The temperature dropped since December, and the lowest temperature in recent days reached below zero. Adults have already wrapped on a thick down jacket, and the children in the school also worn in the school uniforms in the spring and autumn season, many students and parents were upset.

School uniforms too thin children often have a cold

On the 8th morning school, in the door of a primary school in Lanshan District, the 60-year-old Lin ladied a down jacket waiting for grandson.

“Sun Zijing has been in the second grade. The school is regulated in the school to wear school uniforms. Winter school uniforms are still spring and autumn, and they are not warm.” Ms. Lin told reporters, afraid of the child cold, he added a coat in grandson, but the child often because Greedy to wear. In this way, the grandson often catch a cold, and she has to bring their own jackets.

According to Ms. Lin, the grandson wearing the school uniforms belong to the chemical fiber material, and the outside is touched and thin. The school uniform is a white net, and the two layers set up three or four mm thick, put it in the sun. Light transmissive. Worried that the child is cold, you often give the grandson plus sweater in school uniforms and add the down vest. Three layers of three layers in the third floor, grandson is very unhappy.

“As long as you have a school uniform in the school, you can don’t wear it on Wednesday.” Ms. Lin said that the upper body said, you can add a coat to keep warm, and the school uniform pants will add a few layers of thick clothes.

Most primary and secondary schools are required to wear school uniforms

Recently, the reporter visited many primary and secondary primary and secondary schools in the urban Kaoqueshan primary, Linyi Experimental School, Linyi, Linyi, etc. In more than ten schools visited by the reporter, most of the schools asked students to wear schools at school.

“Today is Monday, our school requires Monday must wear neat, wear a school uniform.” A woman who told the coat to mother, and a girl in the third grade rushed to take a rush to the reporter.

At around 11:30 in the morning, the reporter came to Kaoques Mountain Primary School and positive student. The students are wearing yellow school uniform, and the black pants plus a red scarf. A fourth-grade boys told reporters that they all wear themselves, but they can add coats outside the school uniforms, as long as they can reveal the red scarf and school uniforms.

“I added a sweater in the school uniform, and I went to the classroom.” A juniori, a junior junior, a pseudonym, stopped bicycles, and told reporters. “The school uniform wears a down jacket or a thick sweater is too stupid, and it is like a buns.” Like many senior boys, Wang Lei thinks so.

The school is easy to manage, and the Education Bureau believes that it can be flexible.

With the low temperature, spring and autumn uniforms have brought troubles from parents and students in winter, how do you think? The reporter interviewed two teachers in a small and Linyi twelve.

Both teachers said that the school stipulates that students wear school uniforms, on the one hand, for easy management, easy to identify students. On the other hand, it is also beneficial to protect students’ safety.

“Students uniformly wear school uniforms. Now most schools in the city have heating. The children don’t need to wear too many clothes in the classroom. Further, physical education class, activity class, etc., can also reduce the chance of safety accidents.” A small young teacher in Linyi said.

“Wearing school uniforms also adds children’s collective honor, enhances team awareness. On the other hand, it can also reduce comparison.” Teacher Li, who said in Linyi, said.

Subsequently, the reporter contacted the Education Bureau, and the relevant staff said that in recent years, the documents developed by the school uniforms are mainly for the quality of school uniforms, the prices and clothing origin, and have not clearly defined the seasons of the school uniform. As for the students’ uniforms, it is generally developed by the school under the premise of ensuring the health and safety of students.

“Of course, as long as the students don’t have a wondering, the school can make the students flexiblely in accordance with their own actual situation.” The staff said.

Reporter Xu Wenmin

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Parents: Why don’t you customize winter school uniforms?

Outside the campus, adults wear down jackets, cotton clothes came. In the campus, students wear spring and autumn school uniforms for outdoor activities. Students and parents always feel that “the heart is not a taste”.

On the one hand, unified school uniforms facilitate school effective management, on the other hand, student spit “this winter is a bit cold”. Then, many parents questioned: “Why don’t you order thickening winter school uniforms?”

Down jacket, cotton clothes, jackets … With the low temperature, people will always add cold clothes to the cold, why can’t school uniformly order warm and uniforms?

“We have 4 sets of school uniforms, two short sleeves, two sets of spring and autumn long-sleeved school uniforms. If there is a uniform with a thick spot like a jacket,” Near the urban middle school, one is blue School uniform girl said.

For the school uniforms, parents also think that winter school uniforms need to improve their thickening to keep warm. “As a parent, I think it is fully understood that the school wears a school uniform, but in the winter, there should be a thick school uniforms with a sandwich.” Ms. Peng believes. Ms. Peng told reporters that his son’s second grade is in the second grade.

大冬天穿春秋校服好冷 临沂教育部门:可灵活应对

“Anyway, the child is going to wear thick clothes, even if you don’t buy it in the school, you can buy it in the outside shop. If the school can uniformly customize the parents, it is also acceptable.” Ms. Peng suggested.

Creete: Winter version of the school service is difficult to customize

In the face of the question of students and parents, the reporter then contacted several schools, and the school gave their own answers.

“In fact, we have also thought about to give students a thickening version of winter school uniforms, but they are difficult to adjust, and they have not been implemented.” The teacher of a middle school in Linyi explained. The teacher said that he has been in the school for many years. Final statistics found that more than 50% of students do not agree to do winter school uniforms.

The teacher said that in 2012, the school worked to the manufacturer’s price and quality of winter school uniforms. Many students are very difficult in “the material of winter school uniforms, and the style looks hard” is the reason, and it is not approved to order the winter school uniforms. In addition, some families in some families said that although the winter school uniforms only need 200 yuan, but if it is a full set of spring and autumn and summer dress, it is still a unclear burden.

“We did the questionnaire survey, and sent it to the parents of the parents. There were more than 50% of students and parents after statistics, and this teacher said winter school uniforms.” After the custom matches, you can only recommend that students have proper clothes outside the school uniform.