With the gradual improvement of wireless mouse communication technology, the wireless mouse has gradually replaced the wired mouse, becoming part of our daily office and living entertainment. From the initial mechanical rolling wheel mouse to the photoelectric mouse to the laser mouse to the current mainstream wireless mouse, the mouse also follows the pace of technological progress. The wireless mouse is based on a built -in wireless receiver, so do you know what its working principle is? Let me introduce the working principle of the wireless mouse receiver in detail

Working principle of wireless mouse receiver

The wireless mouse receiver uses Bluetooth technology to transmit signal and use digital radio frequency technology to achieve sufficient bandwidth short -range communication. This communication technology is widely used in peripheral equipment such as wireless mouse and keyboard. Their working principle is actually very simple


The wireless mouse receiver is mainly used to receive, decodes and transmit data signals. The structure and working part of the wireless mouse are the same as the traditional mouse. The main change is that the wireless transmitter records the X -axis or Y -axis motion of the mouse, so that the mouse button is lifted and other information operations are turned into wireless signals and sent out. The wireless receiver of the mouse then receives the internal decoding processing, and then sends the decoding information to the host. Then the driver convey the mouse operation behavior to the computer system, and the computer system completes the mouse movement position and operating instruction


The wireless mouse receiver has a USB or PS2 interface, which can be charged directly from the computer interface without additional batteries. There are two or more frequency bands in the wireless mouse receiver. When the computer uses multiple wireless devices, the wireless mouse receiver can be identified and managed through the band. The operating frequency and occupation channels of wireless keyboards are generally 1, wireless mouse is 2, when the computer works, there will be no interference between the wireless mouse and the wireless keyboard or multiple mouse.

The wireless mouse can achieve a full range of wireless radio frequency remote control and low power consumption, so it can achieve triggering working mode, generally standby to sleep. The receiver is built into the receiver of the wireless mouse, and the corresponding transmitter is set on the device interface of the computer host. It not only maintains the neat and beautiful appearance of the product, but also achieves high work efficiency

In short, the technical change of the wireless mouse can bring you a smoother experience. At present, according to the different uses and frequency bands of wireless mouse, wireless mouses are divided into different categories, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, infrared, ZigBee and other wireless technical standards. The mainstream wireless mouse mainly includes three types: 27MHz, 2.4G and Bluetooth technology