DHL与社会生态时尚品牌Mykke Hofmann联手推出"永恒"服装系列

A total of 2,375 design works from 80 countries participated, 6 of which stand out and become a “eternal” limited clothing series.

Arjan Sissing, the head of DHL Global Brand Marketing, said: “Our development vision for the fashion industry is to integrate sustainable logistics, recycling, production and processing, and lasting quality.”

DHL与社会生态时尚品牌Mykke Hofmann联手推出"永恒"服装系列

The “Eternal” clothing series sales income will be donated to SOS Children’s Village.

Bonn, Germany, May 17, 2022 / PRNewswire / – DHL and Munich Social Ecological Fashion Brand MYKKE HOFMANN jointly launched the “Eternal” fashion clothing series, and can be worn on the main selling point for life. The series originated from the design competition announced on social media last fall on social media. The competition attracted 848 fashion enthusiasts from 80 countries, collecting 2,375 works. Six of them stood out and became the original items of the series, including trench coats, shirts, pants, skirts, tops, and lower clothes.

“Eternal” fashion clothing series

“‘Eternal’ series represents the positive development vision of the positive fashion industry we promoted.” Arjan Sissing, head of the global brand marketing, said: “This game highlights sustainability, involving sustainable logistics, recycling, production processing and production processing and The topics such as lasting fashion. “

There are many emerging designers and fashion enthusiasts in this contestant, and they have always actively brought sustainable fashion concepts into life. Jelena Hofmann, the founder and CEO of Mykke Hofmann, said: “This competition work exceeds our expectations in terms of quantity and quality, which also shows that the fashion world of sustainability concept is deeply rooted.”

The fashion industry’s attention to sustainable development also stems from the urgent needs of the circular economy. World Bank statistics show that 87%of fabrics or clothing are eventually incinerated or sent to landfills. If the recycling problem is not handled, global demand for clothing will increase from 62 million tons to 102 million tons in 2030.

The transformation of the fashion industry lies in the reshaping of the supply chain. DHL pointed out in the white paper “Development Economy and Realizing Green Transformation” that was previously released that the innovation of logistics solutions helps circular development, optimize production and materials, extend product life cycle, launch new use models, and develop abandoned recycling The role of innovation solutions is more prominent. The realization of circular development will bring huge potential positive influence to the fashion industry. On the one hand, it will bring more diversified products and service portfolios. On the other hand, it can enhance customer participation and achieve sustainable development to promote growth and innovation. Win -win situation.

The “Eternal” clothing series aims to create eternal works beyond the trend and provide consumers with sustainable clothing. Consumers will receive digital version of anti -counterfeiting certification after purchasing, which can extend the service life of clothing through maintenance and care.

The cooperative sales income will be donated to the world’s largest children’s charitable non -profit organization SOS Children’s Village. As part of the German Post Dunhao Group, DHL has been a partner of SOS Children’s Village since 2010.

DHL is the leading global logistics partner in the fashion and retail industry. For decades, DHL has always been committed to providing logistics services for designers, retailers and some global top fashion shows, and supports sustainable fashion development through environmentally friendly transportation solutions. “Eternal” clothing series brand cooperation highlights DHL’s support for young designers and the advocacy of sustainable and fashionable development. “Through customized global logistics solutions, we can help the fashion industry partners optimize the production and sales process and promote business development.” DHL customer solution and innovation department global e-retail and fashion president Mirella Muller-Wuellenweber said: “We While providing customers with a fast and flexible unique logistics experience, the carbon footprint is also reduced to the minimum level, especially in the field of rapid growth. “