The left picture is not fit, the middle is reduced for one month, the right picture is fitted for 2 months!


The body of the landlord is thin from a small, recalls that it is really gold, the body fat is ultra-low, the abdominal muscles have been sent, and I have no fitness knowledge at that time! Otherwise, directly, the film is too beautiful, I don’t want to think. . . Never think of it will be fat, the junior high school movement is no day, no night, running, but the sprinter is not fast, the long run is not fast, but since the endurance is better, it will not exercise for a few years. A little advantage has gradually disappeared.

[3 things stimulate me start fitness]

After graduation, I didn’t have a cartoon. Every day, I was sitting in front of the computer. I was sitting in front of the computer, and I started with meat slowly, and I had a maximum of 3 years. 150 pounds. I went to travel again, I came back to see the photo. I felt obviously my face meat, this matter is the first stimulation for me.

Once I saw the space sent by my classmates. He took a daughter to the park. I saw the photo feeling that people were swollen. The pixels on my face stretched. I thought I had to take my son to play football. That is the second Second stimulation.

The third time is when I buy clothes online. I look too much. I don’t know which one chooses. I suddenly saw a photo of the gods. The same belly muscles, suddenly realized that the body is king, clothes They are attached, and I decided to start fitness.


I haven’t exercised for a long time, I can’t keep up with it. I started morning run in March. I got up at 6 o’clock every day. I put the porridge material and put it in the rice cooker. I will run, about 5 times a week, start running 4 It’s no longer in 5 minutes. After a month, I can run 10 kilometers. But at that time, there was no concept on diet control, so we didn’t change. It’s very tired when I start running, and it is very sleepy during the day. It may be that the body is not adapted. After a month, I feel energetic. When I go to the company in the morning, my colleague doesn’t come to bed, I almost be late, actually You have been run in the morning, take a shower, eat a rich breakfast, that feels really great, because you better use the valuable time in the morning than some people.


Oxygen exercise: On April 15th, I got a fitness card at home, began to lose fat, because the aerobic equipment of the gym only had three kinds of treadmills, elliptical machines and dynamic bikes. The elliptical machine is small to me, it is suitable for large weight loss, which can protect the knee damage. The dynamic bicycle has lessons every night, that is too late, so I chose a treadmill. It used to be the lakeside of the morning, and now it is a small mouse on the indoor treadmill. It is really boring compared to it. This is the case, like physical effects, it is very boring, but if you stick to it, there is definitely effective, and the muscles will be more troublesome. It is not only to reach the intensity, but also supplement enough protein on the basis of strength. Fully rest and sleep, like more chemical effects.

The beginning is to warm up 5 minutes, then run 8 9 speed, 0 slope, 50 minutes each time, the machine shows about 500 calories, and then not sweating, warm up 5 minutes, then run 10, 11 speed, 3 slope One of the top slide is very hard, only stick to 25 minutes, then tune 0 slope, then continue to run, it is very easy, and consumes still 500 calories. If you lose the fat, you can at least 40 minutes or more aerobic exercise, consume your personal physical strength, and some can consume up to 1600 big cards for an hour, give you.

The aerobic exercise is consumed in the body, and the fat is consumed in 40 minutes, and the muscles are started for 1 hour, so the exercise time should not be too long. It is really boring. Every day, there is an oxygen consumption calorie, consumes fat, energy consumes per day + personal basic metabolic rate – energy intake daily, if consumption is more than intake, if it will be reduced, if Consumption is less than intake, will definitely increase, in fact, lose weight is so simple.

Let’s talk about many people concerned, and there is a problem after oxygen exercise before oxygen.

The most common statement on the Internet is to do an oxygen, no oxygen no oxygen is 40 minutes, which can directly enter the fat burning mode. Individuals also think this is the most scientific method, but there are many problems in it. For example, when doing oxygen, the movement is not in place, the intensity is not enough, although it has been 40 minutes of oxygen, but may have only 20 The effect of the minute, then there is no oxygen run for 20 30 minutes, in fact, just reached the point that consumes fat, but it may feel enough, just run, wasted the best time. There are many people, after doing oxygen, I will do oxygen, such as running, it is completely unhappy, the legs are soft, and the psychological will tell yourself, I have already moved for so long, I will run less. The result is a little bit per day, so it has been found for a while, it is not obvious. I personally take the first oxygen no oxygen-free approach. After 40 minutes, I will do strength training, because my stage sex is to lose fat, so I have to ensure oxygen time. Personally, the most scientifically scientifically is actually separated by aerobics and oxygen, there is an oxygen in the morning, 45 minutes to 1 hour in the evening, and the most perfect. This is different from person, clear the current stage, and then trains against it.

Strength Training

Many people don’t understand about the strength training during the loss of lipid. Why do you want to make strength? Because of the reduction of the fat, the aerobic exercise is more, the heat intake is relatively small, although the fat will be subtracted, but the muscles are also subtracted. I personally tried pure oxygen. The feeling of power decreased significantly. The arms were also reduced (I don’t know if the circumference will be a psychological role), so it is necessary to join the strength training to keep your muscles.

Damping, personal strength training table:

Chest muscle

: Barbell lying 20X4 group

Push-ups (width narrow feet in high-level push-ups) 15 x5 groups

Dumbbell boiling 20X4 group

Dumbbells on the twilight bird 20X4 group

Tuli grip 20X4 group


Back muscle

: Leading a barbell boat 20X4 group

Hand wrappus pulling (wide screen narrow) 20X4 group


Single arm dumbbell boat 20X4 group

Sitting in fortress rowing 20X4 group

Hard pull 10×4 group (additional group)



: Kneck before squat 10-15 x4 group (sometimes it will be replaced into equipment squat or big weight deep)

Load 12X4 group

Device leg flexion or extension 15X4 group


Legs 15X4 group

Equity 50X2 group


: Standing on the barbell bent 20X4 group

Sitting posture dumbbells 20X4 group

Alternating dumbbells 20X4 group

Concentrated 10×4 group


: Bar Bell End 20×4 Group

Dumbbell recommendation 20X4 group

Standing position side paid 20X4 group

Abdominal muscle

: 6-minute abdominal muscle or Mikechang 6 minutes, 6 minutes of rapid abdominal muscles


Diet plan

Fitness people know that three points of practice is seven points, so whether it is a muscle or lose fat, diet is the key to decide your success. Since fitness, every time I go to the supermarket, there will be selective purchase food, some people choose beer bubble and french fries, some people choose vegetables and eggs, what do you buy, what is your stomach?

I am more controlled, I can’t eat oil in the home, I haven’t bought a bottle of olive oil in the supermarket, but our supermarket didn’t have high temperature olive oil, I didn’t buy it. Almost all meat are all fried, mainly chicken breasts and fish, salt is not allowed, directly placing nature and paprika taste. Vegetables are basically boiled, and they are really not used to, and they will slowly find the taste is actually good. Carbon water can choose dry oatmeal, I have a rough grain brown rice and a steamed bun. Because not eating oil, in addition to fat, I eat two small nuts every day to ensure the intake of fat. Calories in the stable period are about 1500-1700 per day. In order to maximize personal metabolic rate, it is recommended that you eat less, in the morning, the body’s blood glucose concentration is the lowest, so breakfast is important, and you should eat carbohydrates and protein foods in the case of maintaining calories. You can eat a lunch, eat at noon, and another time in the afternoon. Can you eat fruit? Although the fruit contains vitamins and minerals, the fructose content is also relatively high. If you want to eat, it is best to choose the sugar sugar index low, and try to eat at noon.

Many people ask if they exercise during the loss of fat, it is good, and it is good to drink milk. Regardless of the fat or a muscle, it is a good eating time after exercise. At this time, the eating nutrients are more absorbed into the muscles, and it is not easy to be stored as fat. But deciding to gain or lose weight is the total intake of heat throughout the day, not only what you have eaten.

Whether it is a fat or a muscle, in fact, the type of food we choose is almost almost, and the difference is only the ratio of various ingredients.

Cooking method for various foods

Meat: No oil, you can bake, microwave, non-stick oil, stir fry. BBQ powder

Vegetables: Eat, boiled, steamed. Adding powder, low-fat low sugar sauce.

Oatmeal: Plus hydropower rice cooker, add water or skim, low sugar milk microwave.

Random day’s diet (for reference only)


Breakfast: Dumpling 75g (75kcal) Soymilk 200g (30kcal) Carrot 100g (37kcal) Cucumber 120g (18kcal) Chicken Cup 50g (70kcal) Nut 15g (80kcal)

Lunch: Shantou 40g (90kcal) Broccoli 110g (35kcal) 80 (60kcal) Chicken breast 75 (100kcal) skim milk 100ml (33kcal)

Dinner: Taro 20g (45kcal) Tomatoes 75g (15kcal) Chicken breast 90g (120kcal) Spinach 70g (25kcal) nut 15g (80kcal)

After the strength training

Protein powder 30-45g, glucose 30-60g, a total of 240-420 kcal

Question 1

How did I exercise? It’s so annoying, not fun, don’t play, hey!

The most common problem that reduces the fatal period is also the most easily ignored problem, which is to underestimate the calories of their own intake, and overestimate the consumption of their own motion. The oxygen running should run more than 40 minutes. You start to warm up for 10 minutes, and you can’t move for 10 minutes. Finally stretch for 5 minutes. Diet should strictly control, all kinds of sugary drinks can not be drunk, KFC a glass of milkshake, 80 minutes, running, a Mexican chicken roll 2 hours white running, it is so cruel, but this is the fact.

Because go to the gym treadmill, listen to the song, look at the movie, take a little sweat, I am so tired, I have to cheer, I want to lose a lightning! “, Buy a bottle first. Ice Coke, and then I didn’t want to practice in a few days. Looking back, I said that I went to the gym to run, I went to the gym to exercise, but I didn’t use it. I was very good for this kind of person. The figure is yourself, I don’t want to change you, I will be fat.

Question 2

: About the so-called platform

Many people asked, saying that when they start to lose weight, the effect is obvious, and later, there is more and more no effect, is it going to enter the platform? what can we do about it? I also have experience, if you have also encountered the same situation, it is recommended to increase the amount of energy by 10% -15%, the diet is less than 10% -15%, and then take a look at the progress in two weeks.

It is recommended that you record your circumference, especially waist and leg circumference, because the first feature of damaging fat is reduced in the circumference, not a reduction in weight. For example, the weight is not changed for a period of time, but the waist circumference reduces a few cm, indicating that the progress is still normal.

The relatively good damping progress, about 0.5-1 catties a week.

Floor fitness notes

Fitness schedule of the landlord

Question 3

: I am a girl, but I am afraid that the sports will make my legs thicker?

Many girls are afraid of running cycling back to make their legs very thick, so they are very careful. I don’t know whether they are really afraid because they don’t understand, or just to find an excuse.

Many people who have just started sports, running bicycles, running, or squats may have a slight thickening phenomenon. However, this most is a long-lasting muscle that is stimulated by a motion, and the fat wrapped outside the muscles has not been subtracted, and the dimension at this time is slightly when it is normal. Muscles are not so easy. Stick to exercise for a while, while controlling the diet, wait until the fat outside the muscle is slowly subtracted, the legs will naturally become thinner, the lines will naturally become obvious. Many times I have to give myself a while.

Simply, because I haven’t exercised for a long time, the muscles on the leg will be congested when the exercise is started, and the fat outside the muscles is not reduced. At this time, the dimension of the leg may be slightly increased, which is normal. After receiving a few weeks, at the same time, the muscles are adapted to exercise, and the fat in the outer layer is subtracted, and the leg will become more thinner than the original. This landlord can prove with its own experience.

Question 4

: Very important point, full rest and sleep:

The rest is a very important part of the increase in muscle, as important as training. In training, the muscles are only destroyed, while the real muscle growth occurs when you take a break. Don’t be greed for continuous uninterrupted high-intensity training, arrange a sufficient rest day after each system training loop.