With this season

Lin Shuhao

Back to the CBA, his feet on his sneakers were once again followed by many domestic fans.

Recently, his 2 -generation signature shoes

夜光效果拉满!林书豪 JLIN2 新配色刚刚上架

Tub Jlin2

夜光效果拉满!林书豪 JLIN2 新配色刚刚上架

We ushered in a highlighting new color scheme.

This “chasing” color matching is inspired by Gothic architecture.

The shoe body is black as the main color, and the dark pattern covers the upper with a flower window pattern.

夜光效果拉满!林书豪 JLIN2 新配色刚刚上架

Line and midsole are colorful flower window patterns, showing exquisite and gorgeous shapes.

夜光效果拉满!林书豪 JLIN2 新配色刚刚上架

Other details of the shoe body are embellished with light green and red, echoing the color of the flower window pattern.

The biggest highlight is the hidden luminous effect of the shoe body. You can see the three -dimensional dark pattern of the upper in the dark.

夜光效果拉满!林书豪 JLIN2 新配色刚刚上架

This nightlight effect is really handsome.

In terms of technology, the midsole is equipped with full palm X-TEPBOOM cushioning, and can see the X-shaped carbon plate that almost covers the full palm. The configuration can be described as luxurious.

The face value and configuration are all online. Lin Shuhao’s fans or players who want to try the best of Tibban may wish to consider this.

It has now been released on the official flagship store of Tubu, and the price

夜光效果拉满!林书豪 JLIN2 新配色刚刚上架

¥ 799

Favorite players can start with the link below.

夜光效果拉满!林书豪 JLIN2 新配色刚刚上架

Tub Jlin2 “Chasing Light”

Tao password (copy the following section):

28 ¥ uux22FBDYLP ¥ https://m.tb.cn/h.fnpeksr [Tubo Jianhao Second Generation Haoyou Limited] 2022 Spring Sports Shoes Shooting Carbon Plate Panels Basketball Shoes [Plus now]

夜光效果拉满!林书豪 JLIN2 新配色刚刚上架

The annual “Tmall 3.8” is here


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Go to the main venue of “Tmall 3.8”:

夜光效果拉满!林书豪 JLIN2 新配色刚刚上架

49 ¥ 0NBB2FBMPD3 ¥ https://m.tb.cn/h.fnqdl3a spot main venue

夜光效果拉满!林书豪 JLIN2 新配色刚刚上架

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