I passed the construction division (municipal) exam at one time in 2020. In the process of preparing for the exam, I gradually formed their own learning routines. Maybe it was a bit helpful for the test friends who were preparing for the exam! There are mainly the following points:

1. There is a must -have firm confidence

This is very important! To be honest, since I started preparing for the exam in 2018, I have been firmly confident that I believe that I can live it! That’s why there is the motivation to persist.

2. Understand the experience and test experience

Since preparing for the exam, a lot of QQ groups have been added to see the information shared by the group owners and some experiences, experiences, learning methods and recommendation teachers, and then read some of the experiences of test friends to share articles. In -depth understanding, you can also find the common points and avoiding pits for the exam friends, coupled with the analysis and recommendation of the characteristics of various lecturers, choose the teacher who suits you according to your own situation. Regarding the recommendation teacher, my situation is this: the genuine book bought in the first year, followed by the construction of the engineering education teacher (there is no specific name), I did some exercise questions and real questions. About 20 points), I originally took the mentality of testing the water for the first time, and I haven’t taken the exam for many years, and I am a little strange. In the second year, I missed the payment because I had some intelligence and missed the fee, and then I applied for the note. After less than three months, I passed the three subjects. The technology was not over. I read half of it. If I could After reading the book, you should be able to pass all at one time. In the third year (2020), preparations began in March, and finally built one after another, and the remaining technology of Note.

3. Learning routine and method

Focus on this.

The overall number of ways: read a book with courseware+do the real questions in the years.

Specifically, I read the courseware every night. The time is controlled in 1-2 hours. It is easy to be sleepy after watching the time. It’s easy to annoy, and you can’t remember it. Generally, you can read two subjects all night. You do n’t fix the specific family every day. According to your mood, then rest for a while or play the game, change your mind, and then return to the dormitory to wash one. I woke up with a bath, and started to swipe the questions after I lay down. At this time, I was doing synchronized exercise questions to consolidate the knowledge points of today’s learning. Do a question to see the analysis, review the ideas of myself, check the leakage, and make up the shortage. The knowledge points of general analysis are relatively comprehensive, and look at it carefully. (I use the software to do the classroom, build engineering education, and the Global Online School Quick question bank. , Economy Dajiang.)

After reading all the books, start doing the real questions in the years. Generally

It is better to take the first 3-5 years of the year of the year

In the past year, the reference value is not great. I have kept the real question of the latest year (for example, I have a 20 -year exam, the real questions in 19 years are left), and the inspection is inspected during the test near the exam. of. The method of doing the real question is to finish the whole, and then start each option from the first question from the book, and mark it all. All the marks, this can not only find out the distribution of the test point, but also know which year each test site can find some test rules (such as some test sites must be tested each year, or 3 years of test and 2 years, you can distinguish it clearly The most important point is to compare the test options with the original text of the book, and know where the wrong is. This is particularly obvious in the regulations. Sometimes it feels right, but it may actually change because of a word. (For example, the difference between “should” and “Ke” is different), so many people feel good after the test. In the end memory. Another thing is that the careful examers can find that a sentence in the book may pass several times, but the annual statements are different. Three public classes can do this question. I feel that the effect is very good. The most important practice will be a bit different. The same is true of the choice questions, but the case questions are probably read in contrast to the answer. Try to find the source in the book. If there is no one at all, you need to summarize the summary, so you can take a look at the answer to the answers and directions, because the knowledge points you have passed may take three or four years to make similar questions, such as “in the municipality” The knowledge point of the full water test, I remember that it seemed to have passed the height of water injection in 16 years, and the calculation area of ​​the 20 -year test was repeated after four years, and the direction of the test was different. With this method of doing real questions, you will find a lot of small rules. After a long time, I can’t remember it, so I will not list them one by one.

If the real question is done, find some questions with detailed analysis, first try it by yourself, do the same as the exam, follow the answer and then study it carefully. I do n’t agree with the tactics of the title, but I have made more than a thousand questions for each subject for more than three years, but I still do it with real questions. Review.

Before the exam, you can basically know that you can review the situation, and then open the book that is full. At the same time as a sense of satisfaction, we will focus on the knowledge points that you focus on marking and check the lack of missing. If you are interested, you can discuss which knowledge points must be tested with your friends who prepare for the exam. Deepen your memory and communicate with your feelings.

The same method used in 21 years, the construction of the building has been tested, and it took almost two months. The construction practical courseware teacher who watched is Wang Wei, who is studying.

PS: Actually, every subject I have passed is just over the line, and the maximum does not exceed 10 points, basically more than 2 or 3 points.

The above is the experience of preparing for the exam. I hope to have some help to candidates! In addition, there are candidates who are preparing for other work certificates to build a friend. [come on]