Western food

It is a kind of catering. People often go to Western restaurants to eat Western food, but they also choose to go to a Western restaurant to dinner. But how much do you know about Western food? Do you know what the etiquette of Western food is like? Today, I will share some basic western knowledge with you.

What are the common western wine glass?

● Whiskey small cups and dwarf cups:

The capacity of 40 ml is smaller.

● Hobo Cup:

The capacity is about 140-240 ml, a medium and high-round glass.

● Collins Cup:

The capacity is about 300-350 ml, and high round glass is generally frozen.

● Classical Cup:

The capacity is about 180 ml wide short cups.

● Curtail glass:

The capacity is about 120 ml, the funnel -type cup.


● Sour taste wine glass:


The capacity is about 120 ml, and the tulip -type wine glass with slender and short feet.

● Bailan Diwan glass:


The capacity of about 240 ml, a balloon -type wine glass with short feet.

● Lijiu Wine glass:

The capacity is about 30 ml, and the tulip -type wine glass with slender feet.

What are the services commonly used in Western food?


Linking plate, oval warm plate, big soup bowl, food basin, wine basket, bread basket, gravy pot.

What are the common western food?

● Fork:

The fork is divided into pastry fork, seafood fork, dessert fork and fork.

● Sword:

The types of knife are butter, fish knife, dessert knife, knife and meat row knife. Spoon; there are many types of spoon, common ones, service, spoons, dessert spoons, spoons, coffee/tea spoons and small cups spoons.

● Special tableware:

It is set according to the dishes. Common lobster visa, lobster fork, snail fork, oyster fork, and snail clamps.

What are the service for Western food?

Sugar clip, ice clip, noodle clip, cake clip, service spoon (with grooves), service fork, cake knife, cake spoon, table brush, cut meat fork, meat knife and bone steel knife.

What are the products on the table of Western food?

Coffee pot/tea cup and disc, small cup coffee cup and disc, milk pot, sugar cylinder, ashtray, coffee pot, teapot, vase, coffee/tea filter, main dish plate, fish plate, soup plate, cup, candlestick, candle table , Peppole bottle, salt bottle.

How to put a tableware in Western food?

When eating the plate, put a cushion underneath.

The knife was placed on the right, and the blade faced the inside;

The number of knives and forks generally places three sets, that is, snack knives and forks, fish knife forks, and hot vegetable knife fork. Put the spoon on the right side of the plate, that is, between the snack knife and fork and the fish knife fork. The fruit knife was placed horizontally before eating, the handle was right, and the blade was inward. Cross the tea spoon and snacks on the fruit knife. Put the bread plate on the left and outside the fork. The butter knife is placed on the top right of the bread plate. Five flavors, dental visa cylinders, spell cups, etc., every certain distance, easy to use for food use, place a set.


How to set up a western banquet?

Western banquets should choose a variety of corresponding tableware according to the banquet menu, and put all the knife, fork, and spoon in the order of the food.

Common dishes are: head plates, soups, fish, meat, sweets; the distance between soup and sand tables is equal. The decorative plate is placed in the middle of each seat. The pattern store of the plate should be set up. The plate edge is about 1.5 cm from the table. The distance between the disk is equal. Place a knife, fish knife, spoon, header knife on the right side of the decorative plate, 1.5 cm from the table to the side of the table, and then place the fork and fish fork from the left side of the dinner plate to the right. , The header fork and the fork are 1.5 cm from the table.