It’s getting colder and colder. The cotton pants made for Xiaobao’s cotton trousers were very thick, but now it is just right to wear it.

Then hurry up and make another wash. This time I will make a conjoined with small vest, which is more comfortable.


First look at the thickness of cotton


Visual inspection, is it a very warm feeling. I use down cotton. If there is cotton in the house, it is even better. It is recommended to add a layer of cotton with a thin silk cotton so that the cotton will not be poured into a puppet. If the clothes are dirty, you can put it directly into the washing machine and wash it without removing the washing. That’s too much trouble. Over time, the clothes are not warm.

Cut the picture again


The cotton jacket is cut. The front film is asymmetric, with a short nail on the left and a dark placket button on the right. Small stand -up collar. The green line is the back film, and the red line is the front film. This is a baby who is about 2 years old.

There is no sewing in the middle. This is also 90. You can still choose to open your crotch at will. If it is too large or small, the mother can measure the size of the child’s clothes and then make the version according to this method.

I have tailored whether this little flower is so cute. I use oblique cotton. The fabric dedicated to making clothes for the baby

Libu. Some mothers will use oblique cotton cloth for their children. I think knitted cotton (that is, autumn cloth) is more comfortable

Let it cut it today and start tomorrow. Moms who want to do can do it tomorrow and do it tomorrow