Tian Ruo is a cold, the whole area of ​​”Tianshan” is suddenly trembled, and the glory of the sky in the sky seems to be bleak.

This is the power of the Shenpeng, although it is not as horrible as the sage, but it is also very strong.

“Extinction me” God Zong “?” Jiang Ling smiled and tone.

“Can you step into my God, you are both.”

Looking at Jiang Ling, this kind of unspeakable appearance, Tian Ruo suddenly smiled and said: “It’s a joke. If I am willing, I can boke this” Tiantan Mountain “, the so-called” Tian Shen Zong “I want to come. I want to go! “

This sentence is very confident, in the “Cang Downtown” in the “Cang Dow” that is not born in the sacred people, it is simply walking, no one dares!

Is there a “God Zongzong” in the district?

If it is other passime, Tian Ri may also be afraid of one or two. After all, there is a guardian array and many ban.

However, “Tianzong” is to be found in many people, only lonely, nothing!

In countless years ago, many people came to “Tiangu” treasure hunt, hoping to get some baby, but in the end they found that “Tian Shenzong” is really the end of the poor, there is a poor two white, don’t say the guard, even a similar There is no law.

More can find out how many temples in the peak, there is no empty swaying.

“You want to take this, scare me, let me think that you” Tian Shen Zong “still have some bottom?” Tian Ruo smiled.

Looking at the appearance of Jiangling’s slightly frowning, Tian Ri is more and more firm and firm.

“The old man is urgent, not with you.” Tian Ruo relieved, he was tired and entangled with this mortal.

“Sign over the boy, you can continue some years.”

“If you don’t pay, I will let you” God “… completely disappear!”

Listening to Tian Ruo, it is only a good voice: “Step into my God Gate, die.”

Tian Rui is very gloomy, this kid really doesn’t know what horror people are facing.

“Since you are so embarrassed, then the old man has only good to God today, destroy you” Tian Shenzong “!”

Tian Ruo is a long-awaited, “Tianqi Mountain” will send a stage trend.

He is not far from the gate of God, and the little laugh: “Since you are going to be destroyed, what is the use of this door.”

Today, he is a “Tian Shenzong”.

Tian Ruo stepped out, the figure has come to the front door, he took a palm with a handset, with the horizon of the earth and destroyed, desirable to score this door.

Jiang Ling looked at this scene, slightly.

Old things, you can be coming in!

Directly used words to stimulate the fields, hoping that he can be able to come to the gate.

After all, it is your own invincible field!

Tian Ruo is a palm of destroying the earth. It was originally left to fall into the fall, but he still tower after heard the palm!

“This door, is it a bit weird?” Tian Ruo is suspected.

There were also people to view this big door, and it is not very unpleasant, otherwise it will have been moved away, how can I stay here?

At this time, Jiang Ling faint sounds, it passed into the ear of Tian Bo.

“You have a goddene, and dare to tell me” Tian Shenzong “?”

Tian Ju is a sharply, because the Yang Ling on the peak is still in front of him.

Jiang Ling’s foot tip is at the top of the gantry of Tianzong, and the proud scorpion looks over the fields.

This means proves that this person is never a mortal.

The face of Tian Ju is a lot of white, and the bottom suddenly has an extremely unique premonition!

Although these two invincible fields have not been connected, Jiang Ling can be free to shuttle in these two!

“Put the ghosts, see me to break your” Tian Shen Zong “!” Tian Ruo is gloomy, angered.

Just when he wanted to urinate the ruler, he found that he could not mobilize the spiritual power.

It seems that there is an invisible force, ban him!

Feel the changes of the body, the face of Tian Ju is suddenly passionate.


“Really … it is a holy champion!”

Tian Ruo looked at Jiang Ling for his eyes, and his body was like a rogue.

“Tian Shen Zong” doesn’t mean that I have not booked? How can there be a saint!

Jiang Ling Eye is dead, staring at Tianrui, he is going to step, step by step.

“You can know, under this big door, how many” Tian Shenzong “saints!”

“You know, how many of the chasing the moon?”

“You know, this zone has undertakes unparalleled glory!”

Step by step in Jiangling, a word, just on the heart of Talent!

Every time he takes step, the face of Tian Bo is passionate.

“You a small Shenshi, and dare to drain the word before me” God Zong “?”

“My Teacher Li Qingfeng, is also your kind of person to be humiliated!”

Jiang Ling’s gaze is like the sword, and it is very straightforward to look at the Tian Ruo, so that he does not dare to look at it.


Jiang Ling was suddenly drunk, and he came to the endless echo.


Tian Ruo founded that he couldn’t live in Jiangling, and his knees were bent under the door!

His eyes are shocked, and there is no more than half of the arrogance.

Who can think of, have already been confirmed to decay, and even the “Tianshi” that is about to die, but also hide the saints?

This is the ancient gate, and there is still a constant man who is unimaginable!

He can be played on the iron plate today!

Tian Ruo regretted in his heart, he should think about it, and the result is immersed in the joy of promotion, everything is done!

Since the nine qualifications of the nine qualifications know that he is a great energy, it is still unwilling to change the door!

What does this explain?

Explain that he has a better choice!

Even the gods don’t, then his master is at least the godhouse, and even the saints!

And that boy did not have a sharp fluctuation …

“I am” Xuan Tianzong “old, as long as the seniors are willing to let me, Xuan Tianzong is willing to take the treasure to change my life!”

Tian Ruo is in the back, sweating, sweating, wet clothes, as long as you can live, do what he is willing!

Since this predecessor is to cultivate the disciple, I may need some treasures, he may take this to change a way!

However, Jiang Ling’s words, but the Talent is completely desperate!

“My” God “, can not be humiliated!”

If Jiang Ling is cold, if you are, you will be angry toward him!

Tian Ji only felt that a strong power was suddenly gripped, and he couldn’t resist it at all.


When he was smashed between his body, he was ambiguous, and it was unbelievable.

He succeeded in promoting the gods, and it is proud to die.