value, the stronger the friction of the toothpaste. For example: calcium carbonate RA value is 2.5; silicon dioxide RA value is 1.6. (“Report on the Survey on the Marketing Dental Settlement Dental Settle Power Industry of the Oral Industry”)

Image source: Lilac Life Institute

While ensuring the color removal effect, it can also ensure that the enamel will not cause additional damage.

Gently wipe off the yellow stains on the teeth like an eraser.

And the taste is very soft, it is not spicy at all, it will not be greasy every day ~

Click the picture below to get the joy of teeth immediately! Now you can enjoy two 88 % discounts!


牙不够白的有救了!这 5 款去黄牙膏,最贵的不超一杯奶茶钱

Finally, I want to remove yellow through toothpaste. In addition to insisting and brushing their teeth correctly, they also need to control the diet with colorful substances, such as drinking less coffee, quit smoking, and so on.

Even if you are anxious, don’t use vinegar, lemon juice, salt, white sugar, etc. to brush your teeth.

These things will not only make their teeth whiten, but they may also cause irreversible damage to their teeth. Lied the wife and folded the soldiers!

Finally, wish you

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牙不够白的有救了!这 5 款去黄牙膏,最贵的不超一杯奶茶钱

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牙不够白的有救了!这 5 款去黄牙膏,最贵的不超一杯奶茶钱



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牙不够白的有救了!这 5 款去黄牙膏,最贵的不超一杯奶茶钱

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牙不够白的有救了!这 5 款去黄牙膏,最贵的不超一杯奶茶钱

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牙不够白的有救了!这 5 款去黄牙膏,最贵的不超一杯奶茶钱



proposed price

proposed price

proposed price

proposed price

牙不够白的有救了!这 5 款去黄牙膏,最贵的不超一杯奶茶钱

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