A while ago, the son suddenly changed his normal, and he was unwilling to drink anymore. The meals were ready. He only went to the table to look at it.

Seeing this 30 -pound baby doll, the fleshy little face gradually gathered, the pointed peaks came up, and even the cheekbones on the forehead slowly protruded. My old mother’s heart was like a knife cut. Generally, you can’t give your own meat on his son.

In my heart, I was in a hurry in my heart, hurriedly asked the treasures around me, and then applied to my son like a picture. It didn’t take long for my son’s round face to return again. If I got the treasure, I was shocked and happy.


So, how did I do it? Learn these 3 tricks, mothers no longer have to worry about children picking anorexia!

01 Cultivate children’s good meal habits

My son’s habit of eating from an early age is not very good. When he can’t walk, he must hold toys and eat while eating. Slowly growing up, the toy could no longer attract his attention, so he began to turn around again, and he must turn on the TV before he was willing to eat obediently.

My son’s habits are not good, and I don’t realize it. However, when he saw that he was relatively good to eat, he could also save himself and work hard.

Unexpectedly, in this summer, my son suddenly “changed the demon”, everything was in control, and I realized that eating habits should still be cultivated early, otherwise, my mother owed “debt”, sooner or later, I had to all want to be. Focus!

So, how to cultivate children’s good dining habits?

First, a good dining atmosphere should be created.

Take the toy, turn off the phone, turn off the TV, put the child on a fixed seat, and sit around the table with his family.

Parents are the best teachers of their children, and eating is no exception. Watching my parents and my dad are interesting and interesting, the children will start eating a few bites unconsciously.

Secondly, children should not force them to eat regardless of whether they are picky or not.

I have seen many old life that my grandson is not full, and I have to chase behind me to feed them. This method is wrong. It will make children lose their favor for food, and at the same time, it will also make the child form a bad habit. Be sure to chase it to eat. What’s more, some children have pursued feeding as a kind of fun, and they are happy.

Third, parents should encourage their children to eat by themselves.

When my son was very young, I liked to put long -style dishes like vegetable moss and bean horn into his hands, and encouraged him to eat. At that time, he fell in love with food.


After my son’s anorexia this time, I started to fuck the old industry again, threw the spoon to him, and let him eat it by himself. It didn’t matter if he couldn’t eat well at first. The appetite also gradually improved.

In fact, when children are 7-12 months, parents can start some finger foods that are easy to digest to cultivate their children’s good dining habits. Don’t think that the child’s eating is too ugly. In fact, children are urgently needed to take them as the real “little adults” to be able to be self -sufficient.

Finally, it should be noted that no matter what the child’s eating habits, parents should not force their children to eat, such as seduction, intimidation, etc. This will only make children more afraid of eating, causing children to pick up food or even anorexia.

02 Let children exercise more

My son was a premature child. When he first was discharged, the doctor specifically told: eating, exercise, sleeping, these 3 points were done, and the children could grow well and grow fast.

My son was over 1 years old and had reached normal level during the physical examination, so I started to slack.

Now that I am more than 2 years old, my son picks up anorexia and exposes the corner of the iceberg, and I start to relive the doctor’s words again.

The son is normal to sleep. The link of eating now has dropped the chain, and now the only thing that can be saved is exercise.

After trying to figure out, just do it!

After bed together every morning, after simply washing, I pulled my son, like walking the dog, and took him to the community inside and outside.

After almost an hour or two, I came back to dinner. At that time, my stomach began to fight, and of course he was no exception. When the noodles were served on one end, my son couldn’t wait. I hurriedly hit the iron while it was hot. A large bowl of noodles sucked into the son’s belly like this.

The breakfast test has been successful, making me confidently increased.

So, for a while, I pulled my son downstairs again. Many times, he was sweating and happy, and this was exactly the result I wanted to see. Sure enough, after returning home, a few more lunch than in the past.

In this way, I trained my son to exercise every day. Slowly, the son’s food volume rose, and the fleshy little face gradually became rounded. A stone in my heart was finally on the ground.

03 Diet should be reasonable

Take your son to exercise outside every day, and it will inevitably be dangling in the mother and infant shop at the door of the community. Every time the son is having to eat snacks, I think: The rice is not delicious, I want to eat snacks and dream!

So, every time my son was dragged out of the mother and baby shop, although in the eyes of outsiders, my mother was a little unpopular, but for the sake of my son’s long food plan, it was cruel when he was cruel!

Fortunately, my son was rejected by me for about a week, and he slowly became obedient, no longer crying and going to buy snacks.

For a patient with severe dinner, eating snacks is absolutely harmful and no good. Even if the child is returning to the habit of eating in the future, the giving of snacks should be reasonable and appropriate in a timely manner.

The so -called timely and appropriate amount, that is, eating snacks should be between two meals, and they cannot be given at the mouth of eating, otherwise the child will not want to eat. Strictly speaking, between the two meals, give children two snacks twice a day, and it is enough to eat only one piece of biscuits at a time.

In addition, if you pick up anorexia for children, the diet must not only be light, but also diverse.

This is not a test of mother’s cooking skills, it is really a baby’s mouth difficulty!

The light diet, the child’s taste is slowly fading, and he will not seek heavy taste in order to seek heavy taste instead of eating the meals made at home.

At the same time, the food should be diversified during the period of picky food. Children like colorful things, make more colorful vegetables, such as green, red, yellow, purple, etc. Desire to eat.

I heard a mother -in -law say that she would make seven or eight kinds of vegetables for her children every day. At that time, I heard that I was dazzling, and I could only admire it secretly: It’s a ruthless person!

However, using her method, I also tried to mix some variety of vegetables and stir together. Put a little less for each vegetable and make a plate of hodgepodge. I did not expect that my son was interested and pointed at different colors with his hands. Vegetables, I want to eat, and I am also happy, encouraging him to eat with his hands.

Although it is ugly, although it is time -consuming and laborious, my son’s appetite is gradually getting better, and it does not matter that my old mother’s efforts are spent!

Written at the end:

There are no children in the world who do not like to eat, only parents who do not guide and change.

Let children cultivate good dining habits and give them a happy dining mood.

Let them exercise more and fill their physical fitness full of electricity.


Let them eat reasonably and give their children a healthy appetite.

I believe that you who learn these 3 tricks will never have to worry about your child picking anorexia!