The Legend of the Blue Army Local made a decision to retire.

John Terry announced his retirement and 130 days after he and Aston Vera were terminated.

Similar to most veterans over 35 years old who have become free, instead of being humiliated in the delivery of resumes and seeing people’s eyes, it is rather retired. In a sense, this is exactly the same as the decisive style on the Terry Stadium.

As the most successful central defender in the Premier League, Terry’s early achievements have been forgotten with the years, but the “friend wife door”, who was booming, still lived in the fans’ paragraphs.

However, John Terry’s life is more than that.

Terry was favored by Ferguson.


Ferguson’s special car

Different from a friend Lampard was born in the excellent football family, Terry was an authentic mud legs.

His father was a forklift driver in a logging field in the suburbs of East London, but every time he was leisure, he always took time and accompanied the two sons to play the tattered football in the pothoral community stadium. It was in such a bad field that Terry practiced a tough guy to kill his teeth and blood.

East London’s ground snake West Ham tried Terry for a long time, Arsenal also secretly sent Qiubo, but Manchester United was more direct: Ferguson arranged for special car to pick up Terri trial training, and even let Bakerham accompany him on the road. As for Terry’s most wanting Manchester United players to take photos? Everyone can, attach to the signature!

However, the sincerity of Gwen Williams, then Chelsea’s chief scout, finally moved the Terry family: the former not only went to Terry’s house many times to lobby, Terry can enter the Chelsea echelon at all levels, even even The suit worn by Terry at the age of 14 was borrowed by Gwen when he signed Chelsea.

Terry and Derisei, who fought side by side in the Blues.


How bad about his swear words?

In 1995, shortly after signing the contract with the Blue Army Team, Terry made the first major decision in his life. He no longer played the midfield and switched to the most needed central defender.

In 1998, Terry entered the Blue Army team for the first time. However, the first training class, the young man under the age of 18 made a big news: after Der Serie had a careless mistake, he heard he heard that he heard it, and he heard it. A series of English nationals scolded behind the thunderous, the master of this loud voice was Terry.

At the time, Captain Chelsea and the famous English Premier League, Huais, could testify: “How unpleasant his swear words are? I can’t wait to find a sewing to drill in!” Fearless, this is football, Terry is destined to be outstanding. “

In the first year of the adult team, Terry, who was only 7 times, was the Blue Army Fuxing. All the games he played, Chelsea remained unbeaten. With less than a year, Terry fulfilled his promise that he became the third captain of the team after Dessel and Ruhex.

Bride refused to shake hands with Terry.

“Friend’s Wife Gate” and Captain Captain

However, it may be prematurely fame, and Terry, who was from the cold gate, was stained with a sound of dogs and horses.

In September 2001, before the Alliance Cup played Fiarevski, Terry, who was drunk with Lampard in a local bar, blatantly made a word to American tourists who were in the “911 Incident”. A two -week salary ticket.

In February of the following year, after a long -notch Terry’s nightclub in London, he drank vodka, and he faded his pants in the eyes. After that, Terry went to the nightclub to get away, and he had a mouthful with the security guard when he stopped, and then evolved into a full martial arts …

Since then, the “friend’s wife door” has not only made Terry and Brich look hatred, but also brought them off the national team captain’s armband.

Terry and Abramovic.

Captain, Terry

Fortunately, Terry is not George Best and Lee Sharp.


After Abu acquired the team, Mourinho, who trusted Terry, came. As soon as the Portuguese flew to London, the Portuguese sent a text message to Terry: “You are my captain.”


Although the “madman” phrase “I am a European champion, you are nothing”, he has a good arrogance, but he always has a different preferential treatment for Terry.

The first championship of the two was the league cup in the 2004-2005 season, becoming the fourth history of the Blue Army’s history to win the championship trophy captain Terry. That night was almost sleeping: “My biggest regret is not holding a trophy. Sleep together because I am so excited … “

In the 2004-2005 season to the Champions League to Barcelona, ​​Terry fixed the score at 4-2.


What impresses fans more than that trophy is the Champions League 1/8 final and Barcelona. It extinguishs the two beautiful goals of Ronaldinho. That game 4: 2 is one of the most classic moments of the two teams of more than 10 years.

For more than three years with Mu Shuai, the Captain Blue Army and the “special one” can be described as the intersection of the neck: the “Battle of the Gate” of Chelsea and Reading in the 2006-2007 season, the two goalkeeper Camer and Kudeic Ni’s head injury ended, and the blue army who had no replacement, surprised to see Terry wearing the third goalkeeper Irario’s jersey and stood in front of the goal.

Terry is the goalkeeper.

In the Finals of the League Cup in February of the following year, Terry habitually picked up in the corner kick defense. When the Blue Army would return to the locker room, they found that their captain had already rushed back from the hospital, just to celebrate with his teammates.

At that time, Terry, the jersey after each game, is always the dirtiest among Chelsea players, with turf, sludge, blood stains, and tears.

In the Champions League finals in 2008, Teri fined penalties.

In the 2008 UEFA Champions League final, Terry kicked the penalty kick on the rainy night in the rainy night of Moscow. After the game, he fell into Lampard’s arms like a child.

In 2012, the 32 -year -old Terry semi -finals met Barcelona. In the 2: 2 of the history of the history, Messi ’s lost penalty and Torres’ leaks were sufficient. Too light, he was sent off in the first half, and made the Blues’ “10 more powerful” alternative tradition.

In the 2012 UEFA Champions League semi -finals, Terry was sent off by the red card.

Renewal contract for reversal

Indeed, when people are middle -aged, Terry ’s player career will inevitably decline. He turns slowly and has a large movement. Tactics also made Terry at a loss.

Although Terry always emphasizes his “blue -blooded man” identity, this does not prevent the coaches from gradually put it on the bench: On February 1, 2016, Chelsea, who had just been promoted after the FA Cup, heard one. Unexpected news: Terry announced that he would no longer renew his contract with his mother team, and left Stanford Bridge after the season.

“This is not an ending of a fairy tale. I will not retire in Chelsea. I want to go to other places. This requires me to spend a few days to bear my psychology.”

Terry, who ate a red card when he was against Sandlan, fell to the ground and did not want to get up for a long time.

In the 37th round of the subsequent Premier League, Terry ate a red card in the match with Sunderland. When he saw the referee decision, Terry kneeled on the ground for a long time and did not want to get up for a long time. He seemed to be begging for his life. Farewell to the loved Blue Army on the wall of the last battle is the unimaginable way of Terry.


However, the farewell ceremony completed the reversal in an alternative way: under the continuous petition of the fans, Chelsea executives provided a one -year renewal contract, but the salary dropped from 120,000 pounds to 50,000 pounds, and there was no no. Any automatic renewal clause, but Terry didn’t think about it, and signed on the contract.


Terry is a well -deserved flag character in the Blue Army.

After Terry, no iron blood


However, the end of Terry’s blue army’s career did not change his life against the sky.

Conte’s Third Middle School has no position in Terry. The final agreement between the two parties is the 26th minute of the last round of the 2016-2017 Premier League. Conte replaced the starting Terry.


After the game, when Terry took the microphone and was about to make a farewell speech, I just said, “Today may be the most difficult day in my life”, my throat chokes and twitches the corners of my eyes. I ca n’t say any words …

“If an adult is crying, it must have lost something he has been struggling for it.” This is Terry’s famous saying. He has not received the top salary in Chelsea for many years, and the Blue Army’s coach will always be supported by Terry’s unconditional.


In Mourinho’s eyes, “Everyone says Terry can’t do it, but I always need him”; Ancelotti praised Terry as “captain of the captain”; Praise Terry’s professional spirit.

Perhaps, after Terry, the Premier League had no iron blood.