my country’s crystal resources are very rich. Many provinces have crystal output, but the main output of high -quality crystals is Jiangsu Province. Among them, Donghai Crystal is the most famous and is the largest crystal market in China. title.

Therefore, we often see some crystal varieties, whether in the market or live broadcast room, appear with pendants, bracelets, earrings, etc. The crystals inside the crystal are different, and the crystal varieties formed are different. Today we will introduce the two types of parcel body crystals.

Green ghost


Green ghost is one of the crystals. It can be called the phantom crystal. It is also known as the “God of Wealth”. It is a very strong crystal of wealth. Inside contains green mudslite minerals, the four shapes are presented with different shapes of parcels, cornucopia, full stars, thousands of layers, and golden pots.


treasure bowl

The half of the green parcel is presented, half transparent crystals,



The green parcel is in the crystal in the form of a star.


Thousand layers

The parcel is layered layered, and sometimes it exists like a hill.

Golden Pan

It means that the crystal is full of parcels.

Red rabbit hair

In the entire crystal family, the red rabbit hair crystal is a relatively precious one. It is a crystal containing a red gold and red stone package inside, which belongs to the red hair crystal in the hair crystal. Rabbit’s smooth hair, so it is called “Red Rabbit Fool Crystal”. The soft red hair is exuding women’s tenderness, so it is also called “Venus Crystal”. Each red rabbit hair has a unique beauty. This is also my favorite crystal variety, especially under the sun, which is almost beautiful. This is the guardian of the goddess.

The crystal inside the crystal contains different minerals, which will form different color hair crystals.

The inside of the blonde crystal contains fibrous, with a needle -shaped golden stone, and the hair is relatively thin; the hair of the titanium crystal is relatively thick. Green hair crystal contains Yangqi stone: black hair crystal is also known as leader stone, and inside contains black needle -shaped hair. This has the good meaning of wealth, gathering wealth, and a hair crystal that businessmen can wear.

In addition, there are water gallbladder crystals and strawberry crystals, all of which are very fresh and beautiful crystals. The color of the crystal is colorful and can meet the needs of the public.