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Today I want to share a set of creative wear with you,


How to wear a woman after 30 years old?

The overall shape looks solemn and generous, and is very charming, sexy and not so aggressive.

Women’s elegant and sexy temperament is set off vividly.

The younger sister had brown hair, randomly raised, gentle and dignified, and a few fragmented hair seemed to be casual and lazy. The younger sister wearing a blue mask still couldn’t cover the beauty of the younger sister.

On wearing, the younger sister is also very attentive. This color matching match looks very advanced. The younger sister is wearing a ice -blue silk suspender dress. This color is not as fresh as sky blue, but it has a sense of light cooked style and full of charm. A shirt coat with the same color system is also the texture of the real silk. The luster is particularly good, and it feels very comfortable to the touch. The shirt is a short design, which looks very age -reducing, youthful and beautiful.

The younger sister carried a silver sequins, and her sense of fashion was bursting. The younger sister stepped on a pair of high -heeled sandals with transparent straps, which was cool and showed.


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Miss Sister really wear it! Ice and blue real silk shirt with the same color suspender dress, full of high -level sense