Most people only get married once in their lives, so all the wedding will be carefully arranged. Among them, the wedding bed supplies are important one. It is used by the newcomer after the wedding. Come and talk about how to choose the three -piece set of products on the wedding bed supplies.

Recommended by wedding bed supplies

Recommended 1. Kangxuan Family Textiles Korean Bed Skirt All Cotton Pink Princess Bed Products Three -piece Set

Brand: Kangxuan

Item number: 1581

Fabric material: whole cotton

Three -piece description of this wedding bed supplies: Exquisite positioning printing creates a stylish and elegant high -quality fabric. The fabric feels soft and smooth, and shiny. The three -piece set of this bedding has an elegant and luxurious appearance, while skin -friendly, light and comfortable.

Recommended 2. Momento Family Textiles Jacking Good Fate Romantic Wedding Beds Three -piece Set (Silk Fabric)

Brand: Momento

Item No.: Yd-M11185

Color Classification: Red Rhyme

The three -piece set of this wedding bed supplies described: “The new humanity is hundreds of years, the wedding is happy and festive, the fast song dances the east wind, and the sea has no love for a lifetime.” The designer wishes the love of each other with the red rose red, the charming and agile folds, and the soft lines.

Recommended 3. Jiou bed supplies wedding seam sewing quilting bedding three -piece set

Brand: Jiou

Item Number: KD-23

Code type: solid color

The three -piece description of this bedding: This product is a multi -functional quilt. In winter, you can be used as a mattress bed sheet and a bed cover. In summer, you can be used as a air conditioning quilt, and the surface is uneven and has a strong three -dimensional sense. The process is not only breathable and skin -friendly, but also not easy to fade, shrink, and drop. This paragraph is a high -end cotton diagonal fabric with high -grade cotton -to -cotton embroidery technology. It is composed of two bed lids and two single pillows.

婚庆床上用品推荐 结婚床上用品三件套怎么选择

Recommended 4. Yu Hongya sewing lotus leaf edge cotton cotton wedding bed supplies three -piece set of supplies

Brand: Yuhong

Item Number: YH2009

Bedding process: stitching lotus leaf edge

The description of the three -piece set of this bed supplies: determined to pursue modern simple design styles, positioning loyal consumers of fashion love home, advocating the extremely frugal home style in minimalism, and creating their own warm sweet garden for consumers Home life, life is more beautiful because of me.

How to choose a three -piece sheet on the wedding bed

What are the supplies on the wedding bed 1. bed cover

The bed cover is an important decoration on the bed. At first glance in the bedroom, it is the tone of the entire bed supplies. Because the bed cover is not close to the skin of people, it is not necessary to use cotton products. The color and style of the furniture are harmonious, because it is a new marriage, you may wish to choose some warm and joyful colors.

What are the supplies on the wedding bed? 2. Sheets

It is best to use natural cotton products with better hygroscopicity. Fiber cotton is also a good choice. Such sheets will be softer and comfortable, and the sheets should not be too thick and thick, so that the dust of the dust is easy to deposit on the mattress cushion through the hole of the sheets.

What are the supplies on the wedding bed 3. The quilt

Now the materials of the quilt are various, and the prices are different. The more popular are down, silk quilts, wool, and fiber quilts. Essence

1. Fabric

The fabric has oblique lines, flat lines, tributary satin, printing, embroidery, blooming, etc. Each fabric determines the price of the kit, from more than 100 to thousands of, and a set of bedding in the same fabric, the brand price is also very different, in the place where the brand price is also relatively different. In the case of superior economic conditions, you can choose the brand, quality and services.

2. The required style and the number of kits

There are three sets of sets of sets sold in the market now. When choosing the wedding bed supplies, you must consider more than usual. In the usual life, you must consider it from the perspective of practical and green health. Comfort is also the most critical.

3. Beauty

Good bedding, no matter whether the color looks good, but the “workmanship” must be good, exquisite, flat, needleless eyes, etc. are also one of the quality assurance. When choosing the bedding, pay attention to the integrity and consistency of the pattern. Pay attention whether the small flower types on the left and right sides of the seam are symmetrical, whether the face and the pattern of the face are smooth, the stripes and grids should be compatible.

After understanding the above two questions, do you already know that you should choose like this? There is a wedding in a lifetime, so we must choose better. I hope that through this article, we can help you who want to buy wedding bedding.