Water purifiers have become almost a must -have kitchen appliance for each household. A simple small electrical appliance can not only maintain the safety of the whole family’s drinking water, but also enhance the feeling of drinking water. Today we will analyze, the function of the popular model, the speed of water and use cost of the Xiaomi brand for nearly a year or two.

When buying a water purifier, many valuable friends do not understand what G in the “600G” and “800G” represents. In fact, G represents the volume unit gallon of water. 600G in the water purifier model means that 600 gallon pure water can be made every day, and 800g is the same. At present, Xiaomi’s reverse osmosis water purifier is 400g. This number seems not small, but in actual use, it takes about 17 seconds to fill a cup of 300 ml of water, which is a bit slow. The 800G water purifier only takes about 8 seconds to connect 300 ml. Therefore, traffic has the most intuitive impact on the use of water purifiers. If the price is similar, the traffic and functions are made, and the editor tends to choose a higher traffic model.

Secondly, the total water water amount of water purifiers is an important criterion for measuring the service life of the water purifier. It also determines the cost of using the water purifier later. At present, there are many water purifiers on the market that supports dual -outlets, which can switch the required filter element according to water needs to achieve the purpose of extending the life of the filter element. Finally, there is an invisible cost of the water purifier, which is the wastewater ratio. That is, when working, the proportion of pure water and wastewater produced during the water purifier. Today we introduced several water purifiers, and the ratio of pure water wastewater is above 2: 1, that is, each cup of pure water is made, 1 cup of waste water is required. Both exceed the standards of international first -level water efficiency ≥60%.

Xiaomi H400G water purifier

小米净水器&滤芯热门型号 以及使用成本估算

Although there are only 400g of flux, it has upgraded the mode of cooking water+direct drinking water. The total water purification volume is 4000L+1500L, and the ratio of pure water wastewater ratio is 2: 1. Use RO reverse osmosis filter element (24 months life) and PPC composite filter element (12 months life).

The water purifier itself is calculated based on the price of 999 yuan in the station. If it is used for two years, you need to buy an additional composite filter element (199 yuan): 999+199 yuan = 1198 yuan, and the daily cost of about 1.64 yuan. The price is really not expensive, but 400g of water is too slow.

小米净水器&滤芯热门型号 以及使用成本估算

Xiaomi 500G enhanced model

The second paragraph, Xiaomi 500G enhanced version. Use 4 -in -one filter element+enhanced version of RO filter element. It takes about 13 seconds to connect 300 ml. Slightly faster than 400g. But this water purifier needs to be pulled up when replacing the filter element. This is not a good design for the highly restricted kitchen space. And there is only one mode of direct drinking water. The amount of water purification is 200 liters, and the ratio of pure water wastewater is 2: 1.

Among them, the 4 -in -one filter element that sells for 199 yuan will be replaced 12 months. This water purifier is calculated based on the good price of 999 yuan, and the cost of two years is:

999+199 = 1198 yuan, the daily cost of use is also 1.64 yuan. However, this 500G enhanced version will occasionally have a price of 899, so the daily cost is about 1.5 yuan. From the cost of use, this is more fragrant than the 400G version.

Xiaomi 600g water purifier

600G water purifier, built -in 4 filter elements, namely PP filter cotton (6 months), front activated carbon (12 months), RO filter element (24 months), and rear activated carbon (12 months). The fuselage is relatively wide, occupying a larger kitchen space. With standards and improvement of two water outlet mode, it takes about 11 seconds to connect 300 ml of water (much faster than 400g). There is only one way to drink water. It is inconvenient to replace the filter element with the pull -down method. The amount of water purification is 1500L, and the ratio of pure water wastewater ratio is 2: 1

Also used for two years, calculated according to the daily price price of 1199 yuan in the station. A total of three PP filter elements (59 yuan) need to be replaced, 1 front -acting carbon filter element (69 yuan) and one rear activated carbon filter (69 yuan). 1199+ (59×3)+(69×2) = 1514, the daily cost of 2.1 yuan.

Xiaomi H600G water purifier

H600G water purifier supports living water and direct drinking water Shuangshui Road. Use 2 -in -1 composite filter element+4 -in -1ro filter element. It is more economical than the previous 600G water purifier. You need to replace the PPC composite filter (199 yuan) once in two years. The good price of the water purifier station is 1199 yuan, and the cost of two years is: 1199+199 = 1398, the daily cost is about 1.9 yuan, the cost performance is very high. Direct drinking water 4600L+4000L of living water, pure water wastewater ratio 2: 1.

Xiaomi H800G water purifier

The H800G water purifier can be regarded as an upgraded version of H600G. It takes about 9 seconds to connect 300 ml of water, and the flow of 2.12 liters per minute. It also supports living water and direct drinking water switching. Use PPC composite filter element+RO filter element. The amount of water purification is 5000L, and the ratio of pure water wastewater ratio 2: 1.

小米净水器&滤芯热门型号 以及使用成本估算

The daily good price in the station is 1499 yuan. It is necessary to replace the composite filter element once in two years. The total cost is 1499+219 yuan = 1718, and the average daily cost is 2.35 yuan.

Xiaomi S1 800G water purifier

The S1 series water purifier has added a lot of novel functions in the function of basic water purification. Among them, the more practical “improvement model” can increase the amount of water out of 2.5 liters/minute, and the water connection is about 7 seconds. The ratio of pure water wastewater reaches 3: 1. The faucet has a more intuitive OLED screen to display the water mode, prompting the filter element to replace. Support RO direct drinking water and UF cooking water. You need to use the RO filter element (replacement of 24 months), UF filter element (149 yuan, 18 months replacement), three -in -one filter element (219 yuan, 12 months replacement), rated water purification 3600L.

小米净水器&滤芯热门型号 以及使用成本估算

The daily price of S1 800G water purifier is 1599 yuan, and the total price of two years is 1599+ (149×0.3)+219 yuan = 1862.7 yuan, and the daily cost is 2.55 yuan.

Xiaomi H1000G water purifier

As an upgraded version of H800G, H1000G reaches 2.5 liters per minute, and it takes about 7 seconds to connect 300 ml. Use two RO filter membranes to be filtered by the main membrane, and then filter through the sub -RO membrane to improve the efficiency of water purification. The ratio of pure water wastewater to 3: 1, rated water purification 4800L. Use OLED display faucet.

Among them, the PPC composite filter element is replaced for 12 months, priced at 219 yuan, and the sub -RO film is replaced for 12 months. The price is 349 yuan. The main RO membrane can be used for 36 months and the price is 899 yuan. If

Three years

Use calculation: 1899+ (219×2)+(349×2) = 3035 yuan, an average of 2.77 yuan per day.


At present, mainstream water purifiers around 1500 yuan can basically reach 800G. Everyday is basically enough. The entry 400G water purifier, although the price is a lot low, but the experience of the experience is too much discount, so it is not recommended to buy it. There are also some new water purifiers that support thermal function, which are priced at more than 3,000 yuan, and everyone can also buy according to their needs.