Introduction: Do you still use glue? It is easy to get it with a trick, and there is no trace in the flatness and firmness


It is about to pass in 2021. Many people now start the hygiene of cleaning their homes. They want to use a clean and comfortable state to welcome 2022.

But when you clean, you may encounter some sanitary dead ends, whether it is the oil stain in the kitchen or the dirt of the toilet toilet,

None of the glue marks on the couplet posted last year were a headache!

Every time I see these glue traces on the door or on the wall, there are very headaches,

Wipe with wire ball with water, not only destroy the wall, the cleaning power is not good, it is sticky, everywhere


When you stick the couplet, you usually choose to use it

Flour and water boil a large pot of pulp paste with pulp paste

, But although this method is very firm, it is very troublesome to clean.


Facing these issues, I will talk to you today. In fact, there is no need to use glue. This method can make the couplet firmly stick to the wall without leaving traces!

Let’s talk about how to clean the glue marks on the wall or on the door.


01 Add an appropriate amount of water when cleaning

When you clean the stubborn glue marks on the wall, you can put a little water with a watering pot, and use the water to wet the sign above.

Wipe it gently with a wire ball with a cleaner.


But do not excessively excessive force, it is likely to cause wall damage and door frame wood damage.

If you want to clean the glue, you must soften the glue first.

If you do n’t soften, wipe it directly, you will not clean it at all!


02 Add white vinegar when cleaning

Everyone said that when educating children, you can add a little white vinegar to clear water, because white vinegar can dissolve the ingredients in the glue, and it can also be removed with dirt in glue, which is convenient and fast, but after everyone uses white vinegar.

If you don’t want to leave a taste,

Be sure to dip repeatedly to wipe the water.

Let’s talk about it, how can the couplet leave traces without trace.

Pastening couplets are the tradition of our Chinese people. Every year during the Spring Festival, we must stick to the couplet at home.

Paste the word in the house, which means that the new year is smooth and beautiful!

If you don’t want to like it

Leave the mark on glue on the furniture


In fact, you can try other methods to stick couplets.

Ordinary glue or double -sided glue, tape and other tools are much easy to use.

If you use traditional glue or rivers and lakes, it is easy to appear to be said, that is, how to wipe it clean, or tear half of it when you tear the couplet and leave half of it. It is very ugly.

Nowadays, young people are more popular with this transparent traceless sticker. They cut it directly to the appropriate size behind the Spring Festival couplet, and then stick it to the wall. In this case, it is beautiful and flat. Boiled paste!


Use this kind of transparent and non -trace paste to complete the couplet,

You can tear it off if you don’t want it next year, you can tear it off


, Will not leave any traces.

This transparent sticker length can be adjusted according to your own preferences,

You can cut it as soon as you cut it into your favorite size

It can be used both with murals, wallpaper or poster.


In addition to being convenient to use, its cost performance is also very high, and the price is very cheap. You can buy a lot of more than a dozen dollars.

Its material is also relatively soft

The PVC plus layer, as well as an acrylic coating at the nano -level

, Paste it very well, don’t worry, it will fall down after sticking, and it will not damage the surface of the object and couplet.

In addition to sticking couplets, some other items can be used. With this non -trace paste, our lives have become more convenient.

The advantage of using it is that it is tired or disliked,

Pick it off directly, the door and wall of the home will not leave a mark,


Greatly liberated our hands and reduced our cleaning time.

If your home is still using traditional stickers,


It is better to try using this transparent paste, which is convenient and fast

And it will not damage the items at home.

In the Spring Festival this year, everyone suggests that you can try using transparent stickers,

In this way, the couplet will not be drumped in the middle of the couplet, or the couplet cracks when applying glue.

Summary of Xiao Nezha: I believe that everyone should have affixed the couplet. If there is a gap in the middle when there is a couplet, the couplet will be broken after squeezing. It is recommended that everyone try it.