Children are the golden period of language development, so this stage is also the best time to learn English. If it is given a systematic scientific English education at this time, children’s English learning will be more effective. If you miss this period of learning English, the difficulty will rise significantly, and it will take more time and energy. So how should parents teach children to learn English? Today, I will teach you 4 children’s English teaching skills, let’s take a look!

1. Clarify the purpose of children’s English learning

When we are educating young children to learn English, we must know that for children of this age, the most important thing is to cultivate English learning interest. Parents should not ask their children to learn how much, conform to the nature of their children.

2. Create an English language environment

The general phenomenon of Chinese students in learning English is “dumb English”, and English grades are very good, but they can’t speak. The biggest reason for this phenomenon is the lack of language environment. A lot of rich language environment helps to cultivate children’s sense of language, thinking, and material accumulation, which can promote children’s naturally and easily expansion, and continuously improve pronunciation and expression in actual communication, so as to master the flexible ability of English.

3. Speaking English integration into life

Talking about English integration into daily life and fun games can assist children to understand, memory, and flexibly use what they have learned. At the same time, it can also greatly stimulate children’s learning interest and promote active and efficient learning. Too much theoretical children are difficult to absorb, and it is easy to cause rejection of children, and cannot allow children to achieve good learning results.

4. Choose the right professional teacher


It is also important to teach children to learn English. Children of low age have a strong imitation power, and the influence of mother tongue is very small. It can easily grasp English pronunciation and form English thinking. This is also an important foundation for actual English use. At this time, the child needs a correct teacher to guide the child. However, whether it is parents or Chinese religions, when teaching children to learn English, they will have Chinese thinking, and the accent cannot reach the standard level. It is recommended that parents who are conditional are best to find a foreign teacher who uses English as a mother tongue to allow children to master standard pronunciation, pure thinking, and authentic expression methods, and establish a solid language foundation, so as to be able to respond to various contexts flexibly and truly. Master the language of English.

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