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初烧的梦想:HiFiMAN 头领科技 RE300i 苹果版线控耳机 开箱+简单对比耳塞本体及配件,配件包括:一只小夹子、十枚耳塞滤片、一对白色硅胶套,就这些,略显少一点。

The book is connected. Today we will form a table Hifiman Re300i Apple version line control headset. Why are there so many Hifiman earplugs? This time is it a prize again? Yes, that’s right. It is a prize for activities before and after, but this time this RE300i appeared a little twists and turns, and the line control of the earplugs sent for the first time appeared a little problem. Later Come back. Hifiman’s after -sales after -sales is very good, which is a valuable aspect. Replacement is to wait. Generally, it is expensive to send SF, cheap goods and invoices and other after -sales sales. This speed can be imagined.

Hifiman (head collar technology) Re300i in -ear iOS Apple line control call version mobile phone music headset/PC applicable …

初烧的梦想:HiFiMAN 头领科技 RE300i 苹果版线控耳机 开箱+简单对比

This does not really use Yunda …

The box is as old as ever

One more here at this angle

初烧的梦想:HiFiMAN 头领科技 RE300i 苹果版线控耳机 开箱+简单对比

Add a layer of plastic bag

The outer packaging and after -sales service card, the outer packaging still does not have any Chinese. The lower right corner of the outsourcing shows that this earplugs are suitable for iPodiphoneIPAD and other iOS devices

There is still no Chinese on the back of the outer packaging. There are some parameters on the back, and the impedance is 16 ohm.

初烧的梦想:HiFiMAN 头领科技 RE300i 苹果版线控耳机 开箱+简单对比

Some Chinese characters finally appeared on the back of the after -sales service card, but after scanning the QR code, they found that it was directly to Facebook’s address. Of course, the mainland was unable to open it.

All things: shell carton, earplugs and accessories, instructions, instructions

初烧的梦想:HiFiMAN 头领科技 RE300i 苹果版线控耳机 开箱+简单对比

Ear earplugs and accessories, accessories include: a small clip, ten earplug filters, and a pair of white silicone sleeves, which are slightly less.

One side of the manual is Chinese, and the other side is English

初烧的梦想:HiFiMAN 头领科技 RE300i 苹果版线控耳机 开箱+简单对比

To be honest, Re300i, the earbar than the Re300A workmanship introduced in the previous article, is even worse, especially the line control part, as follows: the following two pictures:

初烧的梦想:HiFiMAN 头领科技 RE300i 苹果版线控耳机 开箱+简单对比同样的这个角度再来一张

I do n’t know if you can see it. The two volume adjustment keys on the upper cover of the line control part have obvious upturning gaps. Maybe there is a problem with the mold process, which makes the service life of this line control greatly reduced. This is also the small twists and turns mentioned when my article starts. The upper cover and base of the earplug line control from the earplugs sent for the first time are directly separated. I asked a few enthusiasts with this headset and found that this is not an example. Please pay attention.

初烧的梦想:HiFiMAN 头领科技 RE300i 苹果版线控耳机 开箱+简单对比

Well, here is the end of the box, and the following is simple comparison:

初烧的梦想:HiFiMAN 头领科技 RE300i 苹果版线控耳机 开箱+简单对比全部的东西:外壳纸盒、耳塞及配件、使用说明书

The front end of use: Apple iPhone4 CDMA version

App used: Shrimp Music+VIP account

Comparison object: Apple Xiaobai (old version)

Comparison purpose: See if Hifiman Re300i can replace Apple Xiaobai with the iPhone to achieve a better listening effect

In terms of appearance: The plug of Apple Xiaobai (old version) is direct insertion, and RE300i is curved; both cables are softer, but the cables of Apple Xiaobai (old version) are softer than RE300i; Bai (old version) is placed under the right earplug, and three keys with multi-function mid-key+–two volume adjustment keys, MIC holes online control back, large MIC holes, embedded metal color protective cover, RE300i line The control is placed under the left earplug, and also includes three keys of the multi-function keys+–two volume adjustment keys, but I did not find the MIC hole. The back of the line control was an icon of a microphone. As shown below:

Apple small white line control front

初烧的梦想:HiFiMAN 头领科技 RE300i 苹果版线控耳机 开箱+简单对比

Apple small white line control back

初烧的梦想:HiFiMAN 头领科技 RE300i 苹果版线控耳机 开箱+简单对比这不还真的用了韵达……

Re300i line control front

初烧的梦想:HiFiMAN 头领科技 RE300i 苹果版线控耳机 开箱+简单对比

Re300i wire control back

初烧的梦想:HiFiMAN 头领科技 RE300i 苹果版线控耳机 开箱+简单对比

Internal part: Due to the high RE300i analysis and sound field and the natural advantage of earplugs, the sound is very beautiful. Compared with Apple Xiaobai (old version), it has a raising of a ear, especially the popular female voice, the voice and accompaniment can be very good The separation of people can’t bear it. Apple Xiaobai (old version) belongs to the kind of sound without any characteristics, as dull as water. (This sense is based on the same volume based)

初烧的梦想:HiFiMAN 头领科技 RE300i 苹果版线控耳机 开箱+简单对比说明书一面是中文的,另一面是英文的

Summary and hope: Hifiman Re300i Apple version line control headsets can be well replaced by the standard headset of existing iOS devices. It is hoped that the official can solve the gap between the line control part well, so that it is icing on the cake on the basis of such a sound sound.

In the end, there will be a more special test. This test should be a question that some of the friends are more concerned, that is, if the Re300A and Re300i are mixed, it will have any effect, which means that it is designed for Android devices. What happens when the RE300i of the iOS device is used for Android devices, and the results are as follows:

When the RE300A designed for Android devices is used for iOS devices, the sound can be listened normally. The function of the only button on the RE300A line control is also normal, and the microphone can make normal calls.

初烧的梦想:HiFiMAN 头领科技 RE300i 苹果版线控耳机 开箱+简单对比不知道大家看出来了没,线控部分的上盖的左右两个音量调节键有明显的上翘的缝隙,也许是模具工艺出了问题吧,这使得这个线控的使用寿命大打折扣。这也是我文章开头时说的小波折,第一次寄来的耳塞线控部分上盖和底座直接是分离的,里面的电路小板和线材一览无遗,于是联系售后更换之。问询了几个有这个耳机的烧友,发现这并不是个例,请格外注意。

When the RE300i designed for iOS devices is used for Android devices, the sound can be listened normally.

But the volume+-key is useless, the quality of the microphone is not very good, the sound of the microphone is very small


PS: Both RE300i and RE300A have a common problem, that is, the logo on the earplug cavity is easy to fall. This is not the new headset that I just cut out of the box:

That’s it for that, the last I version and A version took a group photo of the town building:

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