“Dance” must benefit its instruments first, and the fun of dancing is far more than just dancing.

The exquisite dancers like us have entered the collection journey of [Latin Equipment] from the first day of dancing.


How many pairs of shoes do dancers need? Is it all the reincarnation of “转 世”?

What is the best time for dancing? Fear, shoes. I believe that everyone who dances agrees. How much dance shoes do you have to wear in one year?


Not only the quality of shoes, but also the degree of hard work!

For girls who dance Latin dance,

The following types of shoes are definitely unable to escape.


Soft shoes (cat claw shoes)

As the name suggests, this kind of dance shoes are very soft, as light as a cat’s paw.


This is a dance shoes worn when practicing the basic skills. It can be said that the dancer is a must -have.


Followed from small to small high heels 3.5cm-5.5cm-8cm

Recall that when you were young, do you have the memory of stealing your mother’s high heels? The girl’s longing for high heels is the desire for beauty.

The little dancer who dances Latin dances starts with a 3.5cm small.

A little height, a small square heel, carrying the longing for the dance world.


As you get older, when you can wear 5.5cm dance shoes, congratulations, congratulations, is already a big girl.


From 3.5cm-5.5cm-8cm, from the height of Latin dance shoes, we can read a lot of “information”.

There are age, experience, and ambitions. The pride of the girls is on this pair of dance shoes.

On the other side of the beautiful side, it is to put on these shoes, the pain and pain to endure.


But in any case, you still wear it again and again, dance, and never stop.

From the exercise uniform to the race, from the specification to the bloom, the beauty is right.

Even if you practice it, you must wear beautiful. Today, the style of the exercise uniform has become more and more design.

Short top/small suspender/small skirt/knee socks/fishing net socks, all kinds of “Latin flavor” fashionable mix and match, everything is available.

Who can resist such Latin girls


Little dancers’ practice clothes are becoming more and more fashionable

Black system will never make mistakes


Leopard or bright colors can also be tried boldly

Even the live broadcast demonstration is so beautiful that there is a theme


After speaking, you can go to the “battlefield”. The competition is the dancer’s shirt, and different ages and groups also have different requirements.

For teenagers under the age of 12, the requirements of the race service are required, that is, it has certain standards that require standardized and simple.


Here we should also remind the little dancers who wear prescribed clothes. Do not “exceed the standard” on the clothing. If the clothing is unqualified, it will be disqualified from the competition.

Simple and norms for children are beautiful


When you are promoted to a group over 14 years old, you can no longer be “restrained” and enter the dazzling “flower clothing” world.


Open the beauty of “personalized”


A formal adult Latin clothing, due to the different fabrics, design and brand, the price range is also very wide.

A good set of Latin female dancers is basically more than 1,000 yuan. If you don’t have the support of sponsor behind it, you are also a good choice to buy second -hand games.

Palm oil, cosmetics, hair network

Laying card, U -shaped clip, rubber band

After speaking, let’s look at the surroundings. Latin dancers must be exquisite from head to toe!

Before the game, the female dancer needs to apply palm oil, and there is a Latin makeup with a small factor of difficulty. It must also make full use of various small tools to comb a clean and neat Latin hairstyle …

You said, is it easy for us to go!


To what extent did you collect the above [Latin Equipment] series?


Dancing people are “expensive” from top to bottom! However, for dancers, all investment will eventually give back to themselves.


Your dance, your temperament is the best gift.