Friends who know the tea ceremony must have studied tea. The tea set contains all the tea sets required by the tea ceremony. Among them, the more common ones are purple sand pots, tea bowls, tea trays, tea leaks, fairness, tea pets, etc. So what are the complete sets of Gongfu tea sets?

One device is only famous for her, and Yuelai is full of tea.


The teapot is a kind of tea with tea and tea pouring tea. It is an indispensable appliance in tea sets, the essence of tea. In addition to the life effect of tea, teapot is also a representative of art.

Covering a bowl, also known as the “Three Cai Bowls”, is a tea set with lids, support, and bowls. The cover is heaven, the earth, and the bowl. This structure implies the meaning of heaven and earth. Mr. Lu Xun praised in the article “Drink Tea”: “Drinking good tea, you need to cover a bowl.”

Tea is also called “tea boat”. During the tasting, the tea boat is the center of gravity stable; the tea cover is half -covered, and the water can be gently scraped into the bowl according to the taste.

The brewing of Gongfu tea is very particular about time, that is, the difference between a few seconds and ten seconds, which will also greatly change the quality of the tea soup. Therefore, even if the tea soup poured out of the pot in just ten seconds, the thickness of the tea soup that was poured out and the later pouring came out will be different. In order to avoid unevenness, first pour all the tea soup to the fair cup, and then divide it to the cup.


This can effectively avoid the unevenness of the thickness, which is more fair, so it is called a fair cup. “The content of the content is water, the greedy person is exhausted.”

The tea bowl is the soul of the tea ceremony and one of the most important tea ceremony props. Regardless of the heat and thirst, or to understand the thirst, the tea bowl is an indispensable prop, and it is also the most variety, the highest value, and most sophisticated in the tea ceremony.

Tea pets, pets of tea people also. It is a pottery crafts burned with purple sand. When drinking tea, apply tea dipped tea soup or directly dripping tea. There are many types of tea pets, and the meaning of them is also various. For example: 貅 貔貅 wicked evil, Jin Chan Wangcai, etc.

Tea is a kind of dry product, which is easy to absorb moisture and moisture. When storing, it must be ensured that it is non -odorful, sealed, and opaque. Therefore, the tea tanks specially used to store tea have emerged. Among them, the purple sand tea can not only have strong practicality and high artistry. In addition, the double air hole structure of Zisha makes it breathable performance. Save tea, which can keep the tea fresh, and can volatilize the dispersion of the tea leaves, so that the tea leaves are fragrant and fragrant, and the color is as new as new.


Tea washing, as the name suggests, is used to clean the tea cup. It is shaped like a large bowl and a lot of dark lusters. There are three must -have in cooking husband tea. Another water used to wash the cup and the soaked tea. There are two main uses for tea washing: one is cleaning tea sets; the other is to preheat the cup to make the temperature rise and the tea tastes better

Sweet w forces refer to incense incense. There are many types of incense. In addition to the most common incense burners, there are also hand stoves, light balls, fragrant plates, sachets, and incense pots with incense powder. It belongs to the category of incense. Fragrance, fragrant.

Tea tray: The tea tray is used to lighten the plates of tea cups or other tea sets, and the tea that flows or falls out during the process of brewing tea is widely selected. There are four words in the tea tray: wide, flat, light, white. Facial width, according to the number of guests, placed tea cups; flattened, stable; light, white, tea cups, teapots, view of the warmth and elegance

Pot. The pot is used to place the teapot and the overflowing tea soup and the wastewater of the pot. The wastewater can be poured into the water pelvis at any time and keeps clean.


Tea set classification introduction

Tea drinking cannot be separated from tea sets, so what do tea sets include? Tea sets, also known as tea utensils or dumplings in ancient times, modern people say that tea drinking appliances are said. According to its narrow sense, tea sets refer to tea sets, including teapots, tea cups, tea trays, tea pads, tea washing, tea sea, teaspoon, boiled water, tea clip, etc.

1. Team


The teapot is a kind of liquor for making tea and tea pouring tea. It is one of the tea sets, which is mainly used to make tea. The teapot is composed of four parts: the lid, the body, the bottom of the pot, and the foot. At present, the more purple sand pot pots or porcelain teapots are used. When choosing a teapot, it is determined according to the number of tea drinking people daily.

2. Tea cup

The tea cup is a use of tea water, pour the water of the teapot into the tea cup, and then taste it directly. Tea cups are generally divided into two types: small cups are mainly used for oolong tea, also called Pin Cup, which need to be used with the smelling cup; the big cup can be used directly as brewing and tea, suitable for high -level delicate and famous tea. Test.

3. Tea plate


The tea tray is also called a tea boat, which is used for tea cups. There are many types of tea trays today, including single -layer, sandwiches, drawers, embedded, and so on. Single -layer tea tray, connect to a plastic tube, discharge wastewater from the surface of the plate; the mezzanine tea tray is used to enrich waste water.

4. Tea pads

Tea pads refer to the layout of the tea table as a whole or some tea sets. The role is to make the tea set not directly touch the table to keep the tea set clean and play a role in protecting the role of tea utensils and settlement effects!

5. Tea washing


Tea washing is a tool for washing tea, shaped like a large bowl, which can be used for soaking cups, water with water, and brewed tea. After the tea is completed, the tea cup, teapot and other can be cleaned and put in the tea washing.

6. Tea Hai


Tea Hai, also known as the fair cup, is a poly word from the word. One finger is rich in tea; two -finger tea drinking appliances, such as fair cups; three -finger tea -based furniture, made of raw materials such as bamboo, wood, stone, etc., which is equivalent to the tea tray, but it is more artistic than the tea tray.


7. Tear spoon


Tea spoon, also known as tea steak, shaped like a spoon, so it is called a teasp. The use of tea spoons is to take tea leaves for tea or dig tea residue in the teapot. It is not convenient or hygienic with your hands, so he uses a teaspoon. In modern life, it also refers to a kind of edible spoon, and its most common effect is mixing milk tea or coffee.

8. Boil water device

The boiled water device is used to cook tea and soaked in tea. The boiled water in ancient tea is generally wind furnace, alcohol lamp or electric pot. Today, the electronic boiling kettle and water dispenser are used to boil water directly.

9. Tea clip

Tea clip is also known as tea chopsticks. The main purpose is to wash cups and tea residues. When cleaning the tea set with boiling water, it is necessary to use tea to sandwich the cup to wash the cup to prevent it and hygiene. After drinking tea, you can also use it to put the tea residue from the teapot. The function is the same as the teaspoon.

10. Tea jar


Tea cans are also one of the tea sets, don’t ignore it. If you want to drink a pot of good tea, you can’t do without good tea. And good tea needs a good tea can to store it. Tea cans are generally made of tin, iron, ceramics, glass, paper, etc. The iron tea tank is the most commonly used.

In addition to the above -mentioned appliances, such as tea leaks, tea towels, tea needles, etc. are also a kind of tea set.


Origin of tea set

Like other drinking utensils and utensils, the occurrence and development of tea sets have passed the process from scratch, from the sharing to the exquisite hammer to the exquisite process. The increase in tea varieties, the continuous improvement of tea drinking methods, continuous changes, and the continuous complete production technology.

How to maintain purple sand tea set

For the new tea of ​​the purple sand tea set, it can be polished with fine sand cloth first, and then rinse with water. If it is steamed in the pan for about 2 inches, it can better promote its beautiful sightseeing.


Before making tea, pour the inner and outer wall with boiling water. Use lightly and lightly to avoid breaks and affect beauty. After using it, the #bar leaves are poured in time, and do not rinse with a poisoning agent. If you do n’t need it for a long time, you can dry it and apply a layer of flashing wax to put it in the frame for viewing.


Top Ten Tea House Brands Ranking

1. Han Tang tea set


The Han Tang tea set was founded in 1996. The tea set of Han Tang tea sets is famous for creating an antique design style.


2. Tangfeng tea set


Tangfeng tea set was founded in 2010. Tangfeng tea set is mainly made of high -end ebony wood to create a simple style.

3. Wanlitang tea set

Wanlitang tea set was established in 2007, mainly pottery tea set.


4. Golden stove tea set


Established in 1989, the design style of the golden stove tea set was loved by many people.

5. Hengfu tea set

The predecessor was the Hengfu Tea industry founded in 1998, mainly pottery tea set.

6. 茶 6 6 6

Established in 2014, focusing on the design and manufacture of tea bubbles, pottery cups, and tea sets related products.


7. Craftsman tea set

It was founded in 1987 and is mainly known for its bamboo tea set.


8. Haofeng tea set

Haofeng mainly produces ceramic tea sets and kung fu tea sets. Including purple sand tea sets, various glass tea sets, metal tea sets, etc.


9. Meige tea set

Meibu tea set was established in 2014 and focuses on the design and production of various ceramic tea sets.

10. Old Wangge Tea Set

The old -fashioned tea set mainly produces various wooden tea tray systems.


Among the top ten brands of tea sets, Wanlitang and Hengfu are mainly based on the production of ceramic tea sets, and others are mainly producing modern automatic tea utensils. Although it is convenient to automatically make tea, it always feels less traditional charm, but it is very suitable for modern fast -paced lifestyles. Most of the above comes from Fujian and Zhejiang, and most of them are domestic companies. In tea culture, foreign companies seem to have no advantages.