Let’s come again today


Wear more clothes in the coat!


@周 小 周 oo


The coat in winter is very real, but I don’t know if you encounter this situation:

The same is a coat,

Blogs or others wear beautiful and high -level

, But by

We … I can’t wear the feeling of others at all




@ @祯

In the final analysis, we are not strong enough to match, like bloggers@笑, she is good at passing

Change inside

Put the coat into a completely different style!


So the coat is not good -looking, but we are not blame clothes, just our own

Open way wrong


No shortcuts to fashion.

Today I will use

The black and khaki coat gives you 7 sets of LOOK

, Sisters are complete directly Copy ~

Look1: black coat+short skirt+strap boots

I am willing to be called a coat wearing the ceiling, the aura is super,



The performance is vividly.

With a leopard strip and a khaki skirt inside, the eye is very eye -catching,

Create high waistline and long legs


The ratio is very suitable for small people.

This kind of fake two tops have been hot in the past two years.

Easy to get the sense of layering

Khaki split skirt is also very careful, small

The split design comes with leg pulling effect

It looks more playful.

Thick legs or thick full legs

The sisters with tie -up boots reveal a relatively slender thigh, which is thin.

Worried about black silk+boots showing wind and dust

If you can, you can see it again

Add double white stockings

, Not only can neutralize its sense of dust


Added a sense of layering


LOOK2: Black coat+white pants+loaf shoes

The black coat is easy to be boring,

Inside allwhite

, Clean and refreshing.

Up and down my body


Wide and loose and cover the meat


No matter how much meat on your body is, this set of meat will be hidden tightly.

It can be used when the color is consistent

Black belt protruding waistline

, Not only can increase the sense of hierarchy, but also create a proportion of three or seven points.

The whole body black and white look more faint

, Add Klein Lan’s scarf to embellish, the whole looks so monotonous.

Baseball cap and underarms bag

Add to make it wear

Strong styling


Improve the visual center of gravity

It was instantly raised ten centimeters.

In order to avoid the head heavy feet, the shoes are best to choose a sense of existence, like

Fangtou Lefu Shoes

, More capable, inexplicable, there are species

Cold youth sense


Look3: Black coat+suspender skirt+single shoes

This set is very amazing, just coming out of TVB

Hong Kong Wind Female Lord

It is very suitable for attending annual conferences or Chinese New Year.

Black coat+red suspender skirt

Anti -frozen and gas field

, Fried chicken atmosphere, who worshiped under the pomegranate skirt after watching.

The red suspender skirt is white and eye -catching, the skirt is

Sleeping design secretly poke the leg length

It looks good and exaggerated.

Take a pair of red Maryzhen shoes,


Elegant and romantic

There are also silk French retro.


The earrings can not only modify the face shape, but also


Not too solemn

@小 小

One more

Gold necklace

, Eye -catching and atmospheric, can still

Pull the neck line


Finally, whether it is short or long hair, I suggest you do it

Micro -roll or big wave


Pull directly ~

Look4: Black coat+skirt+bright color accessories

This set is very suitable for slightly fat sisters, covering meat and thinning.

Black coat+large neckline is dark inside, can

Weaken the inflation of the upper body


Big breast upper body fat

The sisters are very friendly.


Checkered skirt

, Can show a slender ankle, but also cover it perfectly

His wide legs and thick legs are not straight

The problem ~

The same color socks and thick -soled shoes are secretly high, and there are more layers of layering.

The whole set of colors are dull, matching

Tiffany’s berets and bags are fashionable immediately to improve

And the berets can still


Improve the cranial top and center of gravity


How about the little sisters engraved this highly in their minds? Intersection

@孺 孺 ~

Look5: khaki coat+half -body skirt+lean boots

The color of the coat and shoes feels different in color, the khaki coat with white lean boots


Gentle and intellectual

I look tired of the coat with the small high school,

Stacking a cardigan to keep warm and layering

The goose yellow cardigan is very tender.

It is paired with a checkered skirt, echoing the color to the coat, and the overall will be more harmonious and unified.

want to




The corner of the cardigan is put into the skirt

, Quiet Mimi

The waist line will not be upset


I wo n’t say much about thin boots. I wo n’t say much, match, match

Khaki color coat choose white


It will be more harmonious and look more light.


@K i

Look6: khaki color coat+sweater+pants

Casual Korean

At one point, you can refer to this set. The combination of coats and sweater is suitable for the student party.

The creamy sweater set gives people a very clean and refreshing feeling,

The smooth color set is very high

, Do not pick up.

If you can adjust your pants, it is best to adjust

Bes over the trousers


, Look like

Nobel and thin


Sports shoes youth campus feel

In full, the hooded sweater is stacked with a khaki color coat.

Put on again

Red baseball cap and messenger bag

, The whole look is very eye -catching, even more obvious

Youth and vitality


Look7: khaki color coat+wide -leg pants+canvas shoes

The last appearance is this set, it seems

Randomly lazy and very individual


The green brown contrasting vest is very advanced,

Stacking through a small V -neck

A small face and a layered sense

The vest buckle half of the buttons to create a pour V,

While increasing the waistline, it can also extend the leg lines

, Avoid the height of wide wide -leg pants.

The same color is the effective cover of the wide -leg pants,


The small man chooses to mop the ground to the feet and the legs are longer

@一 salt

It is said that the coat is wearing more ~ ​​I hope that the sisters can wear warm and beautiful every day.


















want to