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What kind of items that are most suitable for now? Of course, the grandma card knitted vest!

In the changing season with a blurred temperature,


The “fashion prosperous scene” is about to usher in our wearing. But this chaos is not the same, and it is fashionable to be chaotic, chaotic and beautiful, so that it has a fashionable atmosphere, isn’t it?


When it comes to chaotic clothes, it is naturally inseparable from universal



Essence Throughout the year and 365 days, stacking can change the unique fashionable scenery in the fashionable hands that can be worn.

Some people sneer at stacking and sneer. As everyone knows, it is necessary to know and master the style, color, fabric, and different elements that can be played and mastered, and understand the main, secondary, choice, and blank.

In short, the people who can wear them are all kind -hearted girls who work hard. Dipping the cocoon, the stack of the early autumn cannot be separated from


Grandma card knit vest



In the catwalk, all kinds of color -fighting and retro -designed grandma vests obtained a stunning and follow -up eyes with their charming posture. The material is changeable, can be empty, delicate, and rough; the color is unrestrained, colorful, color -fighting, and everything.

From the perspective of the final style, it is elegant, college, gentle, and handsome, and gives it different materials and colors, it can be seen very different!


The knitted vests with the old marks of time, letting it popular after the waves, always standing, every autumn and winter is particularly “mad”.

So, how can ordinary people control it? What do you wear? Don’t worry, Luo Wei analyzes you with star demonstration and a set of practical operations.

First: These knitted vests are best worn


Pure color

Pure color, there are no too much tricks, safer and versatile. If the shoulder is wide or back, try to choose the shoulder line as much as possible. It is best to be short in length. To the waist position, it automatically creates the perfect waistline.


Black vest

With a white shirt inside, you have a classic and just right.

The pure color model does not look so jumping, and it looks gentle and generous. Li Qin’s beige V -neck knit vest, with denim shorts, lively and dignified.

The advantage of knitted vests is here, but

Wearing a single



And what you want.

Solid color personality


Liu Wen’s pink personality vest, because of its unique shape, looks particularly outstanding. The ingenious and two buttons and pockets are different. Use it with white T or shirts, alternative fashion.

Color matching

Perseverance, even a little bit, will bring surprise changes. Especially at the neckline, the face shape is modified and the focus is on the focus. It is absolutely dazzling. The temperament beauty Song Zuer wore and fashionable.

The color fight is that the contrasting color is amazing, the blessing of universal white, the big deep V -neckline, the modification and fashion complement each other. This style is closed, and it will not make you more ugly.


The contrasting Bai Yue is more and more delicate. Song Yanzhang’s purple white -collar knitted vest is both exquisite and rough. The visual feelings caused by changes in the texture of the fabric and color combination can be wider.

Pattern or twist muscle model

With patterns embellishment, vests will be more fashionable. But at the same time, it is also picky. You have to distinguish the color and color matching, and choose the right bottom. However, the easiest method is Yang Ying, with white T and classic jeans inside.

If the pattern has obvious style characteristics, it will be much more difficult to match. Yang Chao this pink vest with a cute and sweet fan, and only a sweet girl like her.

Zheng Shuang’s vest has two characteristics of color combination and texture. It is very suitable for college style. The thick and rough material does not have a sense of elegance. Coupled with white expansion and picking figure.

The above is the common analysis of knitted vest styles. You must choose the most suitable style according to the characteristics of different vests. Next, let’s take a look at a set of daily vests.

Second: knitted vest with practical exercise


Matcha green knitted vest+flower shirt+small white pants


Matcha green, very delicious color, it matches white to pass the elegant atmosphere. A flower shirt inside, the flower code pattern exposed from the neckline brings enthusiastic vitality to the whole.

Choose a white bag and black hair shoes, use

Red sock


When the embellishment is brightened, the color is bright and unjust, and the proper comfort and elegance are worn.



Small incense wind thick flower, short vest+white shirt skirt


The shirt and skirt in the early autumn is too thin, and a knitted vest just balances. The red and white flowers, the classic elegant style of Xiaoxiang, a little amazing and gentle for the white shirt.

Choose the same color bag and use a pair of dark red socks to light the embellishment,

Beige casual shoes

Easy and comfortable, sweet and handsomeness, who doesn’t like such freedom?


Ginger grid knitted vest+black sweater+jeans

Ginger -colored grid knitted vest,


The cavity is full, the color is low, light and luxurious, and it is vaguely treated with good sketches. The pattern style is suitable for solid color classic black high collar and jeans, and injects casual atmosphere.

Ordinary clothes need a pair of bright canvas shoes to brighten. The yellow tone coincides with the vest, and the personality black waist bag enhances the fashion coefficient. It is natural but unique.



Retro embroidery denim vest+green sweater+small white pants

Denims, no matter what form, are classic and versatile. With the embroidery pattern, this denim vest immediately “worthy of money” and became a sought -after. Use it with green sweater and small white pants, fresh and bright, very eye -catching.

Green socks

, Blessing of the Black Beret., a retro fashion girl jumped in front of her.




Beige classic knitted vest

The beige rhombus vest, classic is common, is too ordinary. You can wear a casual checkered shirt, with some design highlights, and immediately live up. The rice -white jacket in winter is waiting for such a combination.



Retro lattice vest

This lattice vest is neutral, with a sense of handsomeness, with rice white sweater and coffee skirt, adding a gentle and sweet taste. Socks and bags and skirts are the same color, which achieves consistent harmonious coordination.

The colors of the whole body, as long as it is


Two or two percent


There will be no errors.


Geometric texture knitted vest

Geometric texture patterns do not change the texture of the licenses according to common sense, and it is more suitable for some agile people to wear. Dynamic changes, the fashionable value naturally improves, with basic color, basic sweaters and skirts, the style is just right.


Deep blue rhombus knitted vest


The coloring diamonds always make people feel old -fashioned and neutral. You need to reconcile with age reduction items or colors. Pink shirts and checkered shorts/skirts are just right. With a pair of handsome neutral shoes, the college is full of style.


Strip -color striped knit vest

Deep V, wine red, and fine stripes all make this vest more fashionable. With a black coat, the same color sweater and knee boots are calm. The proper embellishment of brown bags and wine red berets, fashionable and elegant and stable.


Knitting vests, we will accompany us until next spring, make good use of it, it

Fashionable and versatile


Beyond your imagination!

I am Luo Wei. I use image management as my homework that I have done in my life, and use a beautiful image and a beautiful mood to welcome the blooming every day in my life.

I not only share wearing, but also hope to help you establish your inner aesthetic system and spiritual nourishing system. Both internal and external cultivation are beautiful!

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