The sandals of the small CK family will become a hot topic of discussion every year in the summer. One is moderate price, and the other is that it really looks good. I followed the wind last year to enter a pair of new single shoes in his family, which was the super -hot arrow weaving upper shoes last year. The upper foot is really good -looking, but the material is hard. This may also be the reason why the little CK makes people love and hates: the quality does not match the high value.

(Self -entry)

Last night, I went to get off work with my girlfriend to purchase 6.1 Children’s Day gifts. I passed the small CK shoes specialty store in Kerry City. Today, I recommend 3 small CKs with good -looking and good -footed sandals this season, which gives you a reference for your hot summer fashion.

1. Transparent acrylic and high -heeled sandals


This shoe, I saw it at first glance when I entered the store. Under the blessing of the light, the transparent acrylic is very dazzling, and it is difficult to not discover it. 6.8cm transparent acrylic crystal coarse heel. To be honest, the upper foot feels very stable. If you change the same height of the same height, the ankle may be sore in a long time, but this pair does not exist at all. Essence

Retro square toes have been popular in recent years. It is very friendly to wide feet, flesh and feet, and large -size feet, especially girls with large joints of the thumb, which can modify the foot type. I tried it in the store in the store, and I really don’t want to be too gentle.


The friends of the peers entered the same cream yellow. She was cold and white, and her 37 -yard foot was not large, but her feet were relatively large. This pair of her temperament was up a lot.

I personally don’t recommend the same black, because it can’t highlight the gentleness of this style. The creamy style I tried is very friendly to black skin; the apricot color is very intellectual.

(Excerpted from the official website)

Of course, the price of 300 will not be leather, this is a synthetic leather. Fast fashion shoes look like, the quality … It is equal to its price.


2. Sympaled high -heeled sandals

This season, most of the small CK sandals are thin band models, which are very lazy and romantic.

I think these 3 models are very good:


A. Classic belt

Let a word of sandals be famous for SW. The star red carpet is the word SW with high heels. This makes the word a must -have for summer, and almost every shoe card has the same model.

The best part of this small CK is the best thing is that it is

Design and color matching

, Super invincible and gentle Monet purple, very high -level tone. The thin -word formula of formula, cool and textured. The comfortable coarse heels are fully considered the comfort after the feet. Don’t be too praised with a small skirt in summer.


The biggest feature of a sandals is versatile, which is sweet and sweet. Not easy to step on the pit. If you are still struggling with which sandals to choose in summer, you will close your eyes like a belt, right.


B. Roves with sandals


Similar models I met in HM’s store last year, but HM last year had fewer CK CK.


The elegant band of the set of sandals in the small CK series of sandals is presented on the feet with carefully designed arcs, which is particularly refreshing and age -reducing. How to wear your feet and how to show your temperament.


This series of shoes is more suitable for mature age. Jimei, under 25 years old, may not be able to control the elegance that it wants to present, after years of precipitation.


C. Sub -shaped square heel sandals

This sandals are in design: the foot on the foot is crossed, exuding a touch of charming; the thumbs separated by independent are a bit in Europe and America’s street style. Charm and the streets, let these shoe laces a little “beautiful and bad woman”.

I still do not choose the square head design, so that any foot type dares to expose the big feet in the hot summer. The 6cm square heel allows Jimei, who is not able to wear high heels, and can also steadily go up. It is a beautiful shoes with a high degree of friendship in summer.

3. Little flower binding shoes


I was completely convinced by the face value of this pair of shoes. Too sweet and cute.


There are many models of this small flower series. The flower is a belt+silk strap flat bottom, which is really a girl’s heart. Especially this pair of grass green, comes with a beautiful filter aura, and the feet are beautiful.

This is suitable for Mengmei paper daily, or we wear when we go to the beach for vacation.


Alright, today’s content is shared here. Do n’t forget to pay attention to your favorite Jimei!

By wish all friends, children and children’s Day a happy!


(No matter how old you are, maintaining a childlike heart is the most important)