History has made people know more than once that the unusual silence is either a giant fission after breeding the motivation, or the elements that can gather various types of mourning and decline until they quietly perish.


Obviously, the head of the car market was relatively low in the past two or three years, and the new crown epidemic that raided like a crazy sand was on the face. For many relatively silent brands in the domestic automotive industry, “this sincerity is also the autumn of critical survival.”


Among them, those who have been glory, the current silent, but not at the fate node bravely to make the sound of changes, which can make the outside world notice the storm revolution that the objective historical processes behind them are behind them.

Obviously, the silence of Brilliance and Yan Bingzhe’s silence of “new coach” are the most indifferent examples of the above -mentioned groups.

Conclusion of one -year results

After a year of silence, in the face of the 2019 full annual financial report released by Brilliance China, “the new coach” Yan Bingzhe can also think of it in the middle of the daemon. Qi Yumin officially took office, not far or near (April 1, 2019).

After all, when the newcomers are new, they will be more or less expected and conceived in their minds at that time.

However, not everyone can quickly integrate the expectations with the progress of reality in the shortest time.


According to the current annual financial report, Yan Bingzhe, who is “silent”, has brought the changes to Brilliance, which is relatively tepid. The last year’s performance report released by Brilliance China showed that as of December 31, 2019, the company’s overall revenue and gross profit (commodity sales difference) in the last year showed a decline.

Among them, the revenue decreased by 11.77%year -on -year to 3.862 billion yuan, while gross profit (commodity sales difference) decreased by 74.04%year -on -year to 744 million yuan. However, thanks to the dual growth of the two dimensions of the joint venture, Brilliance, BMW Brilliance, the company’s shareholders in 2019, the net profit of the company’s shareholders still reached 6.762 billion yuan, which has achieved a growth of 16.18%compared to 5.821 billion yuan in 2018 in 2018. Essence

All the source of the net profit of Brilliance’s net profit is the power to achieve growth. The BMW X3 and BMW 5 Series have contributed. The former was the largest model in the previous year (the annual sales volume reached 121,600 units, the year -on -year increase of 216.6%), and the latter also had it 12%of the year -on -year increase (cumulative sales of 163,500 vehicles). Driven by these key models, the overall sales of BMW Huachen in 2019 reached 545,900 vehicles (a year -on -year increase of 17.1%) and net profit reached 7.626 billion yuan (22.1%year -on -year). BMW Brilliance’s overall profits of Huachen China is obvious.

However, essentially speaking, whether in the perception concept of the outside world or the Belong people’s own cognitive concept, in fact, it is unknown that Huachen’s life on BMW Brilliance is no longer a day or two. “It is more comprehensive and three -dimensional, so that the system keeps in a more stable operating state, and obviously has to start from weakness.

After all, Qi Yumin also said, “No matter how good BMW is, it is also his own, and Brilliance is his own.”

It is under this inertial idea that no matter who will feel that if the “new handsome” must be applied as “three fires”, then it is bound to “operate” the business of the autonomous sector including China, Golden Cup, and Huasong. Essence


However, the financial report announced this time seems to tell everyone that this “silence” has not been guided to the positive direction of huge amount of fission, at least 2019 is not.


It is true that in the external environment, there are few symmetrical needs to land to land the production capacity that Huachen urgently needs to be converted. In 2019, whether it is a light passenger car, MPV (multi -purpose car), or the level of car parts, generally this part of the market is not stable in previous years. However, in terms of ontology, the influence of the Brilliance brand itself has indeed been gradually diluted in the drums of commercial vehicles and components in major brands. In the current disappearance, it is more difficult to recover.

At this point, the performance of the sales level of commercial vehicles is even more reasonable. Only some of the motivation that can be slightly persisted also comes from the other joint venture company Brilliance Renault. But even so, the sales performance of 40,200 vehicles in 2019 still declined by 6.5%. Its first medium -sized SUV viewing in the passenger field and was placed on the hopes of rejuvenation. In 2019, the annual sales volume also reached only 2720 units. In January 2020, there were only 7 sold.


On the other hand, we must also acknowledge that the passenger car sector Brilliance has also been traveled to the full competition field of the domestic autonomous positions for many years. In the past, Zun Chi and Junjie cars who had been in the Renan taxi circle were also early. There are no thoughts in people’s impressions. Even if there are, they can only see a few discussions on the quality of ancient products and after -sales service on many online forum platforms; The Chinese V7, which is known as the core power part of the Nei BMW and BMW, has been obviously not able to attack the city in the more tragic market after nearly two years of market test. New cars with rich product matrix are launched.

It is impressed that it is not that BMW Brilliance is always willing to stand alone. Behind it is actually the silence that has accumulated for many years, so that the entire Brilliance has no other branch.

Is the “silent” Yan Bingzhe unclear? Perhaps as “the mainstay of the old days”, the new helmsman today, he should understand more than anyone else.


▲ Yan Bingzhe, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Huachen Automobile Group Holdings Co., Ltd.


Senior weighing comparison of the same period

After all, outsiders still can’t help but be keen to compare.

After the full -year financial report was issued last year, the overall tone can be set for the results of the “new handsome” after office. It is just that between the word theory, the outside world actually wants to know that there is really no movement in the “silent period” of the year?

Looking back at the past, Qi Yumin, who had obtained a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a master’s degree in business administration, has successively served as Chairman of Dalian Heavy Industry and Deputy Mayor of Dalian City. On January 3, 2006, he came to Brilliance. When the “stall” for three years, the movement was too big.

▲ Qi Yumin, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Huachen Automobile Group Holdings Co., Ltd.

When you first arrived in the courtyard of the unit, he ordered the former leader to spend millions of rockery in front of the office building in order to “take into the sun”. After 5 days of his office, he borrowed 700 million to solve the “urgent urgent”. Inside the domestic market challenged the price war in the intermediate vehicle, “the spoiler joint venture” was used to integrate upstream and downstream resources with a series of actions in the short term. Turn losses to profit, and the overall profit of 260 million.


▲ Many media reports at that time had talked about Qi Yumin’s “three fires” as the beginning of the chapter.

Looking at the situation of “new handsome” again, although Brilliance in 2019 can not be regarded as a particularly complete system, and the “bundling” and relying on BMW Huachen have also risen to the highest altitude that they can, at least this foundation is still complete Northeast state -owned enterprises in 2018 are still stable in the low -end revenue of 2018. In addition, it has become the first pilot car company in the country to let go of the joint venture share company. The burden of heavy burdens also prepares the room and conditions for showing fists.


▲ The annual financial report of the 2018 Felucin Group


So since the “last year today”, the outside world has been eager to study the industrial economy majors that Yan Bingzhe has also systematically studied in the industrial economy. The important position is finally promoted to the head of the city, and in the frequent contact of the new chairman of Brilliance, there are many cognitive and understanding. “The explosive incident in order to meet the” watching psychology “of Huachen’s” silent “old car brand for too long.

However, after all, the character of people is different, and the act of doing different performances.

Qi Yumin and Yan Bingzhe, a situation that once faced many seemingly declining situations, can still talk and laugh, and has repeatedly “firing and bragging”. One is clearly the initial momentum of new rights, but he is ambitious. In obvious comparison, people are naturally interested in this new commander.

As a result, all the talks from Yan Bingzhe’s words since taking office, but some “good things” were disappointed.

Since taking office, I have not heard their personal new reform ideas and deployments of the future corporate strategic planning, nor have I knew how detailed adjustments and defense have been changed within the level of personnel structure and other levels. Although the outside world also understands, any new state -owned enterprise like such a huge measure may produce a “led and moving body” fluctuation effect, and there are many unclear interest chains between the light and shadow of the inherent system. Only enough wisdom and vision can “think twice”.

However, in front of the background color of the existing competition era, if it cannot be moved in a timely manner, it may miss the fighter aircraft in the rapidly changing Shanghai.

What’s more, it is the “old man” who relies on the “old mountain” of BMW Brilliance to live northeast.


But three hundred kilometers away, FAW, also the old industrial base of the Northeast of the Republic, also ushered in a cadre who came from the political and business circles. It was also short -term, but it showed a shock and excitement. In the momentum of “standing up and competing to work”, in the loud slogan of “disregarding all dry and autonomy”, at least the outside world felt the “FAW new handsome” Xu Liuping. The industrial park is injected with fresh internal drivers.

Looking back at the decisions at the time after two or three years, the re -competition of all positions was obviously a step -by -step game. FAW fully mobilized the internal atmosphere of the competition. On the day, the forwarding of liberation has been “liberated”, and Pentium has also begun to “Pentium”. Within 700 days, it has achieved the independent old -fashioned red flag from 5,000 to 100,000 units.


It has not been able to create a change of “former handsome”, nor the breakthrough of “recent people in the same fellow”. China, Golden Cup, Huasong) have been led by the glorious years, and there are still transformation power at present, and so far still maintains the brand’s feelings of many people’s feelings.


More than 300 days of movement and quietness


But even so, he couldn’t say one by one. “New Haila” Yan Bingzhe did nothing for a year, let alone say nothing at all.


At the Shanghai Auto Show at the last month of the last month, Yan Bingzhe completed his first appearance in the public vision. In his public speech, he expressed that Huachen will continue to adhere to “innovation development, open cooperation, people -oriented, service -oriented as the service as the service as the service as the service as the service. The concept of “first”; the specific and detailed general direction will be made in terms of “technical research and development, vehicle manufacturing, power assembly, new energy application, brand and service improvement”, and finally realize “stronger with stronger one with stronger one with stronger one. Open cooperation to win users with better products. “

Perhaps at that time, the 1.8T sports version of the 1.8T sports version of China V7 (CE18 engine supported by BMW technology) and the 2019 China V3 equipped with a new generation 1.5L engine can be regarded as a kind of “adherence to innovation and development” for Brilliance. And the corresponding manifestations of “technology research and development, vehicle manufacturing, and dynamic assembly”, but the corresponding effect of the user audience is still wise.

▲ Public statement on the official WeChat public account of Brilliance Automobile

“New Energy Application” may be that the outside world has become too impatient in the tide of new energy in the rolling, or there are some problems in the internal. Essence However, after the rumor statement, the other person felt the calmness of the Brilliance Group and the “new handsome” from the word “Our company’s no establishment of a new energy vehicle company”.

When the “former handsome” has been launched in the field of new energy, the news of the China Junjie FSV (2010), the pure electric version of the Chinese V3 and the pure electric version of China H230 (2016) and other models Among them, Brilliance still seems to be studying “closed doors”.


The call came out, and finally waited until the end of 2019, the outside world saw a “silhouette” of the latest pure electric car owned by Brilliance. The battery life under the comprehensive conditions can be a few real shots. It also reminds people that it may only be the “new wine in the old bottle” in the past traditional fuel cars.

After a glimpse of the Shanghai Auto Show, “New Haila” Yan Bingzhe opened the “Internal Research Model of the Enterprise”, and then it was rare to the media. In the blink of an eye, “silent” for more than three months (July 25), the Brilliance has only a new action. The company puts aside the poor sales in the first half of the year, and decided to send a special dividend of 0.74 Hong Kong dollars per share to all shareholders. Essence At that time, “the new handsome” Yan Dong took office for a hundred days, and the BMW Group coincided with Qi Person’s new leader. As soon as the announcement, it did boost the morale of multi -party shareholders to a certain extent.

However, after the analysis of many aspects, many people in the industry believe that the funds of this “special dividend” may be mainly from the equity transfer agreement signed by Brilliance and BMW in October 2018. From this in this way, there are also people who have spent the “new handsome” Yan Bingzhe’s micro -operating thoughts. Perhaps not only to inspire people’s hearts, it is also to be able to put the stock on the agenda as soon as possible.

In addition to the participation of the daily group work, the participation of various parts of the leaders of the foreign parts, and the attendance of some provincial -level regional large -scale economic forums, the outside world has re -attention to Yan Bingzhe’s attention to August. At that time, the “new handsome” also publicly appeared in publicly. In the later stage, there are also a handful of other appearance occasions, including attending the 2019 Tedda Forum, the ceremony of being selected as the “National Brand Engineering” of Xinhua News Agency, and Huawei, Dongshu, Zhongcheng, Tencent, Everbright, JD.com, Angang, Dongda and the Jinzhou City Government We will deepen the important occasions of strategic cooperation.

Corresponding to the concept mentioned by Yan Bingzhe’s first office, it is also the other side of Brilliance’s continued deepening of the introduction of talents and expanding opening up and strengthening external cooperation. If you look at it again, you can correspond to various dimensions such as networking technology, electronic logistics procurement and sales, and automotive finance. From a practical point of view, it is indeed a well -being paved for the “silence” in the “silence” in the future.


But these do not seem to be the “turning point news” that the outside world wants to see.


Even at the end of the year, various car companies have fists the big stage where the perfect ending is above the Guangzhou Auto Show, and the former “frequent guest” Huo Chen has also been seen. In this kind of “silent” again, the outside world recognized that Brilliance either couldn’t help it or really treat the opportunity.

Entering 2020, the “new crown” epidemic comes. Although the related industries in Northeast China are relatively speaking, it is bound to not be as serious as the Hubei and surrounding provinces, but there is always a certain intervention. And the Brilliance Group under the guidance of the “New Haila” can also be regarded as the basis of the inherent commercial vehicle development as much as possible. The first -line special vehicle to help the front line of traffic prevention was reminded of the outside world. The brand that had occupied a place in the commercial vehicle field still had the “family bottom” that outsiders didn’t know.

For more than 300 days, the coffin concluded, although there was no big fanfare of “bombing the mountains, loan reclamation” like Qi Yumin, nor did Xu Liuping like such a big sword like “seeing blood and stimulating endogenous”, but Yan Bingzhe, the “new year’s new year, “Shuai” obviously has its own plans in many subdivided fields. Perhaps, “silent”, he didn’t care too much about how much the “explosive point” of these “pavement” articles can attract the attention of the outside world. I just want to continue the potential energy for the “explosive point” in the future.


But as long as the accumulation of disadvantages exist for one day, the past reliance is always facing a double test. Even if it is strong as Brilliance, BMW, in 2019, there are only 3680 units such as the BMW 2 Series, a year -on -year decrease of 56.7%. There are really losses in the rapidly changing market, so isn’t the entire Brilliance Group completely caught up with a desperate state? Essence

In the final analysis, in the final analysis, in fact, the three hundred days of movement and quietness, the “new handsome” approach is not lost, but it takes a long time to show long -term value. However, time is still not waiting for Brilliance, and it will give it a chance to rise in the new era, then it is another matter.

The critical survival of the turning point


In the two days of the announcement of the financial report last year, the overall trend of Huachen China ’s stock market was overwhelming. This reflects that even if some people can understand Brilliance’s “Li Bingma”, some shareholders may still lack patience and stick to it for so long. In fact, even if they are a bit big, they can generate a few boosting effects as soon as possible.


In addition to the market value index, the battle of “resistance” has also entered the key stage of the later period. With this as a watershed, the domestic car market pattern is in the hearts of most people, and it is bound to produce new changes that are unpredictable to a certain extent to a certain extent. Essence


In this “battle”, the previous delivery of BMW Brilliance was also affected by the epidemic, and it also suffered the problem of supply chain interruption. The quota order from January to February has been delayed to March to April, which indirectly leads to 3 The original quota order cannot be produced in April.

Although Brilliance China said that as the epidemic has gradually been effectively controlled, BMW Brilliance’s factory has completed the resumption of work and re -production. The overall new car planning in 2020 has not been greatly affected. 17 products, BMW IX3, who has attracted much attention before, will also be available in the second half of this year, and the market will also show a promising momentum. It is reflected.


But in all fairness, everyone hopes that Brilllings can make a corresponding make up from other sections under the guidance of the “new handsome”, especially autonomous.

Related news reports have always stated that Yan Bingzhe has led Huachen to actively establish a complete industrial chain covering product research and development, procurement, manufacturing, sales and services, and wants to stimulate the enterprise in the enterprise through a series of reform and innovation measures to stimulate the product research and development, procurement, manufacturing, sales and service. The vitality, while consolidating and deepening cooperation with BMW and Renault. In addition, it is also necessary to make positive and beneficial exploration layouts in the marketing model, components and industrial chain construction, travel services, and car consumer culture.

In fact, the “former handsome” Qi Yumin has also given a high evaluation of “with strong responsibility, extraordinary work ability and diligent work style” for successors. From any perspective, in fact, you should not be a small view of “new handsome” Yan Bingzhe’s personal ability and insight into Brilliance.

Tongchen with the light, and the time Shu Shu rolled;

In the past, people who could “make static braking” in the “troubled times” were not. They were good at covering the edge and the time, and when they sinking, they could peek into the changes of the wind and clouds. To do things, sometimes it is true that they can realize their talents while changing the changes of the times, and properly hide their own edge in the conspiracy of the opportunity to change with the changes in the situation of the wind and rain.

But for a brand, love or hate should have its value, at least “it still exists.”


The concept of terrible situation is “forgotten.”

Obviously, when other companies or brands want to start the “multi -speed playback mode” with this era, in order to achieve a counterattack on the development of low information and low -effective density, Yan Bingzhe, the “silent” “new handsome”, is leading ” “Partial”, the brilliance of the other, lost its initiative on the surface of public opinion, and his relatively “silence” in the past year has paved the downhill road with the forgotten curve of this kind of people.


Of course, it is not necessarily the “good” in the absolute sense. It is not tantamount to the only opportunities to make the only opportunity. Therefore, the difficulties during this period, in fact, outsiders cannot understand the person in their position.

Qi Yumin’s autonomous sector left by Yan Bingzhe has experienced the twists and turns of “1 yuan selling gold cups” and long -term “renting” Huasong. So far, only a Chinese fruit that cannot be called “master”. In the final analyst of the old age of China, in the final analysis, it still failed to stand in the current brand rapids.


Even BMW Brilliance will occasionally make people reflect on what value the word “Brilliance” has.

The 2020 of the “new crown” year is destined to be extraordinary. Perhaps in this year, the “silence” in the past really faded all the positive colors.

The test that Yan Bingzhe’s facing Yan Bingzhe will continue. Whether he is “silent” or not, the strong and weak decision of Brilliance is enough to change the destiny of Huachen’s life and death in the new era.

History is always like a test. Whether you are “quietly answered” or “passionately” in the process. Most of the time, it only depends on how much score you finally took.