In life, some owners will choose to stick tiles on the wall when decorating, which will make the room brighter, but the price is very different. There are many types of tiles on the wall, some are more beautiful and generous, with patterns on it. Some friends want to refer to the renderings to decorate wall bricks. What are the renderings of living room wall bricks? The following editors will introduce some.

客厅墙瓷砖效果图介绍 客厅墙贴瓷砖的危害

1. Introduction to the Tile renderings of the living room wall

客厅墙瓷砖效果图介绍 客厅墙贴瓷砖的危害

1. The above living room walls are decorated with many photos. The decoration effect is very good. The paving of the tiles in the lower part of the wall enrich the empty space of the wall, so that the entire wall surface is not monotonous.

客厅墙瓷砖效果图介绍 客厅墙贴瓷砖的危害

2. The wall tiles of this living room are paved with warm color wall tiles. The surface of the wall tiles is printed with a touch of texture, and the eye -catching colors are matched with white borders. Warm breath.

2. What are the hazards of tiles on the wall?

1. Easy to return to the tide

On rainy days or foggy days, water droplets will appear on the wall. The whole home is humid. After a long time, the tiles are easy to fall off. It is harmful to the members of the family. Perhaps the tiles may fall off. If you hit it down, you will hurt people. , Or break the furniture, causing unnecessary losses. Therefore, when wet the water seeps, the windows are opened to keep the room dry.

2. Moisical

Because the construction process is different, when the living room wall is sticked, the technical requirements are relatively high. If it is not pasted, it is easy to fall off and hurt people. You must choose a rich master to pave the stick. The price is relatively expensive. The wall surface is more expensive. The price of tiles is 10-15 yuan/㎡ more expensive than the ground tiles. The price of physical stores may be a little better at hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The online price will be much cheaper, but you can’t see the quality of quality. Worried about buying inferior products, you need to return the goods and bring losses to yourself.

3. How to maintain wall tiles?

1. Wash the stains with strong acid

When many people see stains in the brick surface, they will clean the stains with strong acids. In this way, the brick surface is corroded and loses its luster, and sometimes the stains are still inside the brick surface. Sometimes the stains are cleaned with acid, but it will soon be dirty and more slightly sluggish. Remove stains with acid roots is a convenient and useful method, but try not to use it or teach by professionals on the seepage tiles, especially the vitrified polishing tiles, otherwise it will briefly damage the gloss of the tiles. If the tiles are dirty, first determine what stains are, and the cement or other stains on the surface layer can be eliminated with weak acid. If the stains of fine pores inside the tile are penetrated, professional cleaner can be selected. It is important to damage the gloss of the polished tiles, and it should be used as a high -quality pollution -proof treatment after pollution and cleaning to prevent the tiles from leakage again. Sewage.

2. Waxing random

We all know the tiles need to be waxed, but not all tiles have to wax. Many owners because of their short professional knowledge, thinking that waxing can better protect tiles, but they do not know a misunderstanding of the protection of tiles. Especially for the vitro brick, it is found that the surface of the vitro brick becomes yellow and stains, and it will be waxed from the beginning, instead of removed the original wax, which will make the vitrified brick from the beginning lost its gloss.