That day

The leading actor carefully prepare for the heroine to propose proposal

At the end of proposal

抖音上最火的求婚戒指 — 看到了“至尊宝”头上的金箍

The heroine was very moved to express the speech after the proposal

she says

I don’t know he will propose to me today

It coincides with

Take out the ring from the pocket

Proposal to the actor

抖音上最火的求婚戒指 — 看到了“至尊宝”头上的金箍

The plot is reversed

You may find it attentively

The actor wearing a ring on hand

It’s like the golden hoop on the Supreme Treasure’s head

Girls are conquered with this ring

His “Supreme Treasure”

This ring is a very hot proposal ring now

It is called love you five hundred years of ring

Five hundred years

抖音上最火的求婚戒指 — 看到了“至尊宝”头上的金箍

Just wait for you

Five hundred years ago was a free monkey

Five hundred years later, willing to do for you

I won’t come again in the past, now, and the past

Red and red leaves long buried dust in the dust “…

When Lu Guanting’s “Love Life” sounds

抖音上最火的求婚戒指 — 看到了“至尊宝”头上的金箍

Under the sunset

Western samurai holds a Chinese woman

Look at the back,

抖音上最火的求婚戒指 — 看到了“至尊宝”头上的金箍

A great movie ends

A period of lingering love end

Just leave the tears on the “coconut”

Under the light of the golden hoop

Singing in a low voice-and the golden hoop

Is a freelance imprisonment

But it is also willing to convince …