According to the US ABC News Network, New Hampshire, the United States, occurred in a double corpse murder case in January 2017. The local police believed that they had found an unusual key “witness witnesses”. Echo smart speaker.

Because the product has the function of “awakening at any time” and the customer has been listening to it, the police believe that the microphone of the device may monitor the key sound files before and after the murder case. Local courts issued a court order last Friday (November 9), asking Amazon to submit relevant record documents.

The prosecution expects that the “intelligence” of this smart speaker is enough to convince the suspect. However, the court instruction once again caused people to discuss the privacy of high -tech electronic equipment in the home. In the face of the murder, are they innocent fromstant?

Suspect Vertu According to the US ABC News Network

Crime and punishment


According to reports, the murder occurred on January 29, 2017, in a residential house in Famumin, New Hampshire. Jenna Plegrini.

The owner of the house was Dean Smoronk, the boyfriend of Sally, who lived here together. The incident at the time Dian was on a business trip. Two women were hidden under a waterproof cloth of the backyard after being stabbed with a knife. Among them, 8 swords in Sally, fractures of skull, and Zhana were stabbed 43 times. Near the corpse, the police also found a lot of murderous knives buried.

Dean, who came home after traveling on a business trip, was the first person in the case. After entering the door, Dien found that the room was full of blood, and his girlfriend Saliwen disappeared. He then called the police.

“In the bedroom upstairs, he found a large blood on the carpet, and the blood stains on the kitchen and the refrigerator downstairs.” A detective named Sterlang said in court. “I checked the waterproof cloth and felt something inside. After opening the corner, I exposed my feet, and I couldn’t touch it.”

Where the case occurred, the two women were stabbed to death. According to Australia News Network

Today, the police have arrested Dimos Well, a 34 -year -old suspect, and accused him of murdering, but the other party refused to plead guilty.

Police said that the suspect Wir was a colleague of Dien. Well knew the security password of the house. On the day of the incident, during the death time of the two women speculated by the forensic medicine, the surveillance camera was taken in the room. In addition, Well was photographed to buy cleaning utensils and returned to the room after the incident. At present, the official has not disclosed the murder motivation.

Although there are some substantial evidence in this case, the police still want more. Amazon Echo smart speakers in the room, so they have become the key to the police’s hope of conviction, and they look forward to getting relevant sound records from it.

“Investigators believed that Sally was attacked in the kitchen, and Echo was placed in the kitchen. Therefore, the prosecutor had reason to believe that Echo might have the key evidence of this case, such as the related recording when the attack occurred.” Written. Police believe that about 2 days of recording documents need to be investigated.

There are ears on the wall

The reason why the court listed Echo as the key “witness” is mainly because Echo has a set of Alexa voice assistant artificial intelligence systems. In order to make Alexa respond to human language instructions in real time, its system must be uninterrupted and all discourse within the scope. Therefore, the system has been listening.

Amazon has set the relevant “awakening words”, and users can also customize “wake -up words”. As long as you hear the “Wake -ups”, Echo will record any information received by its microphone -including records in a short time before.

Such a record will always be preserved unless it is deleted manually.

Amazon’s Echo has been in a state of listening. According to CNN

Like all virtual assistant manufacturers, Amazon has assured customers that these records are safe and are only used to control Echo and affiliated Alexa related devices.

However, since the technology was launched a few years ago, the security risks that may be used around it, and the security risks that may be attacked by hackers or other third -party attacks have been continuously mentioned. However, virtual assistant systems similar to voice activation are now becoming more and more popular, including mobile phones, tablets, computers, and electronic products, including new home speakers, etc., have begun to provide such services.

In this regard, Microsoft has its “Kotana” voice knowledge of other artificial intelligence systems; Google has “Home” smart speaker equipment; Apple has also added the competition with its “HOMEPOD” equipment; and several companies also follow up closely. The trend has launched their own alternative products in a timely manner.

The core they relied on is a central server system based on artificial intelligence, analyzing instructions and recorded customer -related activities.


Richard Henderson, a global security strategyist of security company ABSOLUTE, said that the fusion virtual assistant “is both Fuzawa and curse.” He said, “It is Fuzawa because it can provide ‘one -stop service’ Realize unified management of different equipment for customers, such as customers’ Android phones, browsers, and Gmail. But it is also a curse because it shows how many technology giants collect huge data to help them make profits. “

Apple’s HOMEPOD home electronic device map according to Australia News Network

Court ordered

Amazon spokesman previously stated that they would not announce these records before “without any effective and legal binding orders.” In response, the judge agreed and issued a court order to Amazon.

The command issued by Steradorf, the chief judge of the High Court of Stradford County, wrote, “The court requested that Amazon immediately handed over the Echo smart speaker number ZWJ-0823 from January 27 to January 29, 2017 Two days of recording files, and any information recognition mobile equipment recorded with the smart speaker within the above time period. “

It is reported that this is not the first time that Amazon Echo smart speakers have been asked by the court to record records.

In 2015, in a murderer in Akane, the suspect James Bates was arrested by the police for murdering his friend Victor Collins at home. In the case, the suspect Bates was the person who called the police after the corpse. He said that the night before, and several friends including Collins watched the ball and drink at home, two colleagues stayed at home. After waking up the next morning, he found that Collins died.

Police suspect that the Amazon Echo smart speaker used by the suspect’s home may monitor the sound files that are beneficial to the case, so Amazon is required to provide relevant recording documents.

However, the FBI’s search order was resolutely protested by Amazon on the grounds of protecting privacy. Until the court ordered Amazon to provide relevant recording, and the defendant firmly believed that he was innocent and agreed to submit the recording to the court. In the end, Amazon gave up the protest against the prosecution and agreed to surrender the recording and other information in the Echo smart speaker.

“Amazon will not hinder any legal investigation, but at the same time, it also seek to protect the privacy of customers, especially when the information requested by the government belongs to the” expression content “of the user, they are strictly protected.” Amazon’s spokesman Said in the statement.

The Washington Post reported that Amazon’s strong attitude of refusing to cooperate with the police reminds that FBI had previously asked Apple to help unlock the US San Benadino’s shooting murderer iPhone mobile phone. The murderer shot 14 people at a party. The FBI asked Apple to unlock the information in the murderer’s mobile phone and was rejected. After that, the FBI finally unlocked the phone with the help of professional hackers.


Whether this type of evidence can be used as an evidence has also become one of the topics of media discussions. The US CBS reported on this report, “Prosecutors seem to be conducting pre -trial investigations.” Moriadi, a reporter from the CBS “48 hours” column, said that prosecutors are looking for “anything -real physical evidence to show that it has some kind of kind of kind of physical evidence to show that it has some kind of kind of kind of physical evidence to show that it has some kind of kind of kind of physical evidence to show that it has some kind of kind of kind of physical evidence to show that it has some kind of kind of kind of physical evidence to show that it has some kind of kind of kind of physical evidence to show that it has some kind of kind of kind of physical evidence to show that it has some kind of kind of kind of physical evidence to show that it has some kind of kind of kind of physical evidence to show that it has some kind of kind. intention.”

Amazon has not responded to the requirements of the New Hampshire Court.

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