Xu Xiake, named Hongzu, Zhen Zhenzhi, No. Xiake.


For the first time, everyone knew that the “donkey friend” more than 400 years ago was mostly in the “Xu Xia Ke Travel” of the junior high school history textbook.

Among the scholars of politicians, the earliest backpacker in China is particularly noticeable.

Xu Xiake claimed to be “You Sheng”. From the age of 22 to 55, the oil was exhausted. In 33 years, he traveled to 14 provinces in Daming. “Xu Xia Ke Journey”.

But after so many years, I wonder if everyone has such a question: 30 years of traveling throughout the country, where does his travel expenses come from?


Even with convenient transportation, most of the people who are “the world are so big, I want to see” this ambition will regret it because of busy making money entertainment.

In ancient times, to travel throughout the country, the most important thing is to have a wealthy family.

Xu Xiake was born in a wealthy family.

Xu Xiake is from Jiangsu, and Jiangsu has been China’s “money bag” since ancient times. Many wealthy wealthy households came here.


Moreover, Xu Xiake is not a second generation of Xiao Fu. His grandfather Xu Jing is Jiangyin’s wealth. Historically, he said that “there is a wide range of fields, the righteousness, and the proven of the book building.


Although he fell in his generation, the thin camel is bigger than the horse. With the experience of generations, and his father, Xu You, and he also made his family ZTE.

This gives Xu Xiake a certain “start -up fund”,

More importantly, his father has no other preferences. He is also a tourist enthusiast. He took Xiao Xu Xiake to visit the landscape from time to time, and also cultivated Xu Xiake’s interest in tourism.

After Xu Youmian’s death, Xu Xiake planned to travel to the mountains and rivers of the motherland, and wrote a passage to pass on, but considering that his mother was old, she could not bear to travel.


Xu Xiake’s mother also knew that their grandfather’s hobbies were to play mountains and waters. After knowing his aspirations, they fully supported and took out their families to support him.


Xu Xiake once said in such a sentence to say his mother: “Mother is not good, good at Xi Tian women.”

But this actually has a great self -modest ingredient in it.

In fact, although Xu Xiake’s mother is “good at Xi Tianwai”, she is a large hand workshop, which is equivalent to a current medium -sized company.

It is recorded that every time in the shortage of the deserted years, Xu’s mother -in -law Xiake rescued the victims with dozens of stone grains.

With such a solid family, Xu Xiake can naturally rest assured that he can travel nationwide, instead of worrying about shyness in the pocket.

Help relatives and friends


There is a slang in China, “Relying on parents at home, relying on friends.” Even if Xu Xiake’s capital background is strong and out of the house, it will inevitably be inconvenient.

Moreover, Xu Xiake is not actually a mountain and rivers of the motherland. “Xu Xiake Travels” records that he only occupied 60%when he was traveling.

When you go to the danger, he often adopts the way of traveling, horses, and boat travel. He lives leisurely during the journey. He has a servant to serve and organize books everywhere.

In the “Journey to the West of Guangdong” alone, he recorded that he took five servants to accompany him, so that the villagers on the road suspected that they were a fraud gang!

How can so many people travel and go to the wild countryside, how should the inconvenience occur?

Coincidentally, his relatives and friends can just help him solve these problems at this time.

Xu Xiake’s “circle of friends” is also unprecedented by ordinary people. Various records show that whether it is a relative at home or a friend he knows, he goes to the imperial court of Donglin, to the local show, and Lin Lin is closely related to him.

For example, when his first grandson Xu Jianji was born, only on the same day, Xu Xiake received a congratulatory letter from 5 Hanlin friends including Zodiac, Wen Zhenmeng, and Chen Renxi.

Xu Xiake’s friends are all over the world. Therefore, no matter where you go, as long as there is a problem, local local officials will raise a stream of energy to take pictures.

After all, being able to sell such a big man with a doorway, how to say is ancestral Jaide and San Life. No matter what happens, it is convenient to do it.

According to records, in the 13th year of Chongzhen, in 1640, Xu Xiake conducted the last trip. He was seriously ill on the road. He could not get out of the car and walk.

At this time, Xu Xiake was far away in the Yunnan -Guizhou area, and there were no acquaintances around him.

When his court friends heard the matter, he entrusted local officials in Yunnan to send car and boats to escort all the way to send Xu Xiake safely back to Jiangyin’s hometown.

Round Daming

As the saying goes, “the iron needs to be hard for it”, and the family can be defeated if it is not managed. If you do n’t take care of it, your friends will be remarkable.


In the thirty -three years of the national trip, Xu Xiake not only traveled throughout the river, but also wrote what he saw and heard as a book, and spread it in the form of the people.

With these people’s ambitions, Xu Xiake rose up at the Ming Dynasty at the time, and many unsurgotid local officials were proud of being able to entertain Xu Xiake.

During the guest period, Xu Xiake could also ask local officials to ask local officials to win, and they were scheduled to explore alone.

During the tour everywhere, Xu Xiake met a friend named Tang Yuping. Tang Yuping was served as the Chinese army at the time, and his palm had certain power.

After meeting, the two were very happy. In order to ensure that Xu Xiake was more smooth and safe in future tourism, Tang Yuping generously presented the “fire card” that Xu Xiake could have a piece of officials.

With this fire card, Xu Xiake can check in for free at the place where there is a station. Not only that, during the station, all the costs of eating and drinking are paid by the court, which is equivalent to “public money and drinking.”

If you want to decide to go to the next place, the station will also give priority to your car and horse,

This fire card was originally convenient for the court officials, but it came here to Xu Xiake, which played a very critical role.

It can be said that with a small fire card, in the entire Ming, Xu Xiake’s food and accommodation solved most of them. After getting this “treasure”, Xu Xiake could not worry about all the miscellaneous things on the road, and calmed the book.

It is also based on the advantages that the ancestors, friends, and himself, and under the time of the time and place, Xu Xiake traveled to the mountains and rivers of the motherland in the past 30 years, and wrote what he saw and heard along the way as 600,000 words. The masterpiece “Xu Xia Ke Journey” and the history of this name.

Looking back at Xu Xiake’s life, it will inevitably feel that he has many resources that ordinary people cannot have, and therefore can cultivate great works.


However, as mentioned above, he has huge resources, but he has done a matter of writing travel notes. It seems that the world’s “unjust” is “unjust”. At the time, he must have been criticized and stressed in various ways.

Obviously you can achieve a career, but the ultimate choice is to become a “backpacker” who says you go. It is not those excellent resources around him who can make Xu Xiake’s name. The persistence of “power”.