Many celebrities have appeared in the history of the Japanese Warring States Period, but the only military genius is the two of the military geniuses. How powerful is these two? Some people have speculated that if these two do not appear at the same time, they may have unified Japan with their abilities. What is the matter? Said that the only trouble is that the “conspiracy god” Mao Jianyuan of the Western State.


After Oda Nobunaga succeeded in going to Luo Luo, it occupied the most prosperous Gyeonggi region, and its strength was powerful, but this also caused many people to be vigilant. Under the call of General Yoshiko, a number of famous names formed the alliance and surrounded the weaving. Tian Xinchang is a “Nobunaga Siege Network”. Among them, the main forces are the uniforms of Chaoshi Yoshiyura, Asai Changzheng, and the leaders of Benfang Temple, the party of Jiyi, Mao Lihuiyuan, the hexagonal, and the Sanhao family. Wait for the remaining forces of the remnants of the Nobunaga.

These forces have almost formed a full surround in geographically for Oda Nobunaga; but these forces were too hard to fight, and they were eventually broken by Oda Nobunaga one by one. The Asai family was destroyed. Only the remaining panting, the other forces were declining, and even the Bishan Yanli Temple, who surrounded the center of the network, was burned by Oda Nobunaga; when Oda Nobunaga was about to win, Ben and Oda Nobunaga married. In addition, the alliance Takeda Shinxuan was invited by Benfang Temple and Chaokura Yoshikoto to break the diplomatic relations with Oda Nobunaga to join the Nobunaga


This Takeda Shinxuan was much more powerful than the previous people, and at that time, the Astaita Sobians and Hojo were alliance. This Hojo was also a very powerful forces. In October 1572, the two coalition forces rushed to Nobunaga, Oda, to attack the country, Yuanjiang, and Sanhe State of Nobunaga. Fighting abroad, the heavy responsibility of the defense was given to Oda Nobunaga’s most hard -hearted ally Tokugawa Ieyasu.

However, the total strength of Tokugawa Ieyasu at this time was only about 10,000 people. Among them, except for the defense forces of various cities, the actual decisive battle was only 8,000. Coupled with the name of Takeda Shinxuan’s good war, Nobunaga Oda did not send reinforcements at first, but instead wrote to suggest that Tokugawa Ieyasu gave up the Yuanjiang Kingdom to return to Sanhe State. However, Tokugawa Ieyasu did not adopt Oda Nobunaga’s suggestion, nor did he immediately send troops against Takeda Nobunaga. With the step -by -step tightness of Takeda’s Soba, Nobunaga Oda had no choice but to take out 3,000 people to rescue.

Tokugawa Ieyasu was originally preparing to adhere to Hamamatsu City. After all, guarding the city is a bit easier than the field, but I did not expect that Takeda Nobunaga saw the tactics of Tokugawa Ieyasu at a glance. The army was too lazy to attack the city. The country advances; this is dangerous for Tokugawa Ieyasu. If it is not played, it is equivalent to giving up the Sanhe Kingdom directly. It will be cut off with the Oda family. It is almost impossible to win again.

When Takeda Nobuna’s army passed the three parties in the northwest of Hamamatsu City, Tokugawa Ieyasu decided to take risks to attack, with a picture of sneak attack from behind, and wanted to disrupt the Tanian Army’s foot. Although Tokugawa Ieyasu’s backwater battle, the momentum of raid the Takeda Army with the crane and wing array seemed to be brave, and the initial period did play a certain effect, but this has no effect on Takeda Nobunaga, because the offensive was quickly rely on Takeda His Majesty’s top subordinates, and Takeda Takeda Nobunaga was relying on Takeda Toshili. It was blocked, and then counterattacked.


In this battle, Tokugawa Ieyasu only insisted on less than two hours. The Tokugawa family died and injured more than 1,600 people. Sakuma Nobunaga ran away because of fear of Takeda Shinxuan. It was said that Nobunaga Oda Nobunaga cleared the old account and killed Sakuma Nobunaga. One of the crimes was “abandoning the show of the show.” Tokugawa Ieyasu was even worse. He was chased by Takeda’s army all the way, and even wanted to cut his belly, but was stopped by his men.

Fortunately, there are a lot of loyal ministers of Tokugawa Ieya, and these loyal ministers are really loyal ministers. They voluntarily become dead men and pretend to be Tokugawa Ieyasu to escape separately with some soldiers. The attention of Duan Takeda’s pursuit of troops, eventually made Tokugawa Ieyasu escape one. Lucky; it is said that after fled to the old nest, Tokugawa Ieyasu felt that his pants were uncomfortable. At first glance, he was incredible because he was afraid that he even pulled urine and heat in his pants.

Since then, Tokugawa Ieyasu’s fear of Wutian Shin Xuanzhi, anyway, no matter what Takeda Nobunaga is, he is the dead city and resolutely can’t fight. In the face of “old turtles” like Tokugawa Ieyasu, Takeda Shinoshi is helpless. Always around. I do n’t know if Tokugawa Ieyasu is lucky or Oda Nobunaga is lucky. Just when Tokugawa Ieyasu could n’t hold it, Takeda Nobunaga suddenly withdrew the troops. Why? Because Takeda Skinxuan suddenly got seriously ill and died soon.


It ’s time, and life is also. In any case, Tokugawa Ieyasu finally supported, and quickly captured the lost land, including Yuanjiang Kingdom; After becoming an overlord, after becoming an overlord, he immediately waved revenge for the “little brother” Tokugawa Ieya. In 1582, he led the army to attack the Takeda family. Nobunaga Oda waved again and gave all Takeda’s site to Tokugawa Ieyasu.