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“Winter does not hide the essence, and the spring must be sick in spring.

Folklore saying tells us


The importance of winter tonics


Essence Ordinary people are still the same, pregnant women should protect themselves and avoid illness.

You know, you cannot easily take medicine during pregnancy, otherwise it will cause irreversible damage to the fetus. And in winter, I love cold, and if the pregnant woman is sick, it will be very guilty.

Pregnant mother’s winter warmth strategy


1) Get warm

As soon as winter, the whole country begins

Significant cooling


Everyone has to add clothes. Many young ladies love beauty, even in the cold weather, they are unwilling to wrap themselves very bloated.

But pregnant mothers tens of millions


Don’t pursue a beautiful “frozen” person in mind


It is easy to get sick. If you accidentally get sick, the only one who suffers in the end may endanger the safety of the fetus.

2) The soles of the feet should be stable

In winter, snow in the north, rain in the south, and the ground are wet. After snowing in the north, the ground was frozen, and the road conditions were very dangerous.

When the pregnant mother travels when traveling, be sure to

Choose shoes with a non -slip bottom

, So as not to fall accidentally when walking on the road, danger.

Pregnant mother’s winter warmth strategy

The weather is getting colder, and the human body needs to be supplemented. Winter is a season that is very suitable for the body. People are also more willing to eat meat, which can supplement nutrition and be under severe cold weather.

However, obstetricians believe that pregnant women

Should not make too many replenishment

Although the winter is relatively special, you still have to be alert to the risk of huge children. You still have to keep the vegetarian match and more intake.

High -protein food


Protein is divided into animal protein and plant protein. Foods with high animal protein content include chicken, pork liver, lean beef, etc., and each 100g of chicken contains 23.3g of protein. The food with the highest plant protein is soybeans, which contains 36.3g per 100g.


Pregnant mothers’ living in winter warmth strategy

1) Pay attention to ventilation


The temperature in winter is relatively low, so everyone is unwilling to open the window. However, if you do not open the windows for a long time, the indoor air will deteriorate, and the carbon dioxide content will become higher, which is very uncomfortable for pregnant women.

So still want

Proper ventilation

To avoid the cold of pregnant women, you should ventilate in the area and let the pregnant mother stay in a warm room. It is best to ventilate during the day, and the temperature at night is lower, which is easy to cool the pregnant woman.

2) Control indoor humidity

After pregnancy, due to the improvement of progesterone levels in the body, metabolism has accelerated and the body temperature rises slightly, but it remains within normal levels.

In the north, winter is very dry, and the human body will easily get dry and get angry. Pregnant women who had a high body temperature would be even more uncomfortable at this time. So indoor


Place a humidifier

To increase humidity and smooth the heat of dryness.

In the south, the humidity in winter is large, and the room is often colder. At this time, you must pay attention to dehumidification, otherwise it will be easy to mold and affect the living environment.

Pregnant mother’s winter warming strategy

Although it is cold outdoors in winter, pregnant women should not leave home.

“The best time for winter training”

The air in the morning is the best. Pregnant women should take advantage of this time and breathe fresh air.

Proper exercise can also strengthen your body, and it is not easy to get sick. Of course, the temperature in the morning is relatively low, and pregnant women should pay attention to keep warm.

When the afternoon, when the sun is flourishing, pregnant women can also

Go to outdoor activities. Dain more sun

It can help vitamin D absorption, promote calcium absorption, and be good for pregnant women and fetuses.

Recognize the 3 major misunderstandings of the warmth of pregnant mothers in winter

1) Wear too tight clothes


Winter is too cold. In order to keep warm, pregnant mothers must wear three layers and three layers inside. Although the temperature is guaranteed, there are other hidden dangers.

Many close -fitting clothes are too tight, and ordinary people don’t feel much, and they even feel warm. But for pregnant mothers,

Too tightly pressing the fetus, but uncomfortable.

2) Always stay in the air -conditioned room

It is easy to get sick at a cold and hot

So many pregnant mothers feel that they will be fine as long as they stay in the constant temperature air -conditioned room. Actually not.

The air in the air -conditioned room is not very circulating, the time is long, the oxygen is insufficient, and the temperature is relatively high, and the human body will feel uncomfortable. More sensitive pregnant women will have a greater response.

3) Too much use of warm items


As soon as many people reach the winter, they are inseparable from electric hot blankets and hot water bags. Especially girls always feel comfortable in winter, and they feel comfortable only lying in the hot quilt.

The electric blanket itself depends on electrical heat and is closely in contact with the human body. The radiation generated is very dangerous for the fetus.

The hot water bottle should not be covered on the stomach for a long time. The fetus is very sensitive to changes in temperature,


High temperature can shrink the uterus and threaten the safety of the fetus.

Winter is coming soon. Mother pregnant mothers must be prepared for warmth and spend this winter with the baby in the stomach.