What do consumers need now? That must be delicious, good -looking, healthy, enjoying deliciousness and not getting fat. Qiao Xixi, a chocolate product that penetrates pure cocoa and penetrates into the fruits, brings consumers a novel and delicious experience, and reduces the burden of consumers to gain weight. It is delicious, health is king, which is exactly what the young Z generation is pursuing.

Chocolate chocolate brine fruit, select fresh fruit, cut the original cut, and get full and complete fruit jelly dried after the FD low -pressure frozen drying. Then infiltrate pure cocoa fat molecules into the dried fruits through high -pressure technology, and complete a mesea in you and you have you. It seems to be frozen, but it tastes the taste of chocolate.


Qiao Xixi has launched two generations of products, and has received unanimous praise from consumers.

New, strange, and ingenious labels, delicious, healthy, and good taste are the characteristics of ingenuity.

Everyone’s first encounter with Qiao Xixi was surprise and novelty.

Chocolate halogen fruits with the shape of the original fruits bring consumers with dual taste and experience of crispy, frozen -drying and silky and white ingenuity.

At present, Qiaoxi Chocolate has developed and listed six flavors, bringing various choices to consumers.

Including milk fragrant chocolate braised durian, sweet and sour chocolate braised strawberry, fragrant but not greasy chocolate halogen peach, crispy and light chocolate braised apples, style chocolate braised mango, and fruity chocolate pineapple.


And correspond to the sharing of six flavors to meet the needs of different scenarios.

Chocolate braised durian

The fragrance of durian is strange and controversial, and people’s love and hatred are clearly divided. In order to ensure the stability of the taste, the golden pillow durian from Thailand was selected. There are many nuclear meat, cool and sweet, full of aftertaste. After being marked into cocoa, it is more sweet and delicious.


Chocolate braised strawberry

Strawberries are rosy and large to be mouth -watering, so it is a raw material for chocolate braised strawberries with good quality and fruitful beauty. The US thirteenth, also known as the United States, was introduced. It was introduced. The fragrance was strong, the taste was sweet and sour, and it had a seductive gloss. Pure fatty molecules into the fiber of strawberry frozen dried fibers and perfectly blended with it to get the sweet and sour chocolate braised strawberry.


Chocolate braised yellow peaches


Laoshan Baxiang Yellow Peach skin is thin and juicy. The temperature difference between the day and night in the summer and autumn of Laoshan is large, and the soil quality is good. There is no source of pollution. The yellow peaches produced are sweet and delicious. The chocolate braised yellow peaches made from the eight -three yellow peaches of Laoshan is crispy and delicious, delicious and novel.

Chocolate braised apple


The Yantai Red Fuji selected by Qiao Xixi is dense, crispy and juicy, which is very sweet and sour. The combination of apple × chocolate is not the outer layer of the apple wrapped in thick chocolate liquid, but it is absolutely delicious that the apple flesh is frozen and dried into pure cocoa butter.


Chocolate braised pineapple

When you eat pineapple, pineapple is also eating you. Because pineapple tastes. But Qiaoxi Jiu Pineapple tastes not only pain, but also has a strong fruity fragrance. Qiao Xixi uses Xu Wen Bali pineapple, with large fruit, many juice, crispy meat, sweet taste, and fragrant. Chocolate molecules have a strong flavor of pineapple to create a wonderful taste.


Chocolate braised mango


Qiaoxi chocolate braised mango is a double sweet incarnation. The first sweetness comes from the selected ivory, which is delicious, sweet as well, and the fiber is very small or nothing. The cocoa and cocoa molecules are dried in mango jelly. Make the chocolate braised mango crispy, sweet, and fragrant.

High -quality chocolate halogen gives fruit jelly dry. The mellow chocolate is incarnate, and it continues to meet all kinds of fresh ingredients. Different from direct packages, the original penetration technology makes dried fruit and chocolate more harmonious. Qiao Xixi will praise the taste buds for more chocolate enthusiasts!