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Intern Yin Yaru Life Daily reporter Li Dan

The 20 -year -old college student from Bayan County studied at Wuhan Vocational and Technical College. His 42 -year -old father, his first monarch, suffered from femoral head necrosis, and insisted on driving a taxi every day for his livelihood. The 41 -year -old mother Ding Qun suffered from sore damage and belonged to the second -level disability and could not do heavy work. Because of family conditions, the money of the beginning of the university was borrowed everywhere. In college, Chu Minglong wore old shoes that had not been changed for several seasons. Eating in the cafeteria every day was also cheap.

8000 more than diversified miscellaneous fees are borrowed

Chu Minglong introduced that when enrolling in September this year, the tuition, accommodation fee, and various other academic fees needed a total of more than 8,000 yuan. At that time, I couldn’t pay so much money at home. In the end, I could only borrow from relatives and friends. It’s too difficult. My parents almost asked for relatives and friends at home. I was a little retreated and didn’t want to go to college, but my parents repeatedly insisted that I would continue to read anything. “

In order to make money to support their families, Chu Jun can only extend the time of delivery. Originally, there was a problem in the first king’s crotch, and I couldn’t sit for a long time, but in order to make Chu Minglong be more amazing in the university, I could only bear it when driving. Medicine, the last body has anti -drug resistance, “Chu Jun told reporters on the phone.

A pair of pair of shoes worn from autumn to winter

After going to college, most of the clothes worn by the first dragon were bought in high school, and a pair of shoes worn from autumn to winter. “We wear special sports shoes in physical education classes, but Chu Minglong always wore only his pair of shoes. He couldn’t bear to buy more than 100 yuan for sports shoes.” Chu Minglong’s roommate Wu Jian on the phone to reporters introduce. In order to save money, Chu Minglong eats in the cafeteria every day, and try to order some cheese dishes. “My main task is studying well now, and I can eat enough. I don’t want to increase the burden on my parents. I saves some of them, and they have less pressure.”

Seeing that 2018 is coming, the weather on Heilongjiang is getting colder and colder. At first Minglong was worried about the parents’ bodies, and they called them on the weekend, and told them to pay more attention to their bodies, especially snowy days, and they were afraid of their father. What is the danger of being driving outside. “For a while, my dad still worried about my 670 dollars home.

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