Xin’an Evening News Dahui News Recently, Mr. Feng of Hefei bought a table and six chairs at the Karoson flagship store in Jingdong Mall. First, he received the “envelope” and the order was automatically completed. After receiving the goods, he found that the furniture did not match the description of the furniture, and the quality was flawed. Without installation, the return request was repeatedly encountered. It marked “7 days without reason for return (not supported after installation)”, and there was “advance claims” for 180 days to change new. Mr. Feng could not accept the return. On May 17, Mr. Feng asked for help from Xin’an Evening News, and the reporter intervened in the investigation.

合肥一市民网购餐桌餐椅 质疑质量问题要求退货却一再卡壳

Reflect: Buy furniture online, first receive “envelope”

On April 30, Mr. Feng watched a dining table chair at the Karoson flagship store in Jingdong Mall. “During the epidemic, it is inconvenient to go to the furniture store.” Mr. Feng recalled to reporters. This set of furniture “imported rock plates, imported oak, and frame all solid wood” describes “particularly attractive”, and the price is cheap. Six chair at the table describes the after -delivery of the store.

合肥一市民网购餐桌餐椅 质疑质量问题要求退货却一再卡壳

On May 5th, Mr. Feng first received a envelope with a tulip bag inside. After the code was scanned, the purchase order of the dining table and chair was automatically completed, and he immediately reported to Jingdong customer service. The platform negotiation history it provided showed that the merchant’s message explained that “this is a problem with the JD system single number. We send furniture logistics. During transportation, the logistics will contact you to send the installation time after the delivery.”

Mr. Feng said that the question of the envelope was not solved. On May 10, after the furniture was delivered, the new problem came again. “There are so many flaws, and there is a lot of different differences with the pictures. I just don’t want it.” He was busy adding furniture. Recently, he was worried about the dining tables and dining chair parts in the new house.

Help: Dissatisfied with the product, the return of the goods repeatedly

“As soon as it is opened, the taste is strong.” Mr. Feng said that the box of the furniture does not have information such as brands and manufacturers. After opening, he did not see the qualified certificate and production date. During the inspection of the goods, he found that “a lot of defects”, such as the sides of the table were jagged and rough. At the same time, Mr. Feng believes that the furniture and merchant descriptions received are different. “Saying black is solid wood, I find that it is a density board, and the shape is also different.” The photos provided by Mr. Feng showed that the corners of the furniture were really damaged.

To this end, he contacted’s customer service and made a request for returns. After that, the customer service responded to the merchant’s customer service said that there was no problem with the quality. After reading the pictures, the logistics transportation was basically a bit of bump and wear. Well, and arrange the master to install, and then arrange a professional furniture beauty master to come to handle, Mr. Feng did not recognize it.

合肥一市民网购餐桌餐椅 质疑质量问题要求退货却一再卡壳

As for Mr. Feng’s doubt, the merchant uploaded the photo on the platform. “The production date of the furniture is handwritten, and the inspection report is issued in 2019. How can your test in 2019 prove that it was produced in 2022?”

Mr. Feng said that the merchant always said that the logistics transportation was not supported by the paint. If you question the quality and other issues, you can also find an institution for identification. If you insist on returning, arrange your logistics to refund yourself, and the cost will be borne by yourself. The factory will be returned to the factory to receive the return confirmation.

合肥一市民网购餐桌餐椅 质疑质量问题要求退货却一再卡壳

Mr. Feng said that the products received were obvious quality problems, which was not only caused by bumps. “This is the first time I bought a large amount on the Internet.” Mr. Feng noticed that the product labeled “7 days without reason to return the goods (not supported after installation)”, “because time was calculated on the 5th, I could no longer apply.” At the same time In the “advance claims” service of the furniture, including 180 days of replacement (the quality failure within three packages of the designated goods purchased by consumers, you can enjoy the return or new service from the 8th day of the order).

合肥一市民网购餐桌餐椅 质疑质量问题要求退货却一再卡壳

“The furniture is not installed, and there are claims. Why is it repeatedly blocked when returned?” Mr. Feng said that he and the merchant have not reached an agreement so far. “Jingdong contacted me and sent two verification codes, but it showed that the after -sales application was not approved.”

Response: If the merchant is rejected, it will continue to follow up and communicate

According to the photos of the merchants provided by Mr. Feng, the reporter noticed that the inspection report mentioned that the inspection unit and the production unit were the Golden Point Home Furniture Factory in Nanyang District. The sample and sample arrival date was June 26, 2019. Sky Eye Inquiry shows that it was established on June 16, 2008 in the Golden Point Home Furniture Factory of Nankang District, and was canceled on June 26, 2019. The reporter contacted the manufacturer’s contact in the inspection report, saying that the factory was no longer open, “it has been canceled for a few years.”

合肥一市民网购餐桌餐椅 质疑质量问题要求退货却一再卡壳

At the same time, the manufacturer provided by the merchant to Mr. Feng on the platform is Ganzhou Yichen Furniture Co., Ltd., with a contact number of 0797-6686246. On the afternoon of May 17, the reporter called no one to answer. At 16:35, the reporter contacted the Karoson flagship store customer service on the Jingdong platform, which said “inquiries”, 17:25, and the reporter asked about the relevant situation and progress. We can. “The reporter asked twice, saying that” the customer can contact us directly. “At 17:39, the reporter called Mr. Feng, saying that no one contacted him for the time being.

合肥一市民网购餐桌餐椅 质疑质量问题要求退货却一再卡壳

On the afternoon of May 17, the reporter also called the hotline of Jingdong Customer Service to learn about it on the afternoon of May 17. The customer service said that the platform had previously received Mr. Feng’s reflection and return on the order and had been rejected by the merchant. In response to the envelope and subsequent treatment, the platform will continue to communicate with the merchant and say that they will reply to reporters related progress within 24 hours.

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