Professional outfits refer to your clothes you wear in professional occasions. You may decide how to dress, depending on the office type, interview or conference you work. Business dress has different levels, from “leisure” to “formal”. According to the settings, you can decide which business is suitable. Let’s take a closer look at different types of business clothing, examples of clothing types, and their suitable occasions.

Business dressing type

职业商务装 什么样的场合应该穿什么样的职业装风格?

The following is the most common business dress type:

1. Leisure

Leisure business installation is an informal clothing that not only wears in most business occasions, but also worn outside many tasks. If you work in an informal office and others wear T -shirts, jeans and open -toe shoes, you may wear casual clothes. You should avoid wearing casual clothes in front of customers and interviews, even if people in the office are casual.


Female leisure

Women’s casual outfits include T -shirts, shirts and sweaters. The lower installation may include jeans, shorts or shorts. Leisure shoes include sneakers, high heels or sandals.

Men’s leisure costume

Men’s casual outfits may include T -shirts, buttons or top sweaters. Pants may include jeans, khaki pants or shorts. Casual shoes include sneakers, casual shoes or sandals.

2. Fashion and leisure

Fashionable leisure clothes are another form of casual business dressing and have a stylish style. If you wear a fashionable casual outfit, you may wear more fashionable clothes. This business dress is suitable for more flexible offices, including informal occasions. In an informal office interview, you can also choose to wear fashionable casual clothes. In this way, you can maintain a clean and professional appearance while in line with their informal dressing specifications, and convey your attention to your appearance.

Fashionable leisure

职业商务装 什么样的场合应该穿什么样的职业装风格?

Fashionable casual clothes suitable for women may include sports jackets, dresses, sweaters, pants, skirts, shirts, high heels, flat shoes, jewelry and scarves.

Men’s smart casual outfits include sports jackets, ties, khaki, buttons, polo, formal shoes, boots, clean sports shoes and belts.

3. Business casual outfit

Business casual clothes are a common costume worn by many offices. Although many classic business staple foods are used in business leisure clothes, it also includes casual elements such as khaki. Business leisure is suitable for many interviews, customer meetings and office environments. Because it is not very casual and not very formal. If you are not sure about the environment, this is usually a suitable dressing method.

Women’s business casual outfit

For business leisure, women can wear pencil skirts, shirts, buttons, trousers, khaki, sports jackets and sweaters. They can accessible jewelry and belt. Shoes can include flat shoes, casual shoes, mules, boots or high heels.

Men’s business casual outfit

For business leisure, men can wear trousers, casual pants, khaki, buttons, polo or sports jackets. Jackets and ties are optional, but can be used for accessories. Business casual shoes include casual shoes, fashion sports shoes (leather or canvas), Oxford shoes or boots.

4. Business professionals

Business professional clothing is a traditional form of clothing, which is used in more conservative occasions or companies with strict dressing regulations. You may wear business installations in industries such as accounting, banking, finance, government, or law. Your clothes should be particularly suitable for your career.

Business profession

Female business professionals

When dressing for business professionals, women should wear clean dresses, skirts or casual pants. The shirt should include a neat button shirt or a sports jacket. Business professional shoes include classic high heels, casual shoes or neat flat shoes without more than 3 inches. Women can be decorated with the least jewelry and waist.

Male business professionals

职业商务装 什么样的场合应该穿什么样的职业装风格?

When dressing for business professionals, men should wear dark (gray, naval blue) suit and tie. Ties should be simple to avoid bright colors or complicated patterns. Men should wear buttons (preferably white or light blue) and belt. Paired with professional toe shoes such as Oxford shoes or casual shoes.

5. Business etiquette

Business etiquette is retained for the most formal occasions, such as awards ceremony, special dinner, benefits or other important evening activities. Business etiquette is similar to the “black tie”, but it should be retained to maintain professionalism.

Business etiquette

Women’s business etiquette

For formal business occasions, women may wear dark pants suits, skirt suits or suits. In some cases, a long evening dress may be appropriate. Shoes options include official flat shoes, high heels, Oxford shoes or casual shoes. Minimalist jewelry may be appropriate.

Men’s business etiquette

In formal business occasions, men may wear clothes similar to “business professionals” -dark suit and tie. In this case, a black suit with a light -colored shirt is suitable. Wear Oxford shoes or casual shoes with clear lines. If you choose a black suit, don’t wear brown shoes. With waistband, tie clip or small cufflinks.

6. Neutral professional clothing

In the workplace, there are several ways of dressing and different degrees of etiquette that do not meet the principles of gender binary.

You can put on or wear gender neutral elements according to your dress. For casual clothes, jeans, sweaters, and shirts are good choices. For shoes, you can choose fashionable sneakers, sandals or casual shoes. For a more formal form of dress, you can choose loose pants, trousers or tidy oblique cotton trousers. The choice of tops includes sweaters, buttons, or shirts with open sweater. Shoes may include casual shoes, Oxford shoes or fashion lace shoes.

Pants suits are an excellent choice for any formal occasion. It can be matched with flat heels or micro -heeled Oxford shoes or casual shoes.

Female leisure

Men’s leisure costume