I heard that the Double Eleven War started again last night! Fei Mojun refers to one calculation, shouldn’t you buy something, such as decoration of construction materials. Not much to say, this issue shares the strategy of building materials based on the construction projects, pure and pure dry goods!

First, start with the material you need to buy!




Circuit construction

Wire, network cable, switch socket, wire tube

Waterway construction

Water intake pipe, drain pipe


1. The common ones are 2.5 square meters, 4 square meters, and 6 square meters. The conventional wires are selected from 2.5 square meters of copper core wires, and 4-6 square copper core wires are selected by high-power electrical appliances. 4-6 square meters can be carried more power, so why not choose? Because it is expensive!

2. Network cable: super five categories (100D network), super six categories (Gigabit.com), according to family network needs.

3. Select 10A for ordinary electrical sockets and 16A high -power electrical appliances.

4. From the quality of the quality, the quality of the internal shirin is comparison: copper alloy> copper> aluminum.

5. Select the socket from the style, you can choose the oblique five -hole socket; choose from the panel material, there are metal panels and plastic panels, just consider the cost -effective plastic. Please be free to money.

6. In addition to the conventional keys, the switch also has sound control, induction, dual control, and remote control; the recommended induction of the porch, the bedroom can be selected and the remote control can be selected.

7. Select PVC material in line tube!

8. Select the PPR material of the water entry pipe, and the hot and cold water pipe cannot be mixed; the drainage pipe is selected for PVC, considering various factors such as drainage, and the pipe diameter should not be lower than 40mm.

Many of the materials of hydropower are responsible for buying the decoration company, but we also need to pay attention to the purchase of materials to avoid being charged in the secondary.

Tile building materials

After the construction of hydropower construction, it came to the construction of the tile worker. Let’s take a look at what building materials need to be purchased!


Cement mortar, floor tiles, threshold stone, edge bar


Wall brick, stone

water proof

Waterproof coating

1. Cement pay attention to the fact that the factory date cannot be used for 3 months.

△ Mattic brick

△ Light brick brick

2. From the perspective of the overall decoration effect, you can choose matte bricks at home, and choose bright bricks.

3, versatile color: gray, white, imitation marble cloud pattern.

4. Consider the face value, you can choose hexagonal bricks in the local space, such as bathroom, porch, balcony, etc.

5. Considering the effect of non -slip effect, the living room can be selected for glaze and glazed bricks, and special non -slip bricks are selected in the bathroom.

6. The floor tiles are selected from the specifications, large spaces, such as 600*600, 800*800, 600*1200 in the living room; small spaces, such as 300*300, 300*600 in the bathroom.

Note that different construction fees will be different, and the overall budget must be made between the purchase.

7. Be careful not to mix with floor tiles and wall tiles. The wear -resistant effect of wall tiles is poor, and the ground must not be pasted.


8. Avoid color differences. Try to buy the same batch as much as possible.

9. Most of the wall tiles are used in bathrooms and kitchens. It is recommended to choose light color in small space. Please be casual in large houses.

10. Marble, rock plates and other stone decorations are also commonly used in walls. You can choose pattern according to your desired effect.


Then, come to Kangkang woodworking material.

Wallboards, walls, wooden panels, wooden lines, gypsum lines

Top surface

Keel, gypsum board



Cabinet board, door panel

1. Wallboards, wooden panels, wooden lines, gypsum lines, etc. should be purchased according to the overall decoration effect. It is recommended to choose according to the designer’s suggestion.

△ Light steel keel

△ wood keel

2. The top keels have light steel keel and wood keel; light steel keel has stronger waterproof durability, but the height of the layer is too much; the wood keel can make the ceiling more thin, but the durability is slightly worse.


3. The gypsum board should choose good quality, not to have holes, cracks, and empty drums; pay attention to the side of the gypsum board, the more dense the more durable. The top surface of the gypsum board will be used, and the principle of buying is the same.

4. Cabinet boards are common in granular boards, multi -layer boards, ecological boards, and solid wood plates. The quality is the best in quality. Multi -layer boards and ecological plates are cost -effective. The granular boards are relatively environmentally friendly. But they are all suitable for cabinets. As for how to buy … choose according to the thickness of the wallet.

5. The door panels are commonly used in density boards, particles, and multi -layer boards. The density board is the worst.


Top of the wall

Latex paint


Wood paint, woodwax oil

1. Paint on the wall is a latex paint, and the bottom paint paint is divided into a bottomless paint.


2. The color selection of latex paint to see the color difference. Try the color before brushing, allowing the designer to color on the spot.

3. If the cabinet plate is a beautifully textured solid wood plate, choose wood wax oil to show wood texture; if it is a granular board and a multi -layer plate, you can choose wood paint.

Electric appliances and lamps do not belong to the building materials. Even if I am free of charge, everyone will watch it.


Electrical appliance



shoes dryer


Lightlight, light line

living room

TV, projection+curtain, air conditioning


Magnetic rail lamp, downlight, floor lamp

Dining room

Drink machine, refrigerator, coffee machine

Chandeliers, downlights


Water heater, hood, dishwasher, oven, steaming box, various small electrical appliances


Ceiling lamp, light line


TV, air conditioning

Cook lamp, wall lamp




Flat lamp, mirror front light




Washing machine, dryer

Ceiling lamp

Whole house

Central air conditioning, fresh air system, water purification system, sweeping robot, ground heating/heating tablet

Buying the building materials is to lay a solid foundation for the decoration, quality and face value, we must catch it!

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