After continuous product renewal and appearance, the role of mobile phones, like exquisite jewelry, has also become one of the decorations of girls. Combining mobile phones with trend aesthetics will be a very interesting and valuable challenge.

Among the many trendy elements, flash diamond elements can occupy a certain position at any time. Based on a multi -angle light refraction, the sense of futurization and fashion beyond imagination is given to the product itself. No trendy woman can refuse this sparkling temptation. Mitber’s new flash diamond back film, obtains inspiration from trendy aesthetics, breaks ordinary monotonous color constraints with advanced fashion vision and unique aesthetics, and gives mobile phones a shiny ornamental experience.

Mitber Bling Drilling Mask


This product series has 180 mm * 120mm size, which can meet the requirements of most mobile phone models. Use a smart film to customize your own mobile phone back film. You can quickly DIY any mobile phone model back film.


The use and replacement of the product are as simple as the installation screen protective film. It can be replaced at any time. The rich optional color can be switched freely according to the mood. Whether it is on any occasion, you can make you more eye -catching.