The iron oxygen magnet is a permanent magnet magnet that is mainly made of SRO or BAO and Fe2O3 as raw materials. Compared with other permanent magnet magnets, the iron oxygen magnets are hard and crispy, and the magnetic energy is low. However, it is not easy to degenerate and corrode, and its production process is simple and low in price. Therefore, the production of iron oxygen magnets in the entire magnet industry is the highest and widely used in industrial production.


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Overview: The iron oxygen magnets are sintering permanent magnet materials, which are composed of tadpoles and tadpoles. In addition to strong anti -regulatory properties, this magnetic material also has a low cost advantage. The iron oxygen magnet is rigid and crispy, and special mechanical processing technology is required. Its heterosexual magnetic body must be powered along the direction of the manufacturing direction, and the homosexual magnet can be powered by any direction because there is no orientation. Although the minimum side of the crushing surface is often found to be slightly stronger. The magnetic energy accumulation range between 1.1mgoe and 4.0mgoe. Due to the low cost, the iron oxygen magnet has a broad application field, from motors, speakers to toys and crafts, so it is currently the most widely used permanent magnet material.

Features: The powder metallurgical method is produced, and the magnetic rate is low, and the magnetic ratio is small. The stubborn power is large, the magnetic ability is strong, and it is especially suitable for the magnetic circuit structure of dynamic working conditions. The material is hard and crispy, which can be used for cutting and processing for diamond sand tools. The main raw materials are oxides, so it is not easy to corrode. Work temperature: -40 ℃ to+200 ℃. The iron oxygen magnet is divided into various heterosexuals (heterogeneity) and the same sex (equivalent). The magnetic properties of the permanent magnetic material of the sexual sintering iron oxygen are weak, but they can be magnetic in different directions of the magnet; the heterogeneous sintering iron oxygen permanent magnet material has strong magnetic properties, but it can only be along the magnetic Reserve the magnetic charging direction.

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