IT House on January 12th, according to Macrumors, Apple is exploring new security measures for Apple retail stores Apple Store to prevent the “zero yuan purchase” behavior.

In a patent called “Product Display System” submitted by the patent company to the US Patent and Trademark Office, Apple introduced some in detail

Mechanical systems used to protect iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch


This patent involves a “fixed body” and “display rod” on the large table of Apple Store,

These tables have a “fixed frame” to fix the device

Essence Some devices may have a telescopic “fixed cable” connected to the bracket to provide electricity and allow customers to pick up the device. The magnet placed at the top of the display rod can ensure that the device returns to the predetermined location.

防止“零元购”,苹果申请 Apple Store 设备锁专利

In order to maintain security and aesthetics, the “fastener of the fixed device may not be visible or unavailable” in the installation system. Compared with the tie rope currently used in the Apple Store,

The weight of the pole and bracket is much larger, which aims to make theft more difficult to separate the equipment, thereby preventing the robbery attempts

IT House learned that Apple has tried to remove security ropes in some of its Apple Store, but the company has suffered a large number of robbery in recent years. Apple device will automatically enter the loss mode when the store is stolen, making the device unavailable, but the file shows that the more basic robbery prevention is still the company’s research field.