The seemingly the simplest push rod often becomes your “stumbling block” for your decrease? After the small ball Shangguoling always push two and three push? It’s really troublesome to go back and forth with a distance of one or two yards!

Pass the hole …


Eager to stabilize your push rod and improve the ball skills in all aspects? Is your practice right? You must not miss this issue to bring a set of training artifacts that can not only practice pushing rods, but also the training artifact that can practice rods and cutters -PENDULUM Pro Golf Practice Training AID Golf [Three -in -One] training device!

Original price: 1988 yuan, now only sold: 1399 yuan! Now place an order to send a push lens+black and white ball combination. With training, the effect is better!

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Golf Trinity One Training

¥ 1399



Global authoritative agencies are recommended

Feel the body connection

Can practice push rod

Practice rod


How to use this equipment to practice? Let’s take a look at what Gao Tisz Golf technical mentor Luan Xun said:


Multifunctional training

After wearing the training equipment correctly, straighten the arm, pull the training equipment to a certain extent, feel the slight elasticity, then open the thoracic spine and scapula, and then promote us to make very flexible rotation ~ can establish muscle memory, which can be established. And provide instant feedback! Help the golfers solve the rod error rate, reasonably upper and lower rods and stable cutters!

【Three -in -One】 Push Practice Exercise


Fixing the push rod on the training belt can correct your excessive wrist movements, and the body and arm are consistent! To form a more complete push rod mode, to better achieve the push rod swing, the effect is obvious, letting you advance the hole, and the pole is properly reduced!


[Can be matched with push mirror+black and white ball] Practice the push pole better

With the use of push mirrors+black and white balls, you can practice the push pole more completely! The push mirror can correct the standing position and the rod route. Black and white balls can determine whether the goal is found!

Now buy a gift push lens+black and white ball combination