The building architecture is part of the city scenery. While brightens the building, it is also integrated with the overall brightness of the city, the maximum release of the functionality of building space, so that “beauty” and “practical” have together!

The building lighting lamp is to enable the spectacular building of the high-rise building, so that its architectural design can be fully reflected, which can highlight the taller and majestic of the building, and will tell you about the brightening project of the building. The questions should be considered.

I. Design of building buildings

It should be based on the design and coordination of the design of the building, because our building is very different, so we should choose a flexible performance method to decide, so that it can achieve a good effect.

Second, the distance from the body is nearly high

The distance that the average person may view, the distance from the distance affects the angle and clarity of the appearance of the building facade, and determines the high low design illumination.

Third, the brightness of the light

The brightness of the brightness of the building is also required to reach a certain requirement, we can decide with the shadesight of the shades of the surrounding environment and the color of the building exterior wall material, our lighting effect is mainly for the top view and the panoramic view of the building.

Fourth, people watch the direction

Buildings may be seen from different directions, and the angle can be seen, but we generally determine a particular direction to be the main view of the lighting.

V. Select of the lamp

Choosing the right light fixture, in general, the light distribution angle of the square fluid is large, and the angle of the circular fluid is smaller. Wide-angled floods are more uniform, but it is not suitable for long-range projections; narrow angle luminaires are suitable for farming projections. In addition to the lighting characteristics, the selection of the lamp is also a must-reference factor.

LED outdoor body light

6. The number of light illuminance and luminaire

The number of lamps should be determined according to the light source, lamp, mounting position, etc., and the lighting effect is determined in order to achieve the degree of satisfaction after the installation is completed.

Seven, surrounding environment and background

The surrounding environment and the background of the background will affect the light illuminance required for the main body. If the periphery is very dark, the light of the ordinary brightness is sufficient to illuminate the body. If the periphery is bright, the light must be strengthened to highlight the body.


The LED lamps generally used in the building have LED line lights, LED wall lights, LED fluins, LED digital tubes, LED point light sources, etc. Outdoor lighting fixtures. Among them, the LED line lights and LED digital tubes are mainly used in the outline of architectural contours or make up a dynamic big screen, while the LED wall wash lamp mainly lighting the exterior of the building. The LED fluctuator is light on the top of the building or top. It has a high height, but the light width range is not far away. LED point light source is mainly embellished with the building, and many buildings are used to embellish every layer of light sources. However, there is still a role to do a dynamic point of screen.