If Li Ziyi represents the pastoral shepherd under absolute idealism, then classmate Zhang does not hide his sincerity.

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Li Ziyi has stopped for 139 days, but without Li Ziyi’s days, Zhang classmate was hot.

57 days, 40 videos, 9.883 million followers, and 28.134 million praises. This is the harvest of the first video from the first video on October 4 to today.

In addition to data, because of the same as Li Ziyi, the content of rural theme was shot. Therefore, many netizens also compared it with Li Ziyi, calling him “male version Li Ziyi” or “rough version of Li Ziyi”.

On the Douyin, the imitation of Zhang Zhang has also emerged endlessly. Among many topics, only#Zhang Zhang has 270 million playbacks in various places. In addition, there are various videos of why Zhang can fire. More than 70 million.

Zhang’s lap has even attracted the attention of official media. On November 25, the People’s Daily Comment commented through the official Douyin: We call on the appearance of more “Zhang classmates”. I hope you can use professional technology to record real China and let rural life come to the audience.


No matter what, classmate Zhang is really hot. But behind the fire, many issues are worthy of our thinking. For example, can Zhang as a copy of Li Ziyi? If not, how can the rural content develop after Li Ziyi? Compared with the previous, what are the differences in today’s rural content?

The “post -Li Ziyi era” of rural videos

Although classmate Zhang is on fire, if we look at the entire short video platform, we will find that the fire is not just Zhang, but the content of the entire rural theme, and Zhang is just one of the most prominent representatives.

Judging from a set of simple data on Douyin, in the topic of the daily added of the video of Zhang,#My rural life has 12.59 billion playback,#新 从 从 从 2021 has 68.49 billion times. In the#record of 38.65 billion playback volume, most videos are also content of rural themes.

For example, Peng Chuanming, who has been updated in January 2020, was also called “male version of Li Ziyi” by netizens before the classmate Zhang did not fire. In fact, compared to Zhang’s video style of the theme flow, Peng Chuanming, who relies on handicrafts to restore old objects, is really closer to Li Ziyi in his own poetic.

In the video, Peng Chuanming often wore a lot of color drop -down green military uniforms. In the countryside, he handled various daily necessities by hand. The categories are all -inclusive from rouge powder, four treasures of the essays, to laundry to cook, and get sick.

Among them, the most famous, such as the four treasures of the educational room, the process of Peng Chuanming’s use of ancient methods to make pen and ink and paper crickets; and in the “Ancient Cosmetics Recovery” series that he has continuously updated the most continuously, it restores the handicrafts, including cotton rouge, ancient Fa Mei Dai Dai Dai Dai Dai Dai Dai Dai Dai Dai Dai Ancient daily cosmetics such as ancient powder powder, ancient moisturizing water and other ancient daily cosmetics.


Today, Peng Chuanming has updated 142 works, harvested 31.351 million praises, and has 6.675 million fans. In addition to Peng Chuanming, it is also influenced by Li Ziyi in the video style.

This is an account that has only been updated in April this year, but now she has uploaded 166 works and received 150 million praises and 1584.8W fans.

In the video of Kangzai farmers, the protagonist is a typical rural woman. However, it is more characteristic that although Kang Zai farmers face vicissitudes, her height is not tall, and her body is thin, so she looks like a child. Because of this, many netizens often call them “old children” in the comment area.

简介中,康仔农人给自己的定位是记录农村美好生活,和大家一起分享乡村传统美食,所以我们会从她的视频中看到,鸡是自己养的,菜是自己种的,果树、 The ponds and various wild ingredients in the mountain stream have become their daily updates from picking to becoming food.

From this point of view, the video style of Kang Chai farmers is indeed much influenced by Li Ziyi. Of course, some people are influenced by Li Ziyi, and naturally people have gone out of the way that is completely different from Li Ziyi.

Among them, like the pastoral baby, in the introduction, she called herself “a village aunt who loves life, with her magical little animals.” Since the update in June 2018, this account has now uploaded 262 works, and has harvested 77.74 million praise and 290.6W fans.


In the video, the main content she updated every day is her daily life with her small animals. Unlike Peng Chuanming and Kang Tsai farmers continuing the filter of Li Ziqi style, the rural life under the rural baby lens is not more modified, but there is an additional truth like Zhang.

From her video, we can see the dirty courtyard, the old walls, the bad guys who steal the dog, and the mice were bitten by a cat; And the fresh tender loofah in the ground.

In addition, there are also small fish couples who also choose what you see and hears in life.

Their story began in June 2020. The reason was that they returned to my hometown to see the wedding room ten years ago, so they started the process of renovation by themselves. From their videos, we can see the process of being transformed into an ideal living courtyard of modern people. During the transformation, the couple have also been shared by the bits and pieces of life in rural life, and gradually developed into VLOGE to record family life.

Unlike other rural themes, whether it was Li Ziyi, or later Peng Chuanming, Kang Zi farmer, or rural baby, they are essentially traditional rural life, people rely on land, and they are happy.

But the small fish couples are different. They return to the country from the city, and they need to go back to the city frequently. They modernized the yard, and the neighbors around them were basically independent courtyards.

In essence, they do not live in rural areas. They are just out of the city and are looking for another way of lifestyle. What they tell is not a traditional countryside, but a new rural story.


It can be seen that after Li Ziyi, from Peng Chuanming to Zhang, the content of rural themes began to be loved by more and more netizens; and more importantly,

In terms of content style, people also began to get rid of the restraint of filters, began to step out of many completely different paths, and gradually restored real Chinese villages.

And this is obviously not only the victory of Zhang alone, it should also be the success of all creators behind the entire rural theme.

Rural content is not just hunting


The content of rural themes is indeed hot, but the rural content has become a trend and the attention of everyone is not the first time.

As early as 2018, as the short video platform entered the golden age, the videos of local atmosphere once burst into the entire network, becoming the object of people’s rushing to discuss. It was just that at that time, there was another name of the content of rural themes, called “Earth Smell Video”.

Many friends may still have an impression. For example, the god of blessing that once set off the trend of calling wheat on the entire network, or the old eight who “dried rice” in the toilet in order to go out, or was just banned by the entire network some time ago. Teacher Guo Guo and so on.

Today, although the network environment is renovated, many wonderful contents are difficult to find. But we can’t deny that under the influence of these people, for a long time, we mentioned the countryside. The first thing we think of is the spiritual guys, the shouting wheat, the iron pot stew ourselves, or the social people.

Bobo eyeballs and lower limits have become the label for many people to give soil videos. But even so, during that time, the soil taste video was still spread quickly as viruses, which rushed to many people’s mobile pages.

At that time, people also looked for reasons for the popularity of Turkish culture. For example, some people attribute it to the psychology and ugliness mentality of the urban population; some people believe that in the Internet era driven by traffic, rural people who lack the right to speak and pay attention can only be through self -ugly and show show The lower limit method is to get attention.

These views obviously have a certain reason, because for a long time, for the villagers, the people in the city do have a unique sense of superiority. But now, with the rise of the content of the new rural theme, we find that this sense of superiority is gradually dissipating.

A more obvious difference is that in the previously eye -catching rural content, most of the content producers use objective lens to shoot. Through this shooting method, video producers usually put themselves in the actor’s position and intend to present a performance to the audience in front of the screen.

This is the eyeball. From this perspective, the audience can get a feeling of review.

But now, from the video of classmate Zhang, we will find that in his video, almost every shot shooting will use two subjective lenses and an objective lens structure. Let the audience have a stronger sense of substitution.

There are also small fish couples, who walked the husband and wife partner, the husband went out as the protagonist, his wife held the shooting, and explained it as a narration. This kind of shooting logic is like a wife who records his life VLOG, and the audience can enter their lives through the perspective of his wife.

In addition to the video of the pastoral baby, it also uses a handheld shooting to record the first -person perspective. These options are basically to bring the audience into the life of the video.

From the previous emphasis on performances and audience perspectives, to now emphasizing the sense of bringing in and authenticity, compared with the two stages, it is not difficult to find that both the audience and the creator of the video content have undergone fundamental changes.

If the previous people look at the content of rural themes, just to hunt and watch lively, then the audience of rural videos today is more real like, and want to embrace this life from the heart.

Of course, some people will definitely say that most of the Li Ziyi adopted is also an objective lens to shoot, and she is different from her and Zhang.

In fact, after the popularity of Zhang, many people also compared him with Li Ziyi and called it “male version of Li Ziyi”. But from our perspective, if someone must be called “male version of Li Ziyi”, this person may be Peng Chuanming, but it will definitely not be Zhang.

The reason is actually very simple. In Li Ziyi’s video, from the setting to the environment, from the tools used by daily use to the clothing worn by Li Ziyi, each thing may be rude, primitive, but full of ruralism, and full of idyllicism. Charm, we can easily feel the beauty of oriental idyllic.


But Zhang is different. In the video of Zhang, we will see the pillow that sleeps yellow and even greasy. We will see that you can feel the flavor socks across the screen. Cotton quilts, old to the painting wardrobe furniture, and need to use old soles to modify the shots to shoot flies at any time.

In simple terms, Li Ziyi’s video is beautiful and elegant, but Zhang’s video is not. If we think that Li Ziyi represents the pastoral shepherd under absolute idealism, then the representative of Zhang is not concealing sincerity, and it reflects a state of life closer to life itself.

In the video of Zhang, he never avoided the limited conditions of rural conditions, nor avoided as an older single youth in his personal life. In his videos, he was full of life and calmness.

But perhaps because of this, we can see a more realistic Zhang from his video; maybe it is because of this calm life philosophy that Zhang’s video is loved by so many netizens.


But in fact, these are not important. Because anyway,


Starting from the lap of Zhang, we saw a real rural life situation after getting rid of the eyeball routine and actively peeling off the cultural filter.


In the future, with the further sinking of short video production, we can also see more real, diverse, annihilated rural life status. Through these contents, more people in cities will also have the opportunity to get rid of the stereotypes that have been established and re -understand China’s beautiful villages.