Xu Wei had such a lyrics in “The Life Is Not Get more”: Life is not only in front of him, but also poetry and farming in the field. For most people who like to travel, off -road vehicles are an excellent choice, and for enthusiasts who are more pursuing a comfortable life in the wild, dragging a RV may be the best ownership of poetry and far away.

Wildfire single -axis drag

Double -axis drag on monsoon


The current drag -mounted RV is divided into dual -axis and single -axis mop. Of course, the submariners have representative models. Today we will not talk about a single axis, let’s talk about it.

Zhongrui Mikuya Double -axis Drapel




This dragging RV is not just as simple as a RV. It also has a lot of functions that make you unexpected, such as long -distance travel, temporary warehouse, transportation movement, customer negotiations, logistics support, emergency rescue, when garage, etc. Essence Anyway



Of course you can “unlock” other functions.

Looking at the appearance alone, the monsoon is a conventional dual -axis mop. In fact, it is not,


Europe+Australia “combined with the world’s top production technology,

Let it drag it than the same type in the market

20% lightly

Configuration parts and facilities are also composed of many imported equipment; it can be said to be a beautiful “mixed -race” vehicle.

He adopted

Lightweight custom enhancement chassis

, With the off -chain, ALKO Aiko Torque Axis inertial brakes and trailer connectors, shock absorbers, and the handbrake can be located directly when parking.

Basic parameters


7000mm (inner 6200mm)


2250mm (inner 2140mm)


2560mm (inside 1950mm)







weight capacity




XPS, 5053 aluminum roll sandwich composite material


It is also strictly screening, not only in line with


Safe and environmentally friendly

The standards, comfort, durability and other performance are also very high.


, The rest area, the wet and wet separation of the bathroom, the kitchen area (indoor/outdoor), the configuration of the meeting area, the layout is reasonable, the representative is the head

The guest area, three -sided wound windows, and 700x500mm curved large sunroof

It is a unique indoor viewing area; it can also be spent with the lifting table to accommodate the rest. Summary of the vehicle:

Two -bedrooms, two halls, two chefs and one guard

The space is so big, worry about his safety and overcover?


Then you must know the advantages of the double axis.


Double -axis towing is better


Security and stability


Because the four tires are in contact with the ground, the ground touch is large, and safety stability does not need to be questioned. The road with complex road conditions, high -performance he can calmly deal with. Also efficient


Brake performance

Then it was with him


, Self -weight 1690kg, the maximum load bearing is 3200kg, you can bring more things when traveling, let you let you

Move your home into the car

Many netizens are questioning the size of the dual -axis drag hanging, and it is not convenient to drive. In fact, the double -axis and single -axis turns in the driving are the same as super control. Many three -axis trucks can be. It is okay to turn around or turn around in place.

China’s road conditions are complicated. We need to take high speeds and national roads. The double axis can take you more places with higher stability and security, or it can bring you out and then bring it back safely. Because he is strong enough.

The monsoon is a double -axis road -type dragging RV launched after accumulating a very sufficient experience. Coupled with each car, each car is tested. Every time a new car is issued, it will be improved and improved in time through continuous testing.

Of course, many problems also discovered from the test. If the sales link is not directly tested, there will be many problems, and it will also cause trouble for yourself. Therefore, for a manufacturer, you must do strict testing every link.

If you want to go to the country’s better attractions, want to bring your family to visit the mountains, and then come back safely and happily. You can choose this drag.






Lightweight custom enhancement chassis