How to match the winter sweater? Of course, choose “sweater + jacket”. The casual sweater can be paired with a coat jacket, casual atmosphere. You can also match a casual cotton jacket, warm and sweet. You can also match a sharp suit jacket, cool and stylish. The matching look of more sweaters and jackets has a more chic and fashionable atmosphere. It is so beautiful. Girls who love beauty, come over together.

look1: coat + sweater


Although it is the Spring Festival soon, the weather is still a little cold. Wearing a sweater alone will inevitably feel cold. At this time, we still need to match a more casual and generous coat. The black sweater, a slightly loose version, will not have any bloated feeling. With a pair of stabilized leg pants, it is more casual. The camel coat with a black hooded sweater, the color is also high -level, a pair of white flat shoes, which is more young, and the age reduction effect is also great.

look2: cotton clothing + sweater

The cotton clothing + sweater can be said to be comfortable and warm -up, which is simply a full score in winter. It is best for some girls who are too lazy to match and are more afraid of cold. In winter, you can choose a velvet sweater set. The light gray temperament is soft and beautiful. With a bright short down jacket, not only will it not press the height, but it also looks very tall. Especially this kind of dark green cotton jacket, with a light gray sweater suit, is comfortable and warm, cool and casual.


look3: suit jacket + sweater

The suit jacket will show a more capable atmosphere of rigid. Especially the kind of slender suit jacket, it is a bit old to wear. So in the matching of sweaters, we can choose some bright colors. This kind of white blue sweater, with a black suit jacket, has a clearer color contrast, especially this loose suit jacket has a more casual atmosphere. With retro -style straight pants, the legs look taller.


look4: jacket jacket + sweater

The outer jacket has its own leisure style, especially this double -sided jacket, which is a new model that has been popular in recent years. The combination of black and camel is also a must -have item for cool girls. The golden zipper is more retro. This short jacket jacket, comes with coolness and thick -bottomed boots, is also more fashionable and stylish. And choosing a camel sweater is also a relatively elegant and versatile style.

LOOK5: slim coat + sweater


The silhouette coat with a sweater will be more casual, and this slim coat with a sweater will be more elegant and casual. Different matching styles also have different forms of expression. Inside is the letter printing sweater. The light -gray sweater increases the blue printing, which is more fashionable. Wearing a dark gray coat, the colors are more clear, and there are more elegant fashion models.

Well, the above is the fashion information shared by Xiao Crazy today. These groups of good -looking sweater + jackets are wearing look, which group do you think is more beautiful? I will share the knowledge of fashion trends every day, please pay attention! (Original text, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact it.)