There are many stars in the entertainment industry, which is dazzling. But when it comes to Yang Mi, she should not be unfamiliar. Whether her scandal or TV series, she is independent of many Huadan, so Yang Mi’s popularity is still relatively high. When it comes to Yang Mi, everyone will think of her TV series “Three Life Three Miles and Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms”, and she will also think of some gossip about her. But we do n’t talk about these today, but talk about Yang Mi’s fashion dressing look. As the queen with the goods, Yang Mi does have her uniqueness on the dressing match. Even if it is not popular, Yang Mi can still wear a sense of fashion. Let ’s take a look together.

On the 24th of this month, Yang Mi appeared at the airport and saw Yang Mi wearing a rose red hip skirt, which was called an intellectual elegance. It is really difficult to control rose red, and even the elegant beauty stars are mostly difficult to control. But Yang Mi’s combination is very careful, and it is not tacky at all. Because in the match, the area of ​​rose red is not very large, about 50 %, and Yang Mi also properly adds a white T -shirt, so the rose red is too bright, but it is just right. It can be described as careful.


Yang Mi’s set of matching seems to be quite mixed, very similar to the previous style. Because the material of this skirt should be quite thick, this mixing and matching is not a common person to control. And echoing it is a pair of rose red sneakers. Although the sneakers are not very complete, it can still be seen that its color matching and clothing are echoed. The effect is very fascinating. The matching is very fashionable. Yang Mi’s airport has always been very fond of sports. Even the red carpet will wear sports shoes, which is very upright.


Finally, let’s take a look at Yang Mi’s entire makeup. Her lip color and rose red skirt are quite symmetrical, and the entire makeup is relatively fresh and elegant, so it looks not tacky, so the whole match is very harmonious. In fact, many of Yang Mi’s matching is also very beautiful. It is very worthy of our reference in our daily life, so let’s enjoy it together.

Looking at the many street shooting of Yang Mi, you can see that she likes this mix and match style, especially the mixing of single products in different seasons, which is very common. And the bodybuilding pants in this set can be described as quite noticeable, and it was a hot search. Black bodybuilding pants are indeed suitable for girls with better legs. They can outline longer long legs and make you look more temperament. This style of matching will also be more leisurely, so that the matching shows that it is fashionable.

In fact, many pictures of Yang Mi are also very good -looking, but after all, they have left it from there, so they are more agile as when they are young. Yang Mi, who has just entered the entertainment industry, is very different from Yang Mi now. I do n’t know if it ’s time or other, but it’ s very beautiful.

The girls who follow the entertainment industry should be no stranger to this dress. This is a dress worn by Yang Mi when she was attending an event. Surprisingly, Yang Mi was paired with a pair of sneakers in this skirt. This must be the voice of many female stars of many red carpets, which is too comfortable.


The picture comes from the Internet.