The education projection market has reached the most difficult moment. A “senior person” who has been engaged in projection channels for many years has recently said so much to “Audiovisual Circle”.

This channel person made such a emotion, on the one hand, because it shows from the market change that the education projector is becoming more and more difficult to sell; on the other hand, the relevant industry data institutions also show that laser education projection and corresponding matching interaction interaction The projection whiteboard continued to decline in 2021.

Statistics of Runto (Runto), last year, the educational market, which once occupied the largest single section of laser projection, shipped only 89,000 units last year, a year -on -year decrease of 25.6%, accounting for 14.9%, becoming a laser projection market in the laser projection market. The only decline market.

In addition, among the mainstream applications currently displayed by education, whiteboard applications, the sales of projection display technology are only 44,000 units, a significant decrease of 59.8%year -on -year.

At the same time, the projection of K12 education shows that the main “competitive” interactive LCD tablets and interactive LCD blackboards still maintain their growth in the domestic market in 2021. Among them, the domestic shipments of LCD whiteboards in 2021 were about 910,000 units, an increase of 1.2%year -on -year. LCD blackboards exceeded 400,000 units in 2021, an increase of 60.5%year -on -year, becoming the “most vibrant” sector among the educational tablet.

You can see that in the educational interactive tablet, only the market space of interactive projection whiteboards is “squeezed”. The number of less than 50,000 units throughout the year is nearly 60 % year -on -year, which is enough to show the current education market of projection display technology. The “dilemma”. It should be known that 5 years ago, the education market was the “warehouse” of the projector, which once occupied millions of units, and now it has fallen to the scale of tens of thousands of units. Essence


However, although the total amount of interactive projection whiteboards is “reduced production”, Loto Technology believes that it needs to highlight its own differentiation, or it will also set its own territory in the education market.

For example, the advantages of interactive and interactive projection in more than a hundred inches or above are obvious. In the 100+ inch market, the popularity of LCD products is not high. The projection shows that it is known for its large size -to play its own comparative advantage to win the living space.

On the other hand, projection brands need to develop the advantages of specific next -generation digital media education products such as overall digital classrooms and immersive classrooms in addition to the advantages of eye protection and large -screen traditional applications. Focusing on the migration of large classroom scenes in colleges and vocational education, I found their own “advantageous territory” in the most suitable scene.

Interactive projection brand pattern “live change”: Oriental Central Plains to the top first

As the total amount of interactive projection whiteboards is constantly being “squeezed”, “head players” in this field have transformed or placed focus on product lines such as interactive LCD whiteboards and blackboards. Therefore, some “variables” occurred in the TOP3 brand pattern of the interactive projection brand landscape last year: that is, the Oriental Central Plains and Honghe Technology, which had been “fighting each other” for many years in the interactive projection whiteboard, transferred.

Loto Technology said that since the third quarter of 2021, the Oriental Central Plains has finally exceeded Honghe in the market and rose to the first place.

However, for the first industry in the Oriental Central Plains, in some channels, this is not a transcript worth “show off”. Because this is a bit of “pulling the general in the dwarf”.

According to the data of Loto Technology, the interactive projection whiteboard has only 44,000 units throughout the year. Among them, the market share of the TOP 3 camp composed of Oriental Central Plains, Honghe, and Hivo reached 74%. The total amount of 33,000 units, even the total interactive projection whiteboard, which has the first Oriental Central Plains, is only more than 10,000 units.

The amount of 10,000 units, compared to the overall interactive education education of millions of units, shows the market, is a bit “embarrassing”. To this end, some people in the industry said that the Oriental Central Plains can continue to be exciting in the education display industry in the future. In addition to continuing to lead the interactive projection whiteboard, it is also necessary to interact with the popular products such as LCD blackboards and whiteboards defining its own territory. Essence ——In 2021, Honghe ranked second in the LCD market in education interaction.

Very true,

In recent years, the East Central Plains has obtained a good advantage in the education projection market through the high -lit laser projects developed independently. However, this cannot save the “scale disadvantage” of education projection in the competition of LCD tablets. As an old domestic education multimedia integrated service provider, the future of the East Central Plains must inevitably be flat+projection in order to always be proud of the industry.