Speaking of fashionistas in the host world, who will you think of?

Dan’er thought of a new darling darling of the hosting world -Zhang Chunye.

Dan’er paid attention to her social account and found that Zhang Chunzhang had his own experience in dressing. I have to say that Zhang Chunye is really too temperamental.


Recently, Zhang Chunzhang shared a group of tourism photos on the social platform and wrote a text: Love is the best filter. My parents took it for me. Tonight, I took my parents to see




Bar. I love my family, I love Beijing Tiananmen. In the photo, Zhang Chunxuan, wearing a blue blue dress with a pair of small white shoes, easily showed long legs, full of high -level sense, fresh and simple and age -reducing.

The blue dress is very simple in design and tailoring. The loose version is relatively thin. The length of the skirt is above the knee. A pair of small white shoes and white striped socks are stretched the leg lines, simple and fashionable.

The V -neck design of the skirt’s neck looks like a long neck. There is a white vest in the inside, the blue and white match is fresh and exposed. The waist is the design of the rope and has the effect of self -cultivation. The white pattern on the skirt is pretended to be just right.


I have to say that young is nice! Zhang Chunzhang, born on July 28, 1991, is 30 years old. Her dress is even more youthful, giving people a vigorous feeling. Youth is always the most precious for women, so everyone always wants to match their young and fashionable, retain their most dynamic beauty. In fact, for every girl, the good match has been done to do the age of reducing your age. The rest only requires you to be confident.


Do you like Zhang Chunyi’s dressing?

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