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First of all: vacuum tires are not necessarily explosion -proof tires, explosion -proof tires must be vacuum tires; because explosion -proof tires are also tires without internal tires, and explosion -proof tires can continue to drive without air pressure. After being tied, as long as the nails are not pulled out, they will not be discouraged immediately, and they can still drive at a low speed at a low speed. Once ordinary tires are tied, they will soon lose the tire pressure and cause it to continue to drive;


What is vacuum tire

Vacuum tires are inflatable tires without internal tires, also known as “low -pressure tires” and “inflatable tires”. Vacuum tires have high elasticity and abrasion resistance, and have good adhesion and heat dissipation performance.

The vacuum tire is actually not very connected with the vacuum. The vacuum tire is the role of the tire tire wall and a very good air dense layer of the tire tire. It is inlaid between the wall of the tire and the fetal ring. There is no inner tire, it is better to say that the tire itself has the inner tire structure.

What is explosion -proof tire


Explosion -proof tires are named “Tire for Tire”, and English abbreviations are abbreviated. The inflatable tire tire wall is the main part of the weight of the vehicle, especially some flat ratio (the flat ratio is a tire height and width ratio) tires. As a result, the tire wall collapsed, which caused the tire to lose its support instantly, resulting in the immediately of the vehicle’s center of gravity changes, especially the front wheels of the front wheel driving vehicle exploded. The center of gravity after the tire was exploded, and the center of gravity of the tire was likely to cause the vehicle to get out of control.

In fact, the advantage of this explosion -proof tire is not whether it will explode, but that after the tire leaks, it can support the speed of the car up to 80km/h to drive, so as to avoid the trailer on the road. For ordinary tires, when tire pressure is abnormal, ordinary tires affect the control of the direction to a certain extent or even the entire car’s out of control. Therefore, there are not a few traffic accidents, so explosion -proof tires have certain advantages in terms of safety.

Because the cost is relatively high, it has not been widely used yet. So far, some high -end luxury cars have only been equipped with such tires.

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